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Smart, funny, and down-to-earth, Kathleen delivers great information in an entertaining hour of radio. The first half hour of the show is all about better living, healthier living, and rattling some cages. Kathleen interviews nationally renowned and entertaining opinion leaders who share practical advice. The last half hour will take a fun turn, with some behind-the-scenes peeks at the world of filmmaking, an occasional movie review, and more hot interviews. The last segment we'll take a fun turn. We'll get some behind the scenes peeks at the world of filmmaking, an occasional movie or book review, and interviews with great guests.




Tiny Houses

Everybody is doing it… downsizing that is. And it’s more than just a hip fad. Kathleen is joined by author and architect, Mimi Zeiger, who offers big insight on this move towards smaller living spaces.

Look around…do your spaces inspire you or totally freak you out?

While every one of us is looking to create a meaningful life with more equanimity, peace and success…have we arranged our lives in a way that sets us up to achieve it? One of the most overlooked areas is our physical environment. Kim Colwell, sustainable designer and feng shui master offers a range of practical [...]

The Highly Sensitive Person…gifted and misunderstood.

Dr. Elaine Aron

Let’s talk business…why some make it and MOST don’t

Given the current economy and the fact that there is no such thing as “job security,” it’s no wonder that more and more of us have been striking out on our own or at least have entertained the idea. But when one considers that more than 50 percent of small businesses fail in their first [...]

Gluten-Free for Dummies…

Most of us by now have either heard of gluten-free or have at least noticed all the funny products claiming to be “gluten-free” in every corner of our grocery markets. Kathleen talks with best selling author and gluten-free expert, Danna Korn about gluten sensitivity and celiac disease; which affect millions of people and has become [...]

Conscious parenting: Beyond the ego

Conscious parenting: beyond the ego

The fine line between nice and doormat: setting boundaries

An interview with author Dr. Henry Cloud

The kinder side of capitalism: Social business

Social business is not non-profit or for profit, but an entirely new business model that makes a huge difference in the world while allowing entrepreneurs and employees to fully use their passion, their talent and make a competitive salary. Filmmaker Holly Mosher talks about this new brand of capitalism, how it relates to her movie [...]

The 120-Pound Journey

At 22 years old, Ben Davis was just your average college student, except for one thing: he weighed 365 pounds. In December 2008, Ben made a promise to his grandmother to get a grip on his obesity, his depression and his life. He went from couch potato to Ironman in a little over a year—and [...]

Marriage Boost 101

Has your marriage become more of a business arrangement (dividing and conquering daily ‘to-do’s) than an intimate partnership? How can we fall in love again with the one we’re with? Marriage counselor Dr. Michelle Gannon shares some great ways to bring the friendship (and sex!) back into the relationship, even after years of disconnection. Learn [...]

Yoga: Living life on purpose

We all have the wisdom and compassion to live with purpose—yoga simply reminds us of what we already know. Guest: Rolf Gates.

Sucking it up and finishing strong

Christoph Baaden was not really a runner—he was an Emmy Award-winning TV producer who decided at the last minute to run the world’s largest relay race. Afterward, he was so inspired by the Hood To Coast relay that he made it the topic of his feature-length documentary of the same name. Get the scoop on [...]

Blow past writer’s block: How to write more, better, faster

For most people—even those of us who write for a living—the act of writing can be a brutal, tear-your-hair-out endeavor. Writing coach Daphne Gray-Grant shares her best tips and tricks for being a fast, productive writer—and reveals the biggest mistakes to avoid.

“Reckless Medicine”

Medicine can be brilliant and life saving. But with so much marketing disguised as science, when do you trust the testing, procedures or surgeries recommended by your doctor? Jeanne Lenzer separates facts from fiction in this eye-opening interview, sharing her wisdom from years as an investigative medical journalist. What you learn in this interview could [...]

Food Matters

An interview with filmmaker James Colquhoun

The ugly side of beauty—toxic chemicals and other unpronounceables in your

Author of "No More Dirty Looks", Siobhan O'Connor

Got Vitamin D? Probably not.

Michael Holick, M.D.

The many layers of Scott Dikkers, founder of The Onion

Meet the man who brought satire and comedy to the masses. Kathleen speaks with Scott Dikkers, one of the founders of The Onion and its longest-running editor-in-chief. He shares how he went from a college cartoonist in Madison, Wisconsin to head up one of the most successful humor-based papers of all time…and why he ultimately [...]

When did “cheap” become an American value?

The next time you whip out the credit card for a cheap t-shirt (or coffee table or lamp), think about what you’re actually buying. Sweatshop labor? Outsourced jobs? Environmental degradation? Ellen Ruppel Shell addresses all of these issues as she discusses her book, Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture. In this eye-opening interview, she [...]

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

John Perkins talks about his 30 years selling out and swindling billions out of Third World countries...and the resulting impact on today's economy and environment.
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