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The Kevin & Bean Show on KROQ

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Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.

Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.
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CBS Radio


Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.



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Kevin & Bean Podcast: Friday January 12th with guests: Ricky Gervais and RJ Bell

Open. Ikea Pee Ad. What's Happening. RJ Bell. Scientific Survey. Sam the Armenian Comedian. Conspiracy Theories. Ricky Gervais. What's Happening. Keep it 100. WWE RAW Talent. What's Happening.

Duration: 01:36:13

Kevin & Bean Podcast: Thursday January 11th with guest: Jim Rome and Dr. Drew

Open. What's Happening? Bean tries to make a new friend. Wrestlemovia. Clippers game recap. Worst thing you saw on a flight. What's Happening? Jim Rome. Traveling with an expired passport. Ashley Esqueda from CES. Dr. Drew. What's Happening?

Duration: 01:35:17

The B-TEAM Ep 25: Former Producer Courtland Cox

Catching up with former Kevin & Bean producer Courtland Cox, Lightning's interviews from inside Hurricane Katrina and a surprise guest!

Duration: 01:02:13

Kevin & Bean Podcast: Wednesday January 10th with guest: Kevin Nealon and Dr. Dina Browner

Open. What's Happening? People are Dumb. You Left before the Headliner. Auntie is Fed up with people. Kevin Nealon. What's Happening? Real Wrestler, Fake Wrestler. Dina Browner. What's Happening?

Duration: 01:20:21

Kevin & Bean Podcast: Tuesday January 9th with guest: Petros Papadakis, Taylor Williamson and Dylan McDermott

Open. What's Happening? The Sh*t Bandit. WWE Raw Talent. The Bachelor Report with Petros. College Football Championship Recap. The LA Zoo Says No! What's Happening? Internet Roundup. Family Secrets. Dylan McDermott. What's Happening?

Duration: 01:39:14

Kevin & Bean Podcast: Monday January 8th with guest: Harvey Levin, Matt "Money" Smith, Mike Catherwood, Andrew Siciliano & Barney Smith

Open. What's Happening? TMZ's Harvey Levin. Matt "Money" Smith. Great News. Psycho Body with Mike Catherwood. What's Happening? Andrew Siciliano. Matt Belloni talks Golden Globes. Barney Smith. What's Happening?

Duration: 01:42:26

Kevin & Bean Podcast: Friday January 5th with guest: RJ Bell and Clark Gregg

Open. What's Happening? Annoyed Lottery Reporter. What do you think of the new Justin Timberlake song? RJ Bell's Wild Card Weekend picks. Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Clark Gregg. What's Happening? 911 Operators. Omar's wife Cazi hated her Instantpot Christmas gift. Keep It 100. What's Happening?

Duration: 01:32:49

The B-TEAM Ep 24: Lightning's Live Vasectomy

Revisiting the time Lightning got a vasectomy live in the KROQ studio with help from Matt Money Smith, a midget, a stripper and the Armenian Comedian. And, get a special bonus track!

Duration: 01:15:49

Kevin & Bean Podcast: Thursday January 4th with guest: Jim Rome and Dr. Drew

Open. What's Happening? Darryl Strawberry had sex during a baseball game. What's Up with Florida? You intentionally bought and returned something. What's Happening? Jim Rome. Mole. Dr. Drew. What's Happening?

Duration: 01:24:26

Kevin & Bean Podcast: Wednesday January 3rd with guest: Darren Kavinoky On New California Weed Laws, Bean Makes Us Guess and Italian Grandmother Uses Google Home

Open. What's Happening. Xmas Vacation Recap. Italian Grandmother & Google Home. Dave's 2018 Clipper Song. Kevin Went To The E.R. Logan Paul Posts Video Of A Suicide Victim On You Tube. Bean Makes Us Guess. What's Happening. Darren Kavinoky In Studio. What's Happening.

Duration: 01:33:00

Best Of K&B Podcast: Tuesday January 2nd: Ruined Weddings, Weird Places You Masturbated and Flossie Dickey

Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. You Broke Something At Someone's House. Anal Beautification. What's Up With Florida. 23 Year Old High School Student. Ruined Weddings. Drunk Hatchet Man. Flossie Dickey. Bean Does Stand Up. Weird Places You Masturbated. Would You Click This. Servers And Their Customer Horror Stories. Would You Like To Take That Back. Secret Life Of Human Pups.

Duration: 01:35:32

Best Of K&B Podcast: Friday December 29th: Garbage, You Saw An Alien and Secret Passions

You Saw An Alien. Underwater Broadcast. Garbage In Studio. Mugs Splains Bees. Jimmy Kimmel Masturbates Too Much And Goes To Doctor. Secret Passions. Beans Chocalte Milk Periscope. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. Top Mr. Bad Examples Of 2017. Let's Paint T.V. Noodles Made William Hung Heart A Thing. The Ryder Syndrome. You Got Revenge. Lightning Hates Mugs' Rims And Ionized Car Washes. Thanks For That Tweet Bean.

Duration: 01:45:11

Best Of K&B Podcast: Thursday December 28th: Tim Minchin, Little Things That Annoy You and Sex Injuries

Little Things That Annoy You. Kevin Auditions To Be Pearl Jam Drummer. Bean's Death Corner. Dr Drew Talks About Jimmy Kimmel And His Pee Hole. Tim Minchin In Studio. Fart Aircraft. Nicknames You Hate. Top Ten Beer Mug Moments Of 2017. Kevin Is The Best Announcer. Sex Injuries. Bean Gets Married. Man Buns. Rudy's Comic Book Characters. I Married A Carnival Ride.

Duration: 01:43:51

Best Of K&B Podcast: Wednesday December 27th: Gilbert Gottfried, Wedding Disasters and Your Secret Health Regimen

Top 10 Moments With. Dave Visits Bean In Seattle. Gilbert Gottfried In Studio. Coworkers That Do Gross Things. Wing Is Retiring. Woman Is Fired For Flatulence. Wedding Disasters. Don't Steal Meatloaf. Ace Of Cakes. Nicole's Zero Club Disaster. Your Secret Health Regimen. Hot Doritos Roulette. Kumail Nanjiani And Emily Gordon In Studio. Tommy Lasorda Celeb Fridge. Kevin VS. The Raccoons.

Duration: 01:41:07

Best Of K&B Podcast: Tuesday December 26th: Breakfast With Foo Fighters, Kevin Annoys You and You Believe Something Cray Cray

Breakfast With Foo Fighters. Ashely Esqueda Sang With The Foo Fighters. Kid Demands Mac N Cheese. Top Drops Of 2017. Broga. Crazy Things That Happened At The Drive Thru. Kevin Annoys You. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. Dueling Poop Stories. You Believe Something Cray Cray.

Duration: 01:27:34

Best Of K&B Podcast: Friday December 22nd: Helicopter Reporter Stu Mundel, Half Speed Kevin & Bean and You Live In A Death House

Top Callers Of 2017. Armenian Comedian Rock N' Pot Christmas. Bean Cusses On The Radio. You Live In A Death House. Santa Karl. Half Speed Kevin and Bean. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. Top Callers of 2017 pt2. 9 Year Old Swims To Alcatraz. Loquecia Reviews The Grinch. Words You Can't Pronounce. Helicopter Reporter Stu Mundel. Movie That You Hate That Everyone Loves. Scientific Survey On String Cheese.

Duration: 01:33:02

Best Of K&B Podcast: Thursday December 21st: Virginia Grohl, Kevin Mad Libs The News and You Get Into Fights At Work

Serena Williams Eats Dog Food. You Were A Mall Santa. Dr. Pimple Popper. Kevin Mad Libs The News. Virginia Grohl. South African Preacher Selling Pictures Of Heaven. You Caught Your Folks Doin' It. Bean Makes Us Guess. You Get Into Fights At Work. Mathletes On ESPN. Top 10 Omar Intros Of 2017. Dick Street. Weird Sex Laws. You Broke Someone Else's Stuff. Kevin's XMAS Bathroom Interviews.

Duration: 01:48:23

Best Of K&B Podcast: Wednesday December 20th: Method Man, Serial Pooper and What's Wrong With You

Christmas Time Is Getting Me Down. Best Bad Movies. Can Head In Studio. What's Wrong With You. Scientific Survey. Santa Wants Kids To Sign Up For Visits Online. Method Man In Studio. Mug's Soap Diet. Songs Banned From Weddings. Elf Or Christmas Vacation. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. Serial Pooper. Wendy's Customer Bites Employee. Sad Songs.

Duration: 01:38:09

The B-TEAM Ep 23: Kevin & Bean Christmas Album Memories Pt. 2

Revisiting rare Kevin & Bean Christmas album tracks from Snoop Dogg, SpongeBob, Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, South Park, Karl Malone and more.

Duration: 01:05:52

Best Of K&B Podcast: Tuesday December 19th: Richard Blade, Craigslist Disasters and You Saved A Body Part

Named After A Famous Person. Bean Makes Us Guess. Richard Blade. Newscaster Laughs At Defecation Situation. Savage Letters To Santa. Craigslist Disasters. Who's The Dick. Alex Jones. Honking At Cops. Arian Foster vs. A Wolf. You Saved A Body Part. Kev Dogg Parks In Wrong Lot. Leaf Blowers Are The Best.

Duration: 01:42:42

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