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Like A B.A.W.S.E with Amber P. Knight

B.A.W.S.E. = Boss Ass Women Serving Excellence Join your 2 favorite Jo's with special guest Amber P. Knight of the Black Chick Watching podcast. Amber is a performer, former burlesquer, public speaker and all around goddess. We talk burlesque, slut-shaming vs. prude-shaming, and throw some raunch in there to spice things up a bit! Twitter: @blackchickwatch Facebook group:

Duration: 01:14:22

Like a B.A.W.S.E. with Jamie Broadnax

B.A.W.S.E. = Boss Ass Women Serving Excellence For our second installment of this series we are join by Jamie Broadnax of Black Girl Nerds and the cohost of her newest podcast endeavor Stephanie Williams of The Lemonade Show. Listen in as we discuss everything from comic books to social justice. Be sure to find and follow Jamie and Stephanie to keep up with their projects! Twitter/Instagram: @blackgirlnerds Twitter/Instagram:...

Duration: 01:09:42

Like a B.A.W.S.E. with Jessa Jordan

B.A.W.S.E. = Boss Ass Women Serving Excellence Join your 2 favorite Jo's as we kick of our "Like a B.A.W.S.E. interview series by chatting with Philadelphia based model, brand ambassador, and B.A.W.S.E. Jessa Jordan. From Activism to golden orgasms, we discuss it all!! Be sure to find and follow the fabulous Jessa Jordan!! Twitter/Instagram: @missjessajordan

Duration: 01:16:04

Let Ye, Be Ye

Your 2 favorite Jo's are back to discuss Kanye West's concert rant. Join us as we address the music industry, radio, mental health, and lots more.

Duration: 01:19:55

A Study in Perseverance

WARNING: This episode may trigger you, but it may be exactly what you need. Joins us as Jo Rose talks through her feelings after her recent assault. **Please forgive our echoey mics towards the end. Intro/Outro - Manifest(o) by Didi Xio

Duration: 01:15:01

We're Back! and with street harassment!!

Your two favorite Jo's are back! Join us as we update you on all of our adventures as well as discuss our recent experiences with catcalling and street harassment.

Duration: 00:48:47

Cheryl, Maria, and Zoe: WHHHYYYY?!

Cheryl Tiegs came for Ashley Graham, Maria Sharapova used her invisibility cloak of white privilege to lay low after a failed drug test and Zoe Saldana is playing Nina Simone is a bio-pic. It's the Jo//Jo Podcast Show! Intro/Outro Music Manifest(o) by Didi Xio

Duration: 01:18:59

Make Your Own Formation!

We're Back and the Beygency is probably going to come for us! Join us as we dissect Beyonce, her new song 'Formation", celebrity activism and philanthropy, and our usual chatter about whatever else come to mind! It's The Jo//Jo Podcast Show! Intro/Outro Music Manifest(o) by Didi Xio

Duration: 01:13:32

Halloween!! with a dash of blackface and cultural appropriation!!

It's Halloween! That special time of year to dress up, have fun, and be offensive? Let's talk about it! What is an appropriate halloween costume? What is offensive? Are we still perpetuating misrepresentations of people of color? Are they wrong for being offended? Join us as we unpack these issues! Intro/Outro Music Manifest(o) by Didi Xio

Duration: 01:12:26

Female Superheros and stuff!!

Join us as Jo'Rie attempts to school Jo Rose on female comic book characters and other nerdy things. Of course we can't talk about women in comics with out touching on the current hot topic of body image and representation in these fantasy worlds! Intro/Outro Music Manifest(o) by Didi Xio

Duration: 01:12:58

Hair! cuz it's a big deal

Even though India Arie wrote that song "I am not my hair" society and culture has made it very clear that we are, whether we like it or not. Join us as we discuss our hair journeys and our possibly outlandish ideas of what we think about the "rules" and standards of "appropriate" or beautiful hair. Tangents abound! Intro/Outro Music Manifest(o) by Didi Xio

Duration: 01:18:33

Baltimore on My Mind

We're back and weighing in on everything that is happening in Baltimore. Need we say more? Join the discussion. Intro/Outro Music Manifest(o) by Didi Xio

Duration: 01:19:27

Dear Rashida, About complexion...

A lot of people are upset that Kendrick Lamar has a light skinned future wife, but this is no new thing. Colorism or "the light-skin vs. dark-skin battle" has been going on for decades and possibly centuries. Join us as we address this issue as well as calling out the self proclaimed "Dark Skin Activist" herself, Rashida Strober. No shade, all sunshine, it's the Jo//Jo Podcast Show! Intro/Outro Didi Xio Do No Resuscitate

Duration: 00:42:30

Are you Wife-able?: Thots, $5 Men, and Fitted Sheet Folding

What makes an acceptable wife? What is a thot? Do we all have delusions of grandeur as to what our perfect significant other should be? With social media and talk show hosts telling us how to be an ideal woman and giving us only 5 bucks to make the perfect man, how do we deal!? Join your two Jo's as they discuss what it means to be "wifey material". Intro/Outro Music Manifest(o) by Didi Xio

Duration: 01:40:30

Hashtag Thirsttrap

This week we talk about the infamous "Thirst trap". Why it's important, why it isn't detrimental to your health, and why you should take more. Join the Jo // Jo thirst trap movement! Tag your best thirst traps, selfies, or whatever you like on Facebook, instagram and twitter! #jojothirsttraps Intro/Outro Music: Ego Dip by Didi Xio

Duration: 00:54:04

Kimyeber: 30 Showers, Twitter Drama, and Ugly Babies

30 Showers Kanye?! Join your two Jo's as they discuss the absolute messiness of the Kardashian/West/Rose media debacle. Is slut shaming ok if it's used in defense of someone you love? When is dating someone older acceptable? Which celebrities and celebutantes need social media baby sitters? Which handle their drama like champs? and the fans and others that need to find some chill. It's the Jo//Jo Podcast Show!

Duration: 01:11:14

Womanly Rites of Passage

Love? Marriage? Baby Carriage? Career? What are these so called "rites of passage"? Is there a list were suppose to follow or do we create our own path? Is it wrong to not want these things or to pick and choose them ala cart? You decide! Musical Intermission: JocElyn ellis

Duration: 01:03:19

"Baby may I? Do you mind?"

This week we talk about permission vs validation from the men in our lives and dissect Usher's new song 'I Don't Mind'. Do you really not mind Mr. Raymond? Let's Discuss!

Duration: 01:08:31

No Sistah Left Behind

Join us as we sound off on rape culture, Bill Cosby, and the infinite never ending abyss that is the interwebs. It's The Jo//Jo Podcast Show!

Duration: 01:11:28

Woman on Woman Hate

The Jo//Jo Podcast Show makes its debut with "Woman on Woman Hate". Join us as we call out celebrities for their mean girl antics, rant about cupcakes vs fitness, and being 'one of the boys'. *please forgive the echoes towards the end