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Episode 18: Reverse Engineering Your Code and Business

This week I go into details of how to get a perfect score on your Google Page Speed Insights and how reverse engineering can help your business in other ways as well. Also my new book is out so go check it out on Amazon!


Episode 17: The SEO Radio Hour with Greg and Joseph

It's another SEO Radio Hour with Greg and I! This week we talk about some tips and strategies to help your business retain employees, update your Google Business Page and more. Listen through any of the sources below. https://josephstevenson.com/episode-17/


Episode 16: The Little Book on Digital Marketing SEO Part 1 On-Page Optimization

The time has finally come for the release of my second book in The Little Book on Digital Marketing Series! SEO Part 1 On-Page Optimization will be out in a couple of weeks and I am giving away a hundred copies for free! Listen now for details or check the book out at https://josephstevenson.com/little-book/


Episode 15: 5 Star Google Reviews Plugin

This week I am introducing our new plugin The 5 Star Google Review Plugin. This plugin will allow you to put a review form right on your website for customers to leave you reviews. The plugin functions like this: The nice thing is that you can control the reviews that hit the public to a point and avoid having bad reviews put out on the web from clients you may not have known were upset. You can Download the plugin here: 5 Star Google Reviews


Episode 14: Chapter 4 Preview of The Little Book on Digital Marketing SEO Part 1

This week I am previewing chapter 4 in the Little Book on Digital Marketing SEO Part 1 On Page Optimization. The book series will contain a complete guide to keyword research, on-page optimization, off-page optimization and local optimization. Following the guidelines in each of these 4 books will give you a solid blueprint to getting your site ranked well in search engines. Book 2 should be out in a couple of months and today I wanted to highlight Chapter 4 and some of the tips I think...


Episode 13: The Radio Hour with Greg and Joseph

In this episode Greg and I answer a great listener question and cover new updates from Google and of course a joke! Check out the pocast here: SEO Radio Hour We hope you enjoy!


Episode 12: Great Things to Come

I am excited to announce a couple of awesome things I am working on in this episode! I hope you will take advantage of the content I will be putting out and that it will help your business out in a tremendous way. I do SEO not only because I love it but because I love seeing businesses have success and get new clients from search engines. The books, videos and classes I will be putting out I am hoping will be a huge help to small business owners that may not be able to afford a full time...


Episode 11: How to Sell to Spammers

In this episode I mix things up a bit and talk about my new podcast format and my tactics for dealing with spammers. We probably all deal with them from time to time and so I have a trick I use over and over again that seems to work pretty well. Make sure you comment on any tricks you use as well!


Episode 10: How to find high volume keywords with low difficulty using ahrefs

In this episode I combine some things from chapter 2 and 3 of my book on Keyword Research. If you haven't yet, go get a copy on Amazon by searching for "keyword research" or "little book on digital marketing". Finding keywords with high volume and low difficulty should be your first step in determining what route to go in digital marketing whether you are doing SEO, social media, ppc or any other type of digital marketing. Know what your customers are searching for and how competitive the...


Episode 8: SEO Radio Hour May 2017 Edition

In this episode Greg and I are back at it talking about SEO news and answering listener questions. We get an interesting one this week from a user who is having issues with their competitor ranking above them for their own name. Ouch! We have some ideas for them and some tips around content creation.


Episode 7 Kelly Schwarze on Authorship and Producing Creative Content

Kelly Schwarze is the president of Indie Film Factory and is also an Author and Producer. You can check out his most recent work on Amazon by searching for Alien Domicile. Kelly has done a lot of videos for me personally and a lot of my clients as well. We talk about different marketing avenues with video and what direction he thinks we are going in for that medium. We do this conversation when we are both exhausted so enjoy our fun antics and interesting directions.


Episode 6 Wesley Tingey on Social Media Marketing

Wesley Tingey is the Social Media guru over at Neonbrand a Las Vegas Digital Marketing agency. I have known the guys at Neonbrand for years and they are a fun group. Wesley and I talk about mistakes people make in social media and some basic principles people should know before handling social media. We also talk about some different ways to keep content fresh and fun so it doesn't become a chore. I enjoyed this interview and I hope you will as well.


Episode 5 Owen Carver owner of All in Web Pros

In this episode I talk with Owen Carver who is the CEO of All In Web Pro in Las Vegas. Owen personally does a lot of web dev for me and we do a lot of SEO for him and his clients. Owen is a wealth of knowledge and we go into a bit about his history and plans for the future. He is a digital marketing database and a huge asset to our team.


Episode 4 the SEO Radio Hour with Joseph and Greg

This is a special podcast episode where Greg and I talk about SEO and let our hair down a bit. We cover the latest news in SEO, tips for this month in SEO and also answer user questions. We hope you enjoy it.


Episode 3 Jessie Humphries on Book Marketing and Publishing

In this episode I interview Jessie Humphries the author of Killing Ruby Rose. Her book sold over 100,000 copies in the first year and was a huge hit with teen audiences. Jessie and I talk about digital marketing for books and how she got the ideas for her book. We go into what aspiring authors need to know and much more.


Episode 2 with Laura Spawn on Working from Home and Organic Marketing

In this episode I speak with Laura Spawn the CEO of Virtual Vocations. Laura is my sister which should be mentioned and has built one of the largest subscription based employment sites on the web. We talk about her promotion efforts and digital marketing strategies.


Episode 1 with Joseph Stevenson Digital Marketing Introduction

In this episode I introduce the show and talk about the purpose of it. I plan to talk with experts in the field of Digital Marketing and have them share their insights into how they have grown their businesses and continue to succeed in the digital marketing arena.


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