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Welcome to The Joey and Gilly Show. Packed with utterly hilarious witticisms and today's common problems. Regular articles Hate Mail and Gilly's Tinder Tips. Viva the Revolution!

Welcome to The Joey and Gilly Show. Packed with utterly hilarious witticisms and today's common problems. Regular articles Hate Mail and Gilly's Tinder Tips. Viva the Revolution!
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Welcome to The Joey and Gilly Show. Packed with utterly hilarious witticisms and today's common problems. Regular articles Hate Mail and Gilly's Tinder Tips. Viva the Revolution!




Episode 30 - Back on the Wagon

A quick little mid week show for you all. They'll be more regular shows, we promise. We ate prunes before the show. Much love

Duration: 00:39:23

Episode 29 - Frankie Says Relax

We're back. Gilly's been on Holiday, Joey's had a baby, the dog is still here and life goes on. I do hope you enjoy xx

Duration: 00:54:32

Episode 29 - Renegade Master

We're back after an extended hitaus But we return with singing, laugther and being down right silly. Biggle, Water falls and Elections all feature. Enjoy

Duration: 00:45:47

Episode 27 - Gatsby The Wonder Dog

We're joined by Gatsby the wonder dog and his big blue ball. Gilly let's us know about a girl with a fantasic memory, he can't remember her name....... Celebs go dating, go Jonathan is Gilly's pick. Sick, balls and Honey Glazed donuts. Much Love

Duration: 00:42:27

Episode 26 - Changing Rooms

Today's fun filled edition focuses on Joey's up coming university reunion. A stolen bus and check out boy takes customers to task about his missing meat counter. We do love your continued support, get involved xxx Joey and Gilly

Duration: 00:42:33

Episode 24 - Spicy Boys

We welcome 2017 in a little late this year, but hey we all have to start somewhere. Red ants are the talk of the town should they be renamed? Donald Trump has been the President for a few days, what has he done? Gilly goes into a rant about MTV And Pet date, lets talk about about it.......

Duration: 00:47:49

The Year That Was 2016

What a year it's been. The good, the bad the indifferent. We bring 2016 to a close with our final review of all things wonderful. American Pie, Christmas Steve, Howland Reed and his tax issues all feature in the last eppisode of 2016 We thank you for your love and support this year. We'll see you on the other side............

Duration: 00:55:23

Christmas Special 2016

Welcome to the Christmas special. We start the year in review with Best and worst films of 2016. Joey is now in a village, it's exacally how you imagine it. We discuss what you want for Christmas and it's not your 2 front teeth. Happy Christmas and all that jazz

Duration: 00:51:18

Episode 20 - Joke's on you

We remember Fern the plant with a touching ceremony. Gilly takes Halloween to task. Joey's 30th Birthday surprise is revieled Don't laugh at the joke or you're out (title to be confirmed) makes it first appearance. Keep calm & carry on

Duration: 00:39:08

Episode 16 - Fart App & "Baked" Off

We're here again, back for your enjoyment. Gilly wants to get his start up company off the ground. Rate my Fart. Let's hope he's back next week because it's going to be a sure fire hit....... Shins and Bins this week. Much Love @JoeyandGilly

Episode 14 - Glorious & David Icke

Glorious show for you this week We're full on conspiracy theories this week and feature David Icke Gilly was again hungry, he should eat before hand. Also, Joey Chased Gilly home with a Wheelie Bin. How he laughed. Much Love xxxx

Episode 12 - Gilly Trump

A lovely little show for you today. much love for the continued support. Gilly is no longer pealing, I'm sure you all want to know that.

Episode 09 - European Life

We're back, Gilly's been in Leeds, but we're back in business. We tackle everything European this week, the EU, the football and everything in-between. Remember to subscribe in your favourite Podcast App so we can come in your ears as fast as possible. Love Joey and Gilly

Classic Episode 08 - Tuna, Tuna and More Tuna

Here's another classic show for you to enjoy. There will be a new episode for you to enjoy this weekend, won't that be nice.

Classic Episode 07 - Barack Obama Interview

Yet another classic episode for your ears. This classic episode has Joey's interview with Barack Obama, Joey asks the probing questions, listen to the answers Much Love

Classic Episode 6 - Fat Cat Returns

Another Classic to enjoy. aren't we just the nicest of people

Episode 8 - From Dublin to Devon and back again

Here we go again. We're back once again, back into your ears with a delectable feast of news and laughs. Dublin and Devon are the talk of the town. We recap Game of Thrones episode 4 and 5. Hold the door! Jane Bond, yes you heard it JANE BOND. Get on your favourite horse model and have the ride of your life. Much Love

Classic Episode 05 - Wings and Bon Jovi

Joey gets his super power wrong, silly sausage. Krusty and Sideshow Bob are strutting their stuff. Can we get Bon Jovi to Christmas number 1? The answer is NO Keep your feet on the ground.

Classic Episode 04 - Team Do It and Fat Cat

The Cat Mafia return, this time playing in a skip. These Classic Shows are here for the love of the people. It's a Sadam Shame

Classic Episode 03 - Bert and Ernie

Another classic episode to wet your whistel We find out if Bert and Ernie are "just good friends." in Hate Mail. There will be a brand new episode up soon, but while you wait enjoy classic Joey and Gilly. Viva the etc. etc.
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