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Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.

Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.
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Hot nerd on nerd action as hosts Ka1iban and Mikanhana bring you news, reviews and issues from the world of geeky entertainment! Film, TV, music, comics and gaming are our business and Biz. Ness. Is. GOOOD.




200: The Flipside of Margot Robbie

It's our 200th episode extravaganza (hold the extravaganz) as we take a leisurely look back at the past year of Just Enough Trope, with some choice cuts from 2016! Plus, we talk news of Rogue One, Thor: Ragnarok, Mr. Robot, Mika froggily contemplates the charms of Ryan Gosling as we check out the Blade Runner 2049 teaser, and Kal debuts his Oliver Platt Theorem of Suckitude as we slip on The Ice Harvest for Craft Disservices! Here's to 200 more!

Duration: 01:29:53

199.5 Surf Troopers

Get ready to rebel as we bring you our exclusive review of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story! Plus, a look at the Marvel Star Wars comics of the '70s! The Force is with us; now, be one with us!

Duration: 01:47:00

198: The Dank DiMEMESion

It's better late than thankless this week as we catch up on gratefulness for the current state of nerdery, including more diverse characters, more things to love, and more people to love them with. In the show's first half, we talk with Lynne M. Thomas, Head of Special Collections for NIU and co-editor of Chicks dig Time Lords! Plus, we take on H.A.T.E. itself as we join Nextwave for Comic Book Club! It's a rollicking discussion about homage vs. theft, Bob Dylan being a habitual...

Duration: 01:37:17

197: Crunkin' Chewbacca

Leave it all on the dance floor with us on this show as we begin our Long March of Christmas Pain by watching 1996's cinematic genital torture-fest, Jingle All the Way! Plus, the news is back with talk about Westworld, Rogue One, Star Trek: Discovery, The Kingkiller Chronicles, and Billy Dee! And if that wasn't enough, we submerge ourselves in the refreshing sitz bath that is the Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2 trailer! *OOGA CHAKA INTENSIFIES*

Duration: 01:16:00

196: Luca Brasi in a Spaghetti String Top

Get our message this week as we talk to sci-fi and fantasy author Elizabeth Bear about Thundarr the Barbarian, time travel, and heroic saloon girls! And in the show's second hour, we pledge our service to Greg Rucka and Michael Lark as we review Lazarus from Image Comics! This show is the cat's meow, babe! Find Elizabeth Bear online on Twitter and Facebook and check out her Patreon page!

Duration: 01:53:11

194: Grease is the Word

Now that you're stuffed with turkey, feed your head with this butterball of an XL show! In the first hour, we talk to Dead Spots author and kayaking enthusiast, Melissa F. Olson, about Lorenzo Lamas, homoeroticism in 80's action flicks, and the legend of the Brown Note! And in our second hour, we dive deep into the classic cyberpunk manga, Ghost in the Shell! Plus, we talk Top Secret!, Mika's theory of Ghostception, and Kal tries to start an ASMR business! We're busier than a one-armed man...

Duration: 02:20:34

193: Less Than Stellar

Things get contentious this week as we try to make compliment sandwiches out of some frustrating properties, namely, the new movie Arrival, and the classic film Where the Buffalo Roam! Plus, nerdy news, Kal's Sucky Movies with Song Titles theory, Mika's Stephen King Academy, and an honest-to-God analysis of the value of societal jesters and Hunter S. Thompson as King Lear's fool! We always desire more cows! To skip Arrival spoilers, head to 56:40 when instructed. Check out Jenny...

Duration: 01:30:40

192: Sticking Poochie in There

We rock the telly this week as we bring you all the news that's fit to cast from the world of nerdy entertainment! Plus, a review of the first volume of The Uniques and our interview with the creators, Comfort and Adam! Hey kids, always recycle...TO THE EXTREME! Check out everything Comfort and Adam at and!

Duration: 01:59:22

191: Pepe, A Single Tear

Our arms are wide this week as struggle to understand our new world, but! We're still bringing you all the news that's fit to cast from the nerd world, including Painkiller Jane, Miyazaki, Cloak and Dagger, plus Kal's Batman Theory of Coolness, and reviews of the Ghost in the Shell and Valerian trailers! And we wrap it up with a Craft Disservices segment where we check out John Candy in Delirious! Shaka!

Duration: 01:33:49

190: None More Black

Escape the darkest timeline with us on this show and discover something even darker as we study Black Science! Plus, we've got news of American Werewolves, Japanese cats, British Spider-Men, Young Justice, Westworld, the X-Men, and more! And if that wasn't enough, we kick off our Women's Writes series by talking to Carrie Patel, author of the Recoletta Series! Always bet on JET! You can find out more about Carrie and her work at and...

Duration: 01:39:21

189: D&D Minus

Grab your character sheet, your dice, and your sanity as we roll to save against the stinkier-than-an-otyugh Dungeons and Dragons: The Movie! Plus, catch up on news about Ghost in the Shell, CW shows, Doctor Strange, Mika waxes rhapsodic about PCs past, Kal explains his Doctor Strange/Guardians of the Galaxy theory, and we top it off with a look at the 2008 documentary, The Dungeon Masters! You say "tomato", we say "great show"!

Duration: 01:43:07

188: Ditko Balls

There were a lot of good options for naming this episode, but in the end, it always came down to Ditko Balls. Be cowed, wowed, and plowed this show as we review Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange and Marvel Comics' Doctor Strange in Marvel Premiere! Plus, we review Stan Against Evil, the Wonder Woman and Trainspotting 2 trailers, talk dangerous Google searches, attempt a reverse-Bechdel, *and* we warn you about the Anti-Batch! We love Swizzlestick Cinderblock!

Duration: 01:22:58

187: Crunchin' the Juice Extreme Style

Take the hit from nostalgia with us this show as we try to remember anything at all from our childhoods that wasn't awful...and it looks like the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie isn't that thing. Plus, we have news of Bendis-plaining, Stan Lee cameos, which Netflix show has the best catering staff, *and* Mika reviews new comics while Kal tells you whether to DO THE TITANFALL 2, DUDE!

Duration: 01:29:25

186: Coal-lateral Damage

We test Santa's patience this week as we bring the News of the Nerd, place our bets on Stan Lee vs. the Grim Reaper, and curse that cowardly p'tach Bryan Fuller! Plus, Kal tries to explain the Culture, Mika is caught in The Net, and we get tricky as we bring you Batman: The Long Halloween for Comic Book Club! It's tails again!

Duration: 01:20:20

185: Jekyll and Heidi

It's movies, movies, MOVIES this week as we review Teen Wolf for Craft Disservices! Plus, Squatchin' Guru Tara stops by JET Headquarters to talk about a trio of found-footage horror films: REC, The Sacrament, and Willow Creek! Grab your board and your huarache sandals and urban surf with us today!

Duration: 01:59:42

184: Domo Arigot, Mr. Robot

Ride the Hurricane this week with us as we wrestle down Daredevil: The Man Without Fear for Comic Book Club! Plus, a look at the Guardians and Logan trailers, and we unleash a tropic storm of news about the Nintendo Switch, the Playstation VR, striking SAG-AFTRA members, the return of Jean Grey, the Red Dead Redemption sequel, and Alyssa Milano! Take the extra shot!

Duration: 01:34:57

183: VR Trumpers

Liberate yourself from the average podcast this week and join us on a trip to the other side as we ARE SUCKED INTO HELL BY EVENT HORIZON! But, before that, we talk anime on Netflix, presidential Power Ranger rankings, how to defuse a Note 7, Studio Ghibli, Automat troubles, Kal "explains" constant acceleration, and Mika tries to figure out what the hell the Lewis and Clark does! We play some Dokken on this show and we don’t need an excuse!

Duration: 01:19:38

182: Mulan Pixie Dream Girl

Storm the castle with us this week as we take it to Disney over their Mulan and Aladdin remakes, talk Supergirl, Wonder Woman and the UN(?), bring you the news, *and* we sell our souls for Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits for Comic Book Club! A Hell of a show!

Duration: 01:27:04

181: Im Mediate Unrest

Start in the middle with us this week as we serve a blend of 11 news stories and spices coming out of New York City Comic Con! Plus, we've got new comics reviews of Cage, Shade the Changing Girl, and Jessica Jones *and* we sing the praises of Constantine in our Craft Disservices segment! Look how well we're doing!

Duration: 01:57:53

180: Spoiled Fresh

The deadliest/sexiest show on the 'net is back as we talk onscreen movie deaths, Crime and the Punisher, Iron Fist, Suicide Squad, more Westworld, and we dance across buildings like gods when we discuss Daredevil: Born Again for Comic Book Club! Remember Alderaan!

Duration: 01:52:28

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