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The Just Barely Sports podcast is a show about the wacky side of Pro and Semi-Pro sports. We talk about the logos, foods, special events and people that divert your attention from the actual sports themselves. So if you love the feeling of being in an arena, but don't care too much about anyone lifetime free throw percentage, we are the show for you!




JBS #16 - The one where I update you on the new 2015 minor league logos

On episode #16 I am alone this time to give you a quick overview of the changes to teams and logos for the upcoming 2015 MiLB season. You can find the article I was using for notes here:http://news.sportslogos.net/2015/03/11/minor-league-baseball-starts-2015-with-new-look-teams/ As a note, here is the site for the New York Prospect league, the new home of the Jamestown Jammers:http://www.prospectleague.com/view/prospectleague Here is the logo I think will be the big one coming out of this...

Duration: 00:09:02

JBS #15 - The one where we try to close all the gates w/ Richard Launius

On this episode of the Just Barely Sports Podcast with the Minor League Geek, I talk to Richard Launius the creator of such games as Arkham Horror, Defenders of the Realm and Elder Sign to discuss his creation of the White Sox jersey from the Early 80's. TOPICS The White Sox Jersey designed by Richard (pictured above) The creation of the one player rules for the new Dice Hate Me Games "Bottom of the 9th" which you can find on kickstarter...

Duration: 00:29:57

JBS #14 - The One Where I Talk to Canadas Biggest Baseball Fan w/ Daryl And

On this episode of the Just Barely Sports podcast, Bruce is joined by Daryl Andrews of the "Meeple Syrup" show, which you can find here:http://meeplesyrupshow.com/ Daryl is current co-designing a board game called Fantasy Fantasy Baseball with JR Honeycutt about Fantasy creatures playing baseball Daryl was also selected by MLB as "Canadas Biggest Baseball Fan" and got to spend the World Baseball Classic in the MLB fan cave, so we talk about that experience. LOGO OF THE SHOW We talk about...

Duration: 00:13:50

#13 - The One Where We Ride on Ice w/ Erik Dewey _ The Just Barely Sports P

On this episode of The Just Barely Sports Podcast Bruce is joined by Erik Dewey of "On Board Games". You can find Erik athttp://www.erikdewey.com/ and On Board Games athttps://sites.google.com/site/onboardgamespodcast/ TOPICS The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1983940086/national-bobblehead-hall-of-fame-and-museum?ref=nav_search Professional Downhill Shovel Racing WSJ Article...

Duration: 00:43:34

The one where I talk about hockey (most of the time) - #12

On Episode #12 Bruce is back after a long absence to cover some hockey related topics. (Who are we fooling, the show starts with more baseball talk). The logo I discuss at the beginning (the Daytona Tortugas) can be found here -http://www.milb.com/index.jsp?sid=t450 TOPICS Jack Buckley's Baseball Tours - Do you want to spend a week to 10 days touring a section of the country and catching ALL the baseball games you possibly can? Well then you might want to check this out. www.jaybuckley.com...

Duration: 00:15:07

The one where I assault you with all my woot! - #11

On Episode #11 of The Just Barely Sports Podcast Bruce is by himself to tell you about some of the coolest things he could find that are Just Barely Sports. TOPICS Woot.Shirt Fantasy Football 2014 - So the fine folks at woot have decided to add Fantasy to football, and in the process make some of the coolest football logos the world has ever seen, and on top of there there is a sportball contest of sorts that will in some way have something to do with the NFL in some non-copyrighted way....

Duration: 00:16:40

The one where we pretend it's all real with Chris M. of Flip the Table

On episode #10 of the Just Barely Sports Podcast with the Minor League Geek, Bruce is joined by Chris Michaud the moderator of the podcast Flip the Table, a show about the "other side of board games", you can find that show at www.tableflipsyou.com TOPICS Chikara Pro Wrestling - If you are looking for the most entertaining form of Pro Wrestling out there today, and something very different than WWE (WWF) look no further than Chikara Pro Wrestling athttp://www.chikarapro.com/, you can even...

Duration: 00:43:25

The one where I talk about Mascot Mania 2014 - #9

On Episode #9 of The Just Barely Sports Podcast with the Minor League Geek I break down the championship round of the years MILB Mascot Mania 2014. I talk about all the entrants, and give you info from their bios, so you can make an informed decision about this years winner. Voting takes place until the 11th of August. You can find it herehttp://www.milb.com/milb/fans/mascot_mania/y2014/ THE LOGO OF THE SHOW This time I am talking about the Syracuse Crunch, which you can find...

Duration: 00:28:44

The one where we grab our passports with Peter Robert Casey - #8

On Episode #8 of The Just Barely Sports Podcast, I talk to Peter Robert Casey about his creation, the sports passport brand of websites. TOPICS Sports Passport Websites - If you want a chance to track your live sports experiences, you NEED to check out the Passport sites. Right now you can check outhttp://hardballpassport.com/ andhttp://bbpassport.com/ in Late August there is expected to be Football Passport, and in October Puck Passport for Hockey Fans. El Paso Chihuahuas "Bark at the...

Duration: 00:35:21

The one where I talk to you about scheduling

On episode #7 I talk to you about why the episodes are coming out a little delayed. I discuss the diffculties of making a podcast and the bright future of the show. TOPICS The Home Run Derby - So MLB has been doing the Home Run Derby at the All Star Game since 1985, but the idea came from a TV Show called The Home Run Derby from 1960. It was hosted by Mark Scott, and here is a youtube link to one of the episodes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmGCS1E5HUE#t=327 In this episode Hank Aaron...

Duration: 00:16:02

The One Where We Play games with Marty Connell

On Episode #6 Bruce is joined by Marty Connell from the "Rolling Dice and Taking Names" podcast, a part of the Dice Tower Network. You can find them athttp://www.rolldicetakenames.com/ TOPICS A lack of good sports based board games - We discuss the lack of sports board games that are not make for stats fans. PLAAY games -http://www.plaay.com/ Blood Bowl -http://www.bloodbowl-game.com/ Kaosball -http://www.kaosball.com/ Dreadball -http://www.manticgames.com/mantic-shop/dreadball.html? 1st...

Duration: 00:33:47

The One Where We Try a Threesome with Brian Mellblom & Travis Van Noty

On Episode #5 of the show Bruce is joined by Brian Bellblom the PA Announcer for UCLA and CSUN Ice Hockey and Travis Van Noty the play by play guy for CSUN Ice Hockey. TOPICS The US Australian Football League - Brian was a part of the LA Aussie football team. We discuss the rules of Aussie Football , the fact the league exists and little bit about it. You can find the league athttp://www.usafl.com/ The Lakewood Blue Claws will play a game as the Lakewood Pine Barons - This is another "what...

Duration: 00:30:41

Just Barely Sports - Episode #4 - The one where we talk about our balls wit

On Episode #4 of the Just Barely Sports Podcast Bruce talks to Marshall Kent "the Future of the PBA" about bowling as a career (and the wild west riverboat gambler lifestyle) as well how to get more attention for the PBA in general. You can find Marshall's fanpage athttps://www.facebook.com/marshall.kent.1 and you can find him on twitter at @marshallkent299 Here is info on "the Petersen" -http://www.thepetersen.com/ Here is an SI article about "the Petersen"...

Duration: 00:23:36

Just Barely Sports - Episode #3 - The one where we go somewhere private so

On episode #3 of the Just Barely Sports Podcast Bruce talks to Jim Williams current/former PA Announcer for several teams in the NJ/PA area, as well as the host of the Touch Em' All podcast on clw83.com. We talk about our attempt to become the voice of the Philadelpha 76ers. You can find him athttp://www.clw83.com/touchemall/ TOPICS - The greatest outfits in sport broadcasting 101 with a focus in Don Cherry - You have seen nothing until you behold the suits of sports yesteryear, and for a...

Duration: 00:39:55

Just Barely Sports - Episode #2 - The one where we talk about the stats beh

On episode #2 of the Just Barely Sports podcast Bruce talks to Erika Lewis formerly the maven of Fight Fans Radio and currently on the top stats worker for Fightmetric and the UFC. Erika talks about being a geek for UFC and MMA and turning that into a job working for the biggest MMA promotion in the world. You can find Fightmetric at www.fightmetric.com and you can find Fight Fans Radio by checking iTunes and whereever else you get your podcasts. TOPICS - The Tommy Toe Hold Show - Bruce...

Just Barely Sports - Episode #1 - The one where I tell you what I'm going t

Welcome to episode #1 of the Just Barely Sports Podcast on this episode the Minor League Geek will talk about himself. Bruce H. Voge III (the Minor League Geek, and host) will layout the basic idea of how the show will work, and share with you why he loves minor league, semi-pro and occasionally pro sports so much, while also not really liking athletics of athletes. TOPICS - RPM Turntable Football - Now football can be for hipsters because its on a vinyl record and was issued for Record...

Duration: 00:18:41