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Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.

Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.
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Los Angeles, CA


CBS Radio


Bits and segments from The Kevin & Bean Show.




Best Of K&B Podcast: Friday December 15th: Kevin Hangs Up On Tobin Bell In Person, Things You Believed As A Kid and Weird Dating Apps

Beer Mug At The Hollywood Xmas Parade. Things You Believed As A Kid. Kevin Hangs Up On Tobin Bell In Person. The B Team Bleeda In Reseda. Will Arnett Prank Calls BBC Radio. Weird Dating Apps. Tom Delonge. A Stranger Did Something Good For You. The Hater App. Facebook Wants You To Send Them Your Nudes. People Are Dumb. Mike Almost Poos Himself To Death. Bruce Endicott. Bean Wants To Be A Country Music Song Writer.

Duration: 01:34:45

The B-TEAM Ep 22: Kevin & Bean Christmas Album Memories Pt. 1

Revisiting rare Kevin & Bean Christmas album tracks from Jimmy Kimmel, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ray Romano, the cast of Twin Peaks, Adam Carolla and more!

Duration: 01:06:56

Best Of K&B Podcast: Thursday December 14th: Jordan Peele, Demetrious Johnson and Weird Places You Had Sex

Dog Spa. Weird Places You Had Sex. Allie Is Ready For Her Dentist. Demetrious Johnson In Studio. Ozzy Slept With Everyone. Bean's Death Corner. Mani Pedi Stories. Stars Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. I Am Breadface. Shortest Amount Of Time You Had A Job. Jordan Peele. What's Up With Florida. A.I. Therapist. People Hate The Word Moist. Applebees Gives Up On MIllenials. You Found Out Something Bad About The Person You Were Dating.

Duration: 01:42:38

K&B Podcast: Wednesday December 13th wuth guests: Jimmy Kimmel, The Movie Man and The Wheel O' Amazon Gift Cards

Open. Showbiz. Wheel O' Amazon Giftcards. Top 10 Mr. Bad Examples. Afro Line. Internet Roundup. The Movie Man. Showbiz. Jimmy Kimmel. Santa Karl. Allie Spins The Wheel O' Amazon Gift Cards From Home. Showbiz.

Duration: 01:31:26

K&B Podcast: Tuesday December 12th: T.V. Deaths That Crushed You, Woman Has Sex With Ghosts and Wheel Of Crap

Open. Showbiz. Top 10 Beer Mug Interview Moments. Wheel Of Crap. Woman Has Sex With Ghost. Star Wars Villains. Showbiz. Alec Salemon. T.V. Deaths That Crushed You. Showbiz.

Duration: 01:21:57

K&B Podcast: Monday December 11th with guests: TMZ's Van Lathan, Patton Oswalt and Andrew Siciliano

Open. Showbiz Beat. Bullied Kid. Van Lathan From TMZ. Finish The Line. Top Moments With. Acoustic Xmas Recap. Jeff Norton Christmas Vacation Lights. Showbiz Beat. Andrew Siciliano. Patton Oswalt In Studio. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:54:42

K&B Podcast: Friday December 12th with guests: Justin Long, Doug Benson and Mike Catherwood

Open. Showbiz. Donations as Gifts and Omar's War Vs. Salvation Army Bell Ringers. Kevin & Bean-o-roke. Showbiz. Great News. KOM and Beer Mug's Quick Trip to Vegas. Yo Acoustic Xmas Raps. Rudy Cisneros. Justin Long. Doug Benson. Acoustic Fan Songs. Keep it 100. Finish the Line. Showbiz

Duration: 01:58:40

The B-TEAM Ep 21: Jimmy eats one year old bacon, Reenacting D*** in the Pool Guy

Jimmy Kimmel eats a piece of bacon hanging on our wall for a year, Kevin & Bean reenact "d*** in the pool guy," and Mr. Birchum's Christmas guide (NSFW).

Duration: 01:07:00

K&B Podcast: Thursday December 7th with guests: Paul Scheer, Jim Rome & Dr. Drew

Open. Showbiz. Top 10 Drops Of 2017. Reverse Montage. RJ Bell. Weird Sex Laws. Elf vs. Christmas Vacation. Showbiz. Jim Rome. Culver City Fire Captain Seth Miller. Dr. Drew. Paul Scheer. Showbiz.

Duration: 01:36:42

K&B Podcast: Wednesday December 6th with guest: Rhys Darby

Open. Showbiz. KNX Reporter Jon Baird. Internet Roundup. Top Callers Of The Year. Showbiz. You Played A Mall Santa Or Helper. Alison Segal. KNX Reporter Margaret Carrero. Merry Movies. Rhys Darby In Studio. Top Callers Of The Year Part 2. Showbiz.

Duration: 02:09:44

K&B Podcast: Tuesday Decmber 5th with guest: James Roday and You Gave Someone A Gift That Was Really For You

Open. Showbiz Beat. Bean's Speeding Ticket. Savage Santa Letters. Top 10 Omar Intros. You Gave Someone A Gift That Was Really For You. Showbiz Beat. James Roday. Total Recall. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:26:34

K&B Podcast: Monday December 4th with guests: Chris Hardwick, TMZ's Harvey Levin, and Andrew Siciliano

Open. Showbiz Beat. Omar Wants An Instapot. Harvey Levin. Sex Robots. Title Fight. Chris Hardwick In Studio. Showbiz Beat. Andrew Siciliano. You Pooped In A Strange Place. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:45:06

K&B Podcast: Friday December 1st with guests: Ming-Na Wen, The Movie Man and Ben Bailey

Open. Showbiz Beat. Bean Makes Us Guess. Afro Line. RJ Bell. Ming-Na Wen. Showbiz Beat. The Movie Man. Haiku-stic Christmas. Ben Bailey. Keep It 100. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:28:09

K&B Podcast: Thursday November 30th with guests: Dr. Drew and Beau Boeckmann

Open. Showbiz Beat. Eli Manning. Will Ferrell Vice-a-pedia. Showbiz Beat. Peeking The Hits. You Cried At A Commercial. Please Explain Bitcoin. Showbiz Beat. Beau Boeckmann. SHowbiz Beat. Dr. Drew. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:42:22

The B-TEAM Ep 20: Kevin & Bean’s spectacular performance of “Twelve Days of Christmas.”

Kevin & Bean annoy Jack in the Box employees, Big Tad gets shocked, and Kevin & Bean’s spectacular live performance of “Twelve Days of Christmas.” You won’t believe it was on the radio.

Duration: 00:56:52

K&B Podcast: Wednesday November 29th: Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices, You Said Something Dumb To A Celebrity and Beer Mug At The Hollywood Christmas Parade

Open. Showbiz Beat. Roland. Beer Mug At The 2017 Hollywood Christmas Parade. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. Neighbors That Have Overwhelming Christmas Decorations. Showbiz Beat. Famous Queens. You Said Something Dumb To A Celebrity. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:18:24

K&B Podcast: Tuesday November 28th with guests: Tim Minchin and Noodles of The Offspring

Open. Showbiz Beat. The Most Enthusiastic Sign Spinner. Just A Second. Alex Jones. You Or Your Kid Broke Something In A Store. Showbiz Beat. Donald Trump. Tim Minchin In Studio. Noodles Of The Offspring. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:42:48

K&B Podcast: Monday November 27th with guests: TMZ's Harvey Levin, Petros Papadakis and Andrew Siciliano

Open. Showbiz Beat. Chip's Band Played With William Hung & The Offspring. Harvey Levin. Great News. Finish The Line. Mad Mike The Flat Earther. Petros Papadakis. Showbiz Beat. Worst Christmas Cover Songs. Andrew Siciliano. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:39:46

The B-Team Ep 19: Jimmy as Karl Malone explaining Thanksgiving, Kevin & Bean’s war with Rick Dees

For over a decade Kevin & Bean waged war on Los Angeles radio legend Rick Dees. They were relentless and hilarious.

Duration: 01:21:34

K&B Podcast: Wednesday November 22nd with guests: Dan Gilroy, Ashley Esqueda and RJ Bell

Open. Showbiz Beat. Movie Beat. Wheel O' Bad Animal Voices. RJ Bell. Ashley Esqueda. Dan Gilroy. Showbiz Beat. Thanksgiving Was Ruined By A Bombshell. Keep It 100. Showbiz Beat.

Duration: 01:37:32

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