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Paul, The Gifts, Love and The Corinthians

This is just a small talk episode on the gifts of the Spirit and how Paul addresses them to the church of Corinth. Marcuss still believes the gifts are for today and explains a little about the debate on that. This is not an in-depth look at this topic by any means but rather a talk for a primer of the next episode and episodes planned for the future Check us out on Facebook and other social media platforms Email Subscribe, rate and share!


Spiritual Warfare Myths and Misinterpretations

On the heels of the rant episode about “legal access”, Marcuss goes a little more in-depth with the current trend and pervasiveness within “Pop-Christianity” today. Spiritual warfare is no doubt sometimes the center of attention, attraction, and distraction within the Body but how many of the trends and tactics are real? More importantly, how well do they line up with scripture? Who has been the person to bring this to the main focus in the last 20 years? Marcuss will let you in on these...


The Devil and legal access?

Bonus episode this week! Take this one more as a rant. Really, Marcuss just has some things to say here about this extra-biblical topic of people thinking they can unwillingly and unknowingly hand the devil legal rights to things in their life. C’mon! Email: Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share!


The Church and Israel-Are there two distinct groups of God?

Another hot topic to discuss this week. Israel and The Church, do they go together or are they separate? Does God still have a covenant with the nation of Israel, therefore, making them a distinct people group and Christians “plan b” or “second-class citizens”? How does Jesus fit into all of this? What do the New Testament writers have to say about everyone on this earth, the Old Covenant, Jesus and His New Covenant? Listen to find...


Women in Leadership

Many claim the Bible is explicitly clear and forbids women from preaching and having authority in the church. However, some of these same people double jive talk because they are adamant about not creating and making doctrines out of one or two texts of the scriptures. Well, that’s exactly the case with the topic at hand! Marcuss, goes through the historical and transcultural context to see what is going on here because some texts are timeless and still to be applied today while others are...


The Kingdom of God

In this mid-week episode, Marcuss candidly talks about “Kingdom Theology” and The Kingdom of God. There seems to be a lot of things that The Kingdom consists of and a lot of misunderstandings as well. This is by no means an in-depth look at it all but some insights on the study of the topic and the truths it contains. Email: Please subscribe, follow, and review!


The Bible-Cover to Cover

Marcuss does his best to cover the Bible from start to end in under 40 minutes. This is obviously not an extensive or exhaustive explanation of the complete narrative. Instead, the intent is to take notice of the highlights that are woven throughout the story. Characters, covenants and covenantal promises, the veil between God and Humanity and it’s tearing down, becoming obsolete through the redemptive work of Jesus. Sorry for the little hiccup edit, you can notice it but it does not...


You Are Dead

This is a short one packed with the powerful message of the New Covenant of Jesus and it’s AMAZING GRACE! Many verses are pretty clear, YOU ARE DEAD. But that’s not all, you were also raised and walked out of the tomb with Jesus too! Be encouraged by this short truth and let the texts become reality in your life. Contact: Subscribe, share, review and check out the Facebook page and other social media


The Good and The Bad

In this episode the discussion is on Theology, Good Theology and Bad Theology. Hermeneutics (interpretation) of the Bible is important. Some get it and others don’t. We have become victims in our day by not “searching the scriptures daily”. So, let us learn a little about the bad and the “doctrines of man” and why Theological Reformation is a must for us in order to understand and properly apply the Word to our lives today. (These are notes taken from a sermon I gave in May...


The Pilot

Marcuss shares a little about why the project of the kingdom is the emphasis for the podcast and shares what upcoming episodes will be like. Facebook: The Kingdom Project Twitter: @TKP_Podcast Email: YouTube: The Kingdom Project


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