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The Kira Soltanovich Show

All Things Comedy

The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.

The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.
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Los Angeles, CA


The Kira Soltanovich Show is a weekly podcast about being a professional comedian as well as a parent. Each week, Kira interviews another professional comedian and discovers how they individually raise their own children.




Ep230 - Lesley Wolff Returns

Lesley is an actress, casting director, stand up teacher, and a mom. We discuss grocery shopping, peeing in public, photography, ethics, multi-tasking, divorced parents, and dealing with your mom after motherhood. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:11:10

Ep229 - Kurt Long

Kurt is an actor, a teacher, a podcaster, and a dad. You've seen his face, guaranteed, perhaps on Disney's Liv And Maddie. We talk about his podcast Dudes Of Future Past, chin hairs, Minecraft, teaching kids improv, sibling rivalry, show business vs parenting, finding Kurt's long lost sister, and his vasectomy. Enjoy our chat! @kurtlong

Duration: 01:12:08

Ep228 - Ro DelleGrazie is back

Ro is back for the 3rd time. She is a comic, an actress, a writer, and a mom. We talk about avoiding raising a killer, bye bye balloon, bargain shopping, and traveling for the holidays. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 00:45:35

Ep227 - Ghost Update

This is not a normal episode of the show. There's no guest, although technically we do talk about an unwanted guest/ghost. Producer Aaron and I talk about getting rid of the ghost (which may have worked!), a new parenting book I'm reading, a snorkeling trip cancelled, and the trials of fertility. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 00:42:16

Ep226 - Sonya King

Sonya is a comic, a speaker, an author, an animal communicator, and a mom. We talk about her incredible gift, figuring out Kira's ghost situation, and raising a son with autism. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:16:03

Ep225 - Johnny Beehner

Johnny is a comic and a dad. We talk about his last name, sneaking out, stealing cars, driving on hot asphalt, having more kids?, doing the road, performing on Letterman, and Brayden tells jokes. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:15:39

Ep224 - Chris Wylde

Chris is an actor, late night host, Kira's web series husband, and a dad. We talk about regrettable IMDb credits, our undeniable chemistry, Legoland hotel, keeping the kids entertained, Wegmans, having ministers for parents, India, and Dadholes. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 00:55:04

Ep223 - Mike Phirman

Mike is a comedian, musician, producer, a visual effects artist, and a dad. He is a delight. We talk about stepdads, talking your way out of a fight, dueling doulas, Mike's unusual malady, and his new venture into kids music (that adults can enjoy too). Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:12:56

Ep222 - Jeff Kreisler

Jeff Kreisler is an author, a writer, a comic, and a dad. He has a new book out called "Dollars and Sense" to go along with his previous book "Get Rich Cheating." We talk about other peoples' privates, his smart upbringing, SF vs LA, 4 heart surgeries and 5 stents, retail therapy, getting political, and tough love. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:10:59

Ep221 - Adam Gropman Returns

Adam is a writer, an actor, a comic, and a dad. We talk about Donald Trump, Adam's podcast 5 Chords And The Truth, Harvey Weinstein, Peachheads, minding your temper, minding your glass, and Korean spas. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:01:35

Ep220 - Paul Virzi, Murray Valeriano, & Doug Stanhope

All Things Comedy hosts Paul Virzi (the Virzi Effect) and Murray Valeriano (Road Stories) join Kira from the 1st ever All Things Comedy Comedy Festival in Phoenix. Oh, and Doug Stanhope (Doug Stanhope Podcast) crashes the podcast. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:54:54

Ep219 - Michele Dahl

Michele is a writer and a mom. We talk about speedballs, moving to LA while pregnant, The Micheles, PTAing, safety first, sibling rivalry, domestic partnership, 7th Heaven, and the worst people. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:00:28

Ep218 - Yoursie Thomas

Yoursie is a comic and a dad. Yoursie has a unique name and has lived an incredible life. We talk about sports, the one time Kira was mean to Yoursie, drugs, his mom being a heroin addict, his 7 siblings fending for themselves, Kira's hip hop grandma, his son's acting career, trying to raise kids that live in other states, and nature vs nurture. @iyoursie

Duration: 01:16:28

Ep217 - Nicole Blaine Returns!

Nicole is a comic, a writer, producer, and a mom. You should definitely listen back to her 1st episode to hear about her mom and crack (Ep102) but it is not required for this one. We talk about catching your kids in lies, Christian preschools, trying to be positive parents, breaking up with a therapist via podcast, joke writing, and Hugh Hefner. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:10:57

Ep216 - Adam Cozens

Adam is a comic, a writer, and a dad. We talk about personal branding, starting comedy, losing track of your kids' age, watching birth, picking up slack, high school wrestling, bird watching, and testicles. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:13:38

Ep215 - Burt Teplitzky

Burt is an author, a producer, a comic, and a dad. Burt has written several books including: Sell It With Humor, Stand Up For Your Success, and his latest It's Not Going To Be Okay... But That's Okay. We talk about meeting his wife in an interesting way, politics, comedy business, having "the talk," small donations, and using last names.

Duration: 01:16:00

Ep214 - Jon Schabl

Jon is a comic, a writer, and a dad. We discuss teaching comedy to underprivileged teens, being mistaken for Jewish, comedy in Canada, positive parenting, and we remember Vahco. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:18:32

Ep213 - Jordan Brady Returns

Jordan is a director, a comic, and a dad. He has his latest film in the I Am Comic series, I Am Battle Comic, available at We talk about the film, raising teenage daughters and grown sons, Spanglish (not the movie), comedy specials, and a movie heckle turning into a sale.

Duration: 01:05:19

Ep212 - Lynn Stein

Lynn is a comic, a former psychologist, and a mom. We talk about hockey, kids talking like adults, running a theater, trying to steal therapy, fake crying, and being the boss as a parent. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:02:45

Ep211 - Betsy Salkind

Betsy is a comic, writer, actor, and a foster mom. Sort of. She'll explain. We talk about her work at group home for teen girls, connecting with her foster daughter, her work in SAG, writing on Roseanne, and getting involved. Enjoy our chat!

Duration: 01:04:35

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