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JMS263: How to Get Your Upwork Profile Approved (Even After It's Been Rejected)

Got this from Shabti: "I was learning your course today and I was going through the upwork section step by step to make a profile and I submitted my application. One hour later, they sent me this email, saying: Unfortunately, at this time there are already many freelancers with a similar skillset to yours and we cannot accept your application etc etc. My question is: has it always been like this on upwork and if so, how can I get around this?" The key here is to understand a) this is a good...


JMS262: Iraq and How to Beat Impostor Syndrome

I got this comment on YouTube: "You said that we probably at one point our selves have stopped learning Code because of how difficult it is. Damn man that is so true I've been coding for a few years now and I feel that by doing so I've only prolonged my growth as a Developer Just recently I got a taste of the muney doing some freelance work and its really kick-started me to improve my skills and helped get rid of most of my imposter syndrome but I'm kinda grateful that I'm just getting into...


JMS261: How High Will Web Developer Salaries Get In 2018?

How high (or low) are web developer salaries going to go in 2018? What languages are going to pay the best? Which have the most available jobs? How do I break into web development and get an IT job? I've gotten all these questions lately, so here's by "uber-episode" answering all your web developer salary questions. Show notes:


JMS260: How to Get Web Development Work

Got this question from Chris on YouTube: "My question John, is do you get jobs/customers from Twitter, Facebook, and your blog (that you mentioned)? I already consider myself a Dev, even though I've only done one professional job which I fell into accidentally. I've never advertised, and although I have a Twitter acct (and F.B.) I've never used them as a tool for business. My main concern now is how to get jobs. I'm virtually clueless on how to go about doing this. Any advice?" Just like...


JMS259: Do You Fully Realize the Opportunity You're Sitting On?

It's hard to put in words how big the opportunity you're sitting on as someone interested in learning to code. I just wonder if you fully realize and see what's coming. What we're experiencing now is just the beginning and you have the opportunity to profit from it for the next 30, 40, 50 years. But, there will be competition. Here's how to maximize that opportunity, compete and win as this industry explodes. Show notes:


JMS258: The Simplicity Trap

I got this comment on my podcast episode, How to Make an Extra $1000 a Month: "I will give you my honest review of this podcast. 80% of this is fluff, and basically teaching people how to count to 1000, breaking down to show how 1K is not a big deal. Nobody will benefit much from this. Imagine if you were talking about sources where clients are desperate for certain kind of code, and what freelancers need to know, before being able to do it. If you are talking about freelance places like...


JMS257: The 3 Ways to Make Money In 2018 and Beyond

There are three ways you're going to be able to make money, as a developer, in 2018 and beyond. The key is knowing the best time to exploit each opportunity and what you need to have success in doing so. In this episode, I'll show you what those three ways are, when to leverage each and what I'm doing in my own business to adjust to all this. Show notes:


JMS256: Poverty Is a Choice

It's sort of taboo, these days, but I know plenty of developers are out there, right now, struggling with being broke. Up late, racking their brain, trying to figure out what they're gonna do. Pissed off, frustrated and terrified this is how it's always gonna be. Well, it doesn't have to be. But, you ARE gonna have to change the way you think about things. You're gonna have to change the things you let motivate and control you. And, it won't be easy. In this lesson, I share what those...


JMS255: How to Make an Extra $1000 Per Month

It's easy to get caught up in the big numbers online businesspeople throw around, but never underestimate the impact an extra $1,000/month can have on your life. Here's how to "do the math" and actually build a plan for getting there. Show notes at:


JMS254: Learn These Languages In This Order

What languages should you learn to code and in what exact order? That can be one of the more confusing things to figure out when you get into web development... with so many options and paths you can take. But, I believe there are "core" languages everybody should learn before expanding into the latest and greatest framework of the month. And, I do believe there's an ideal order in which to learn them. So, if I were training an employee this is what I'd have them do. Show notes:...


JMS253: Learning to Code For Non-Developers

This one is for you non-developers... who aren't trying to get hired at a tech company or take on clients, but just want to get your own site built. The one big thing I've learned over the years that'll help you more quickly and efficiently get your sites built. Show notes:


JMS252: Project-Based Courses Are a Mistake

If you're only learning "via projects" you're doing yourself a disservice. Mastery means going beyond what's "fun" or "exciting" and mastering fundamentals most coders simply won't. Here's what to do instead. Show notes:


JMS251: Why Do I Hate HTML?

I got this funny question, "Why do I hate HTML?" and my immediate thought was it comes down to what kind of developer you are. We all have different strengths, passions, skills, desires, values, beliefs and so forth. Those influence what you like doing and will be more naturally good at. But, you could be 1 of 3 kinds of developers. Find out which one you are in this episode. Show notes:


JMS250: How to Write New Year's Resolutions You'll Actually Keep

New Year's Resolutions have become a kind of global running joke. Every year, everybody makes them, nobody keeps them, we all know that's exactly how it's going to go and we sorta snicker at the whole thing. I mean, how often do you hear someone say, "Yeah, I made this New Year's Resolution and my life changed forever". It's almost laughable. I believe that's because the WAY most people set their resolutions (and goals, in general) set them up to fail. Of course, there's a better way to do...


JMS249: My Predictions for 2018

My two big predictions for 2018 and how to capitalize on the opportunities. Show notes:


JMS248: What Should You Charge For Your Services?

How do you figure out what to charge for your web development services? Truth is, there's no one set price you can charge for a particular service. "It depends"... is the ultimate answer. But, there IS a process you can follow to figure it out. And, that process is not only simple but will produce a price you can be confident in... knowing you're charging a reasonable price, but not getting underpaid. I walk you through that process in this episode. Show notes:...


JMS247: What's Your Plan for 2018?

It's almost 2018. Hope and New Year's Resolutions abound. But, it's kind of a crock of s!@#, isn't it? Did you keep any of your resolutions from last year? The year before? What's the point if you don't ever keep them? Unless, you have a plan... resolutions are pointless. This is my plan for 2018... what's yours? Show notes:


JMS246: Is Bitcoin a Bubble?

Is Bitcoin a bubble? Well, what IS a bubble? How do you determine if a financial asset is IN a bubble? And, does Bitcoin fit the criteria? Answers to all that in this episode. Show notes:


JMS245: What Object-Oriented Programming Is NOT

Object-oriented programming is more than knowing how to write a class. It's a completely different way of thinking about how you build your applications. For those of us who have to make the jump from procedural to object-oriented programming, it can feel like you're re-learning how to code all over again. This episode will help... by getting you clear on what OOP is, what it's not and what you need to do to start "thinking OOP". Show notes here:


JMS244: 3 Ways to Use Upwork to Build Your Freelance Business

Upwork, done properly, is a stepping stone. You'll want to get off it and onto generating your business from your own website as quick as possible so you can get paid more and deal with higher "quality"clients. Here's three ways to do that.


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