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The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.

The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.
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The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.




Ep217 - Nicole Blaine Returns!

Nicole is a comic, a writer, producer, and a mom. You should definitely listen back to her 1st episode to hear about her mom and crack (Ep102) but it is not required for this one. We talk about catching your kids in lies, Christian preschools, trying to be positive parents, breaking up with a therapist via podcast, joke writing, and Hugh Hefner. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:10:57

Ep216 - Adam Cozens

Adam is a comic, a writer, and a dad. We talk about personal branding, starting comedy, losing track of your kids' age, watching birth, picking up slack, high school wrestling, bird watching, and testicles. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:13:38

Ep215 - Burt Teplitzky

Burt is an author, a producer, a comic, and a dad. Burt has written several books including: Sell It With Humor, Stand Up For Your Success, and his latest It's Not Going To Be Okay... But That's Okay. We talk about meeting his wife in an interesting way, politics, comedy business, having "the talk," small donations, and using last names.

Duration: 01:16:00

Ep214 - Jon Schabl

Jon is a comic, a writer, and a dad. We discuss teaching comedy to underprivileged teens, being mistaken for Jewish, comedy in Canada, positive parenting, and we remember Vahco. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:18:32

Ep213 - Jordan Brady Returns

Jordan is a director, a comic, and a dad. He has his latest film in the I Am Comic series, I Am Battle Comic, available at We talk about the film, raising teenage daughters and grown sons, Spanglish (not the movie), comedy specials, and a movie heckle turning into a sale.

Duration: 01:05:19

Ep212 - Lynn Stein

Lynn is a comic, a former psychologist, and a mom. We talk about hockey, kids talking like adults, running a theater, trying to steal therapy, fake crying, and being the boss as a parent. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:02:45

Ep211 - Betsy Salkind

Betsy is a comic, writer, actor, and a foster mom. Sort of. She'll explain. We talk about her work at group home for teen girls, connecting with her foster daughter, her work in SAG, writing on Roseanne, and getting involved. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:04:35

Ep210 - Allan Murray

Allan is a comic, an actor, writer, director, and a dad. We talk about our psychic abilities, diffusing public situations, audience warmup, placenta hijinks, and rice pudding. It's all over the place in the best way. Enjoy our chat! @murraytweets

Duration: 01:17:35

Ep209 - Dennis Hemphill Jr.

Dennis is an actor, a writer, a comic, and a dad. Dennis airs some grievances, makes a confession, Tinders a baby, Brings It On Again, and talks about his dad. It's a fun one. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:08:57

Ep208 - Bobby Tessel

Bobby is a comic and a dad. He is a huge proponent of Echo parenting (echo and he brought a rundown of things to talk about. He brought notes! We talk about maintaining your anger, talking positively to kids, being consistent, spanking, vaccines, and his cancer survival story. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:09:43

Ep207 - Ify Nwadiwe

Ify is a comic and a dad. He tells us about what it's like to be a black nerd, having a home birth, twitching for money, and trading me time with his wife. Enjoy our chat! @thatblacknerd

Duration: 01:11:42

Ep206 - Anea Bogue

Anea is a teacher, life coach, author, speaker, podcaster, and a mom. She founded Realgirl, an empowerment program for girls 9-16. She wrote the book "9 Ways We’re Screwing Up Our Girls and How We Can Stop: A Guide to Helping Girls Reach Their Highest Potential" and is the cohost of the Rad Parenting podcast with previous guest Joe Sibb. We will have her back for an extended chat but enjoy this little taste!

Duration: 00:30:18

Ep205 - Tiffany and E.L. Smith

E.L. is a comic and a dad. Tiffany is an entrepreneur and a mom. They are parents to 3 girls. We talk about how they met, the sacrifices they've made for their marriage and careers, and their big move to L.A. They are the sweetest couple you'll ever meet at a comedy show in a synagogue. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:10:44

Ep204 - Debi Gutierrez Returns

Debi is a comic, motivational speaker, and a mom. She is back to discuss what it's like to have a child that has transitioned, the ripple effects on the family, learning all the terms, and continuing to grow and move forward. Her youngest daughter Pilar joins us as well and becomes a big part of the conversation. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:09:47

Ep203 - John Wing

John is a comic, an author, and a dad. He was a semifinalist on America's Got Talent in 2013. We talk about being Canadian, raising young women, battling anger and addiction, and trying to be good at the business. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:15:29

Ep201 - Lonnie Silberling

Lonnie is a comic, a graphic designer, and a dad. He looks like a teenager but he actually has a teenager. We talk about podcast serial killers, raising a young teen, getting into comedy after kids, and controlling your anger. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:07:36

Ep201 - Matt Bardocz Returns

Matt is a director, an editor, and a dad. He directed Kira's special "You Did This To Me," which is still available for you to view. He brought a list of topics to discuss and we hit most of them, despite being interrupted my a call from the school nurse. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:15:28

Ep200 - Daddy Drinks

For the 200th episode of the show as well as Father's Day this weekend, we are joined by 5/6 of the authors of the new book Daddy Drinks. French Stewart, Henry Dittman, Jacob Sidney, Padraic Duffy, and Michael Lanahan are all dads who had a text message thread through the trials and tribulations of early fatherhood and were able to compile it into a great book. They tell a fraction of the stories in the book but the podcast is also a fun hang, with riffing and joking all over. Enjoy our...

Duration: 01:20:01

Ep199 - Stephanie Escajeda Returns

Stephanie is an actress, a comic, and a mom. We talk about childrens age-gaps, using proper anatomical terms, being a female comic, and troubled labor. We do talk extensively about sexual assault so be aware. Stephanie is forthcoming and funny. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:11:18

Ep198 - Nick Cobb Returns

Nick Cobb is a comic and a dad. He was on an abbreviated Ep188 but we liked him so much, we brought him back for the full hour. We talk about career day, lock in roller stand up, studio teachers, and judging other parents. Enjoy our longer chat!

Duration: 01:09:19

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