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Joe Budden and his friends Rory & Mal sit down every week to discuss life, music, sex, and more. Tune in and follow along the crazy adventures of these very random friends.

Joe Budden and his friends Rory & Mal sit down every week to discuss life, music, sex, and more. Tune in and follow along the crazy adventures of these very random friends.
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Joe Budden and his friends Rory & Mal sit down every week to discuss life, music, sex, and more. Tune in and follow along the crazy adventures of these very random friends.




Episode 145 | "Role Play"

This week Joe, Rory and Mal are joined by Ice and from beginning to end let the jokes fly. Joe wants to know if and when it’s cool to set your girlfriend as the lock screen on your phone (10:47). As predicted on this podcast, the robots have arrived! The guys talk about the new “life-like” sex dolls that were introduced, which adds to “conspiracy theory” Joe’s prediction of robots taking over (30:09). Also, they discuss which one of the guys that have participated in role-play and Joe...

Duration: 02:25:57

Episode 144 | "How Bizarre"

On this weeks episode Joe, Rory and Mal get straight to it and address the rumored beef between Joe and Eminem. They also discuss if Em was speaking to Joe or not on his “Chloraseptic” remix, as well as Joe’s Twitter exchange with Bizzare (2:07). Also, Joe reveals that he is willing to rap again, but for one reason only (14:25). Last week Bruno Mars dropped the “Finesse” remix featuring Cardi B, which led the guys to ask, are we being forced to listen to Cardi at this point (19:30)? And Lupe...

Duration: 02:06:40

Episode 143 | "Joegul"

The first episode of 2018 is here, Joe starts off by recapping his New Years at Sean’s house. He then decides to address recent topics that haven’t been discussed, such as Azealia Banks dissing him and Mal’s affiliation with the Kardashian’s (18:36). Friend of the show, HitMaka (formerly know as Yung Berg), calls in to take Mal to homie court (20:52). And the guys recap the Drake and Lil Wayne freestyle, which led Joe to ask a few questions (1:03:35). Don’t forget to check out “Oh What a...

Duration: 01:53:18

Episode 142 | "Sean's House"

After a week of festering, Joe revisits his beef with Complex and gives more insight on his departure (15:22). The guys also discuss Cardi B’s new single, Offset cheating, and her ongoing tension with Nicki Minaj (57:32). Although there are plenty of jokes this episode, the guys get serious and pay homage to Reggie Osse, better known as “Combat Jack” (50:32). We ended 2017 with a million views in a week, shout out to the fans for rocking with us. We’ll be back in 2018. Other topics...

Duration: 02:15:54

Episode 141 | "Everyday Struggle"

The explanation you’ve all been waiting for, Joe elaborates on the departure from his old job, he also highlights the importance of integrity (11:28). Then Joe, Rory, and Mal finally give their review of the Eminem album (1:21:00). The Black Thought Freestyle sparked a lot of attention this past week, which inspired the guys to reveal their list of lyricist they believe are elite (1:42:51). No, this is not their top 20 rapper’s of all time list. Enjoy. Sleeper picks of the week: Joe: Diddy...

Duration: 02:34:12

Episode 140 | "On A Different Time"

On this weeks episode, Joe, Rory, and Mal address how the internet got finessed by Keaton Jones and his family (19:42). Also, we know what “the streets” are saying, but is Big Sean’s new project really trash? The guys get into a heated debate over Sean’s new project (1:05:40). Plus the guys discuss if being nominated for an academy award still matter these days (1:24:00). Other topics include: -Joe thinks he has the scoop on something (41:30) -Jeezy’s song with J.Cole and Kendrick Lamar...

Duration: 02:06:47

Episode 139 | "I'm Your O.G."

The “hard-nosed vet” Joe Budden kicks off this episode by letting Rory know who his O.G. is. Then Joe, Rory, and Mal give their thoughts on Eminem’s track list (3:24). Friend of the show, Charlamagne tha God, joins over the phone to address his comments regarding Bad Boys top 5 rappers of all-time (1:30:24). Plus, Mase calls in to clear up a few things (2:38:26). Make sure you stick around for this one. Other topics include: -Chanel West Coast rant (22:27) -Miguel’s album review (47:01)...

Duration: 02:49:07

Episode 138 | "Stick Around"

Due to a week off, Joe, Rory and Mal had more than enough to discuss this week. Old beef reignited by two of Harlem’s own, they start off with Cam vs Mase (10:48), then switch gears to other top notch MC’s and discuss Fabolous and Jadakiss’s highly anticipated project, Friday on Elm Street (43:50). It’s that time of year again, Grammy nominations were released and the guys break that down (1:00:58). Joe talks about his observation of “Neo-Soul” groupies (1:26:30) and the newest segment on...

Duration: 03:04:03

Episode 137 | "Daredevil"

This week, Joe, Rory and Mal briefly discuss the latest beef between xxxTentacion and the Migos (3:57). Also, they talk about the Judge in Meek Mill’s legal situation (25:46). Incase you haven’t heard, Eminem is back with his first single, and the guys give their thoughts on it (1:06:01). Plus, there’s a new inspirational segment introduced to the podcast this episode (1:14:14). And incase you were wondering, “homie court” is not in session this week. Other topics include: -Louis C.K....

Duration: 02:21:05

Episode 136 | "Venit"

This week, Joe talks about his observation of Chris Brown’s approach for marketing his latest album (11:33). Joe, Rory and Mal also discuss Meek Mill’s legal situation and what this means for Meek going forward (25:35). Plus, Mal is back in “homie court” for proper group chat etiquette (54:38). Other topics include: -This weeks update on Tyrese (46:08) -Terry Crews being sexually assaulted [allegations] (1:04:29) -Classic movies being trash or not (1:16:05) -Latest news in sports (1:28:03)...

Duration: 01:51:14

Episode 135 | "Vogue"

These are Savon's words ... Joe, Rory and Mal had a ton to discuss this week. Starting with Chris Brown’s album and the overload of music being put out by artist (16:04). Should Nicki Minaj be considered a superstar (40:50)? They also talk about the Migos fighting their security guard (1:07:40), Mal addresses NFL players after Texans owner refers to them as “inmates” (1:34:57), and one of the guys gets taken to “homie court”. Other topics include: ⁃ Album reviews - Big K.R.I.T, Ty Dolla...

Duration: 02:35:49

Episode 134 | "Frock-a-fella"

Joe, Rory and Mal finally had the chance to discuss Eminem’s freestyle (2:26). Miko Grimes joins to give her thoughts on being friends with ex’s, an update on Taxstone and how she finessed the NFL (1:14:59). Also, Tyrese is at it again and the guys talk about his latest drama on Instagram (31:05). This episode is for V.I.P’s only. Other topics include.. - Lil B getting jumped by A Boogie’s camp (11:22) - This Is Us [TV show] (24:04) - Get well soon Combat Jack (28:10) - Strippers going on...

Duration: 02:06:51

Episode 133 | "The Bottom Of This"

Joe vs Russ and Chance (02:35) Kolin Kaepernick collusion conversion (11:35) NBA conversation (25:00) Drake, Odell & Von Miller conversation (34:31) Movie & TV conversation ⁃ Black Panther [Movie] (48:40) ⁃ This Is Us [TV Show] (54:08) Love & Hip Hop Conversation with Bridget (1:03:16) Bow Wow (1:08:35) Birdman and Rick Ross (1:12:38) The Dvsn album (1:17:33) Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Rory: Brent Faiyaz "First World Problemz" | Mal: West Side...

Duration: 01:44:18

Episode 132 | "Dismayed, Rigged, and Munrowed"

Episode 132 | "Dismayed, Rigged, and Munrowed" by Joe Budden

Duration: 02:31:29

Episode 131 | "Different Space"

Slut Walk, 50 vs Irv (again), Vegas, Jhene, PND, A Boogie, Gotti vs Dolph, and more! Sleeper Pick Of The Week: Joe: Jhene Aiko "You Are Here" | Rory: Emanny "Free" | Mal: Half-A-Mil ft. Quentin Miller "The Hills" |

Duration: 02:19:24

Episode 130 | "9"

Cardi, the NFL, twitter challengers, Rapsody, HER vs HIM, and more! Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Joe: Tank "Sexy" | Mal: K. Forest "Link" | Rory: Sonder "One Night Only" | Rapsody "Power" | iTunes, Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify

Duration: 02:12:01

Episode 128 | "This Is Not A Rant"

Wasn't much to talk about, but still ended up being one of the funnier episodes. Sleeper Picks: Rory: Elley Duhé "Immortal" | Joe: Tone Stith "Let Me" | Mal: Conway The Machine "Bullet Club" |

Duration: 02:12:57

Episode 127 | "Blame Lenny S For That"

Episode 127 | "Blame Lenny S For That" by Joe Budden

Duration: 01:50:05

Episode 126 | "Top 20"

Episode 126 | "Top 20" by Joe Budden

Duration: 01:57:56

Episode 125 | "Anonymous"

Joined by our guest "Anonymous" we cover the Kyrie/Isiah trade, Hov interview, and much more! Sleeper Picks Of The Week: Mal: Tyus "My Way" | Joe: A1 "Always" | Rory: Luke James "Drip" |

Duration: 02:06:19

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