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The Stories We Tell (Made Up Stories in Your Mind) [TJJS:EP221]

GRAB YOUR SPOT IN EXCUSE ME, YOUR BADASS IS SHOWING: SELF-LOVE EDITION Have you ever replayed a conversation with someone over and over again in your mind, completely making up what the other person was thinking/feeling/intending? Or how 'bout this one... ever obsessively worry about something day and night until this *thing* comes to fruition, and NOTHING even remotely close to what you were worrying about actually happens? Or have you ever said something like, "I'm just such a...

Duration: 00:39:46

How to Start Loving Yourself (In 6 Easy Steps!) [TJJS:EP220]

GRAB YOUR SPOT IN THE WORKSHOP!! Ever see super confidant people and wonder how the hell they actually like themselves so much? Wish you could look in the mirror and actually like who you see? I used to think the same thing too until I realized that I actually had the power to change how I viewed myself. I learned that it was actually up to ME how I felt about myself and I didn’t have to invest all my happiness in everyone else’s opinion. Whaaaa!!? Yeah. No shit. Here’s the problem: No...

Duration: 00:38:53

When a Friend Breaks Up with You (Or Totally Ghosts You) [TJJS:EP219]

REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP! We've all had those awkward-ass friendship situations... where we aren't totally sure where we stand. Not sure if our friendship has run it's course. Not sure if it's worth reconciliation. Not at all sure where we stand or what the other person is thinking. Or if we should fight for the friendship? Recently, a listener wrote into the show unsure of how she should deal with a situation where a friend essentially "broke up" with her. I guess the millennials call...

Duration: 00:41:57

What to do When You’re Stressed-The-F-Out

GRAB YOUR SPOT AT TANNING, TACOS, + TRANSFORMATION! One. More. Thing. One more thing and you may just lose your god-damned mind. If one more person asks something of you... If one more task gets added to your to-do list... You may just Lose. Your. Shit. We've all been in this crazy-ass-stressed-the-fuck-out place where we become, uh-hem, a little less than the best version of ourselves. We scream at our kids when they need something minimal. We lash out at our spouse, or friend, or...

Duration: 00:38:17

The Blame Game [TJJS:EP217]

MEET ME AT THE BEACH! GRAB YOUR FREE WORKBOOK! JOIN AFTER HOURS! Ever feel like... If only my boss wasn't such and idiot, our workplace would be so much better. Or, if only my ex wasn't such a douchebag, then my life would be so much easier. Or, if only our economy was better, then I'd be able to take care of my finances. Or, if only my mom wasn't so damn irritating, I'd totally be happy. If any of this sounds familiar, congrats, you're totally normal. We don't consciously decide to...

Duration: 00:45:28

Our Stories: A Candid Convo on Our Struggles with Inner Critics, Communication, and Confidence [TJJSEP:216]

SAVE YOUR SPOT AT TANNING, TACOS, + TRANSFORMATION The internet-driven day and age in which live is downright cray. We have the ability to connect with others all over the world in ways never before possible. But along with that accessibility, you have undoubtedly created hyperbolic stories of how amazing everyone else's life is. How your friend from elementary school must be super happy because all her Facebook posts are #blessed beyond #blessed. And it's likely that you may think the...

Duration: 00:57:58

For the Love of Money - Part 2 [TJJS:Ep215]

Unless you grew up with incredible lessons on money management, how to avoid debt, how to budget appropriately, and how to save like a mutha, it's likely you've had your share of money woes. Considering there isn't really any financial education built into academia, most of us learn how to engage with money through trial and error, tough lessons learned, and whatever example we see modeled by our parents or family of origin. Then, perhaps you find yourself desperately trying to "adult"...

Duration: 00:45:01

For the Love of Money - Part 1 [TJJS:EP214]

JOIN AFTER HOURS ~> Tell me if any of this sounds familiar: If any of this sounds familiar, not to worry! Help is on the way! Mr. Smith and I have been working on getting our financial house in order over that last handful of years, and we're excited to bring you this two-part series on getting your shit straight with your money. Whether you realize it or not, your "relationship" with money is much deeper than if you have enough to pay your bills or not. And, your relationship with...

Duration: 00:37:31

6 Things You Must Address to Live a Happy Life [TJJS:EP213]

JOIN THE TRIBE! So... You've checked all the boxes. You got a good education. You settled down and got married. You pursued the career. You even bought the house, had the kids, the whole thing. And yet, you still wake up some days wondering, "Is this all there is? Is this it?" And maybe you even ask yourself, "What can't I just be fucking HAPPY!? What is the secret to happiness!!?" I mean, you SHOULD be, right? You checked all those god-damned boxes. You did all the things. All the...

Duration: 00:48:06

What to Do When the People in Your Life Don’t “Get” Your Personal Growth Journey [TJJS:EP212]

JOIN THE TRIBE! Although growing and pushing yourself to be a better person can be wildly fulfilling, it isn't without an obstacle or twelve. For many people (probably you), they find themselves at odds with a few peeps in their world who simply "don't get" this whole personal development thing. In fact, they may actually really like the old, unhealthy, un-boundaried, people-pleaser version of YOU. If you're comin' up against this racket, honey, you are certainly not alone. When you...

Duration: 00:42:41

The Difference Between Fear + Your Inner Critic and What to Do About Them [TJJS:EP211]

REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP! VISIT ME IN AFTER HOURS! Tell me if this sounds familiar: You get all pumped up about a new love interest or an exciting new job opportunity and then BAM! All of a sudden you feel a sinking feeling in your belly and a barrage of commentary starts in your mind. What if he thinks I'm too high-maintenance? What if they think I'm under-qualified? What if her family hates me? What if they think I'm incompetent? You know that mind vortex, amiright? This, my...

Duration: 00:39:45

How to Stop Feeling Guilty [TJJS:EP210]

REGISTER FOR THE WORKSHOP! JOIN THE AFTER HOURS CLUB ON FACEBOOK! Did you know that we experience guilt for a very specific reason? That it's actually designed to help us? Wait, WHAT? And, no, it's not so you can feel like shit when your mom tells you how disappointed she is that you don't call often enough or so you feel awful for declining an invite to a party you soooo don't want to go to. Guilt is actually designed to alert us when we've done something wrong... something we aren't...

Duration: 00:51:30

How to Teach Personal Development to Kids [TJJS:EP209]

JOIN THE AFTER HOURS CLUB! Recently a listener wrote to the show wondering how she should go about teaching some of the concepts she has been learning in her own personal growth journey, to her children. Although it takes many of us decades upon decades to get our shit straight, much of that is indicative of the way in which we were raised. Now, I'm not talking shit on our parents, I'm just saying we are living in a pretty conscious and evolved time where serious, deep convos with our...

Duration: 00:41:00

Dealing with Control Issues [TJJS:EP208]

More You know that thing where you're trying to act all casual and cool, but secretly you want to micromanage the hell outta an event you're hosting, a project you're working on, your kid, your spouse, your boss, etc.? Guess what, my friend? You're dealing with some control issues. And, listen, the reason I know a thing or two about this shiz is because I've battled this little beast for nearly 40 years. So, I feel you. But, sweet baby Jesus, there is hope. Trust. The...

Duration: 00:37:58


GET YOUR FREE CHEATSHEETS! If you've been diggin' into personal development, you've undoubtedly realized that you don't get many results by simply hoarding "good ideas". You know what I'm talking about... scrollin' through Insta or Facebook, double-tappin' it up on inspiring messages, or reading a powerful book but not DOING anything with the info. If you ever fall into this trap, honey, you are soooo not alone. It's kinda like reading a book on pilates and expecting to get a rockin'...

Duration: 00:38:11

New Level, New Devil: How Your Inner Critic Grows as You Grow [TJJS:EP206]

More Recently, I received an email from a listener who has diligently been working with her tools to combat her inner critic, but she's noticed that as she has grown, shifted, and changed, so too, has her inner critic. Hello, new level, new devil! Maybe you can relate? Maybe you've been plowin' along on your personal development journey... reading books, listening to pods, using your tools, and then BAM! Your inner critic shows up in a louder, sneakier, or scarier way....

Duration: 00:38:08

How to Support a Partner Who is in a Funk [TJJS:EP205]

More If you're like most people, it can be damn-near devastating to watch someone you love dearly go through a rough and difficult time. A listener recently wrote into the show with one such dilemma as her husband has become increasing depressed after being thrown some unfortunate work/career curve-balls. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you've found yourself in a sitch where your partner is straight bummed-the-fuck out about a friendship, a rocky work relationship, a health...

Duration: 00:40:22

How to Say Nice Things to Yourself That You Can Actually Believe [TJJS:EP204]

GET YOUR CHEATSHEETS! Ever see posts floating around Insta or Facebook that tell you to "just think positive" or "be kind to yourself" and you're like, "Ok, sure. I'll get right on that. But, HOW!!?" I totally feel you. If you follow anything remotely inspiring on social, it's likely you've come across these sort of concepts. In my work with both my clients and students, I find they often need much more structure to understand what disempowering things they are saying to themselves, how...

Duration: 00:36:31

How to Manifest Your Soulmate - Part 2 [TJJS:EP203]

GET YOUR FREE WORKSHEETS TO USE WITH THIS EPISODE! As you likely know, I often take show topic submissions from our awesome PODiance and we recently received a submission with the subject line, "How to Manifest a Mr. Smith". Of course, the two of us were quite flattered, but I knew I needed to tackle this common inquiry of how-the-hell do you find "the one"? If you've been coming up empty in the dating arena and are wondering what you're doing wrong, this two-part...

Duration: 00:39:05

How to Manifest Your Soulmate – Part 1 [TJJS:EP202]

manifest your soulmate manifest your soulmate Recently, a super sweet PODiance member wrote in to the show and the subject line of her email was “How to Manifest a Mr. Smith”. Of course, we were extremely flattered, but it got me thinking about what... The post How to Manifest Your Soulmate – Part 1 [TJJS:EP202] appeared first on .

Duration: 00:39:24

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