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Hear what happens when two friends, who can barely manage their lives, try to solve world problems. Hosts Lamont and Dave will fill you with laughter, truth, and a few splatters of saliva. If you like Ricky Gervais, Howard Stern or Adam Carolla, you'll love Lamont and Dave!




The Junk #12 - A More Delicious Vagina

[mp3 download link] The Junk is BACK! And its thicker and blacker than ever! Lamont is here to splooge some hilarious wisdom on a weekly basis. In this episode, youll learn: Why Dave loves kangaroos Why chickens that make jumbo eggs are lonely How we can deploy our most retarded scientists to make vagina more delicious The importance ofwatermelon HowLouis CKs TV show Louieis like a dead skunk Come every week for more globs of goodness from Lamont at Satirikal.com

Duration: 00:16:49

The Junk #9 - Ghettonomics

[mp3 download link] Should poor minorities subsidize rich whites? Why Dave will work weekends to buy an organic carrot. Kobe Bryant has a condom with your name on it! Revolutionary new birth control idea for the wealthy. Carlos Mencia is a thief. Play along - can you name all the working black actors in Hollywood? India loves dysentery! Visitsatirikal.com, supplier of condoms and entertainment to the NBA

Duration: 00:23:32

The Junk #11 - Greatest Bits Volume 1

[mp3 download link] You demanded it, so here it is - our first collection of fan favorites, including a brand new classic: What if Microsoft built your house Lamont explains why some Mexicans arent getting the dishes done Dinner with the Presidential candidates How to maintain a mail order bride What to do if youre filthy rich and your new, hot wife wants kids If you need a black actor, dont call Lamont Officer Shaq goes undercover Why Dave isnt allowed near dwarves visit satirikal.comfor...

Duration: 00:17:00

The Junk #10 - Will You Be My Latin Friend?

[mp3 download link] Is Juan Valdez a media whore? What wouldnt your girl do for a diamond? Dave explains how he got a Latin friend Lamont helps straight men shop at Bed Bath Beyond Why you should bring vinegar on your next date Lamont reveals the secret to martial arts Visit satirikal.comfor more life altering comedy. visitsatirikal.comto subscribe to our disaster

Duration: 00:13:33

The Junk #8 - Fear of a Chinese Planet

[mp3 download link] Dave visits an exhibit of dismembered, naked Chinese prisonersand marvels at their genitals. Learn why Dave plans to raise his kids on porridge. Lamont gives a vagina anthropology lesson. Kids, take notes. Why Lamont hates lawyers. Why are Chicago cops beating up hot bartenders? Dave discusses his performance review. New dating site for HOT people. Advice on how to manage your mail order bride. Visit satirikal.com, the number one podcast in Chinese prisons...

Duration: 00:21:35

The Junk #5 - Real Men Wear Skirts

[mp3 download link] In this episode well answer the following: Is Lithuania Putins little crack whore? Can malls kill Jesus? Why is Lamont not smarter than a 5th grader? Why does Lamont plan to handcuff himself to someone called Survivorman? Does knowing way too much about womens heals automatically make you gay? Is Demi Moore forcing your 12 year old daughter to have sex? And, who is going to take care of Daves retarded kids? brought to you bysatirikal.com- where satire goes horribly,...

Duration: 00:25:48

The Junk #3 - So Damn Phallic

[mp3 download link] Lamont explains why chimps and humans may be ready to date. Ray Fiennes gets laid on a plane and Lamont and Dave fume with jealousy. How gay is Greek tradition? Dave is going to a very gay concertwith a man. Dave ponders the minority phallus. Can a poor man attract women with sweat alone? Lamont laments the good old days of attraction. Exclusive show outtakes at satirikal.com- where podcasting goes horribly, horribly wrong visitsatirikal.comto subscribe to our disaster

Duration: 00:25:19

The Junk #2 - The Frightened Midget

[mp3 download link] Lamont and Dave advise rappers on how to get street cred. Dave lays down a shocking confession that should make any dwarf quiver with fear. Why Dave thinks the country is not ready for a black president. The tragedy of warand Lamonts amazing analogy. Exclusive show outtakes at satirikal.com- where there are only black presidents visit satirikal.comto subscribe to our disaster

Duration: 00:28:39

The Junk #1 - Sloppy Genesis

[mp3 download link] The show rockets out of the womb, placenta still attached. Meet Lamont and Dave, who pay their disrespects to Anna Nicole. Why Muhammed Ali is not David Blaine. Youll learn why Shaquille ONeal might not make a convincing little girl. Why does Lamont plan to raise lesbian daughters? exclusive show outtakes at satirikal.com- where comedy goes horribly, horribly wrong visit satirikal.comto subscribe to our disaster

Duration: 00:38:58