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The Greatest Beekeeper in Sheffield - We talk to Chris Brown - KM111

Chris was born in kiwi Nirvania land but now lives in Sheffield, England "officially Europe's greenest city" with his lovely wife Laura. Chris has been beekeeping for three years at Britmana HQ. We met Chris and Laura when they came to New Zealand for the Honeymoon. Their Son Jasper was born January 2017, Chris only makes him now work in the apiary in the weekends. Here is what you will discover (Now with Times!!!) For your reference we now include times for the conversation points, Some...

Duration: 00:49:44

The Hibernation is Over - KM110

This week we are back from Hibernation! We missed you! This episode we are talking about Common Beekeeping Mistakes and can you really eat Crystallised Honey? New ideas on a common question. This is Episode One Hundred and Ten of our beekeeping podcast. Here is what we discussed *Now with Times* 08:23 5 Common Beekeeping Mistakes Keeping Backyard Bees10:06 Crystallised Honey - Is it OK to eat?15:02 Beehive thief shown mercy and gets community work18:59 Have These Kids Found a Way...

Duration: 00:41:30

It’s Winter Time - Season Ending Show - KM109

This week we are talking about New Rules, Counterfeit, when Beeing copied is not necessarily the Best form of Flattery, the Sum of Sugar and Honey, and Northland Numbers Stack up for Whanau. This is Episode One Hundred and Nine of our beekeeping podcast. Stories discussed this month were:- Flow Hive inventor stung by Chinese 'copycat'A Buzzworthy Beehive C4 Sugar in Manuka Honey ‘Treatment-free’ Beekeepers Give Varroa Mite Free Rein Northland iwi turns family pastime into multi-million...

Duration: 01:15:15

Beekeeping for Dummies we talk to Author Howland Blackiston - KM108

This week we are talking to Howland Blackiston from Connecticut in the USA. This is Episode One Hundred and Eight of our beekeeping podcast. Howland Blackiston has been keeping bees since 1984. He's written many articles on beekeeping and appeared on dozens of television and radio programs. He is also the author of Beekeeping for Dummies series of books. Resources Mentioned in the Show You can find Howland on Twitter HEREThe Beekeeping for Dummies web site is HEREThe Beekeeping for...

Duration: 00:41:24

Boundary Beekeeping Battles - KM107

Hi, Thanks for downloading our podcast!!! Here is the latest podcast from the Team at kiwimana. This week we are talking about Proposed Manuka Rules and a new mite threat to look out for ( as if we haven't got enough to lookout for !! ). This is Episode One Hundred and Seven of our beekeeping podcast. This week we discuss these stories:- New processing plant for backyard apiarists Northlander on trial accused of stealing beehives Update to above Story - Guilty Plea New Manuka Honey...

Duration: 00:41:22

Why should you keep Beekeeping Records with James Wilkes from Hive Tracks - KM106

This week we are talking to James Wilkes from North Carolina all about Bees and Hive Tracks. We discuss why keeping records of your inspections is a vital skill. This is Episode One Hundred and six of our beekeeping podcast. Resources mentioned in the show HERETwitterHEREHEREHERE Full Show Notes are HERE If you would like to give Hive Tracks a go for Two Weeks *No Credit Card Required*. If you decide to keep Hive Tracks you will also be helping kiwimana. Get your free fortnight HERE...

Duration: 01:10:32

Battling for Honey Gold - KM105

This week we are talking about Winter Storage, Mites may not be the issue and Beekeeping in Prisons. This is Episode One Hundred and Five of our beekeeping podcast. These are the stories we talked about this time:- Battle of the bees between manuka honey giant Comvita and Northland beekeepers Beekeeper develops ‘smart bee’ winter storage systemIt's not about mites any more Prisoners get the sweet taste of empowermentShould you try to save a failing colony?Two Hives Are Better Than One...

Duration: 01:01:30

Swarm Trapping bees with a Mobile Swarm Trap - Michael Jordan - KM104

This week we are talking to Michael Jordan from Wyoming. We talk about Bee swarms and how to catch them. Michael also explains how to build his Mobile Swarm Trap. This is Episode One hundred and four of our beekeeping podcast. Resources mentioned in the show HERELongmire (TV series) Full Show Notes can be found HERE

Duration: 00:35:57

Slow go on the Honey Flow - KM103

This week we are talking about Huge Wasp Nests and a Terrible Honey season Downunder. This is Episode One Hundred and three of our beekeeping podcast. Thank you for listening to our show, we know life is busy for you so appreciate you have taken the time to join us today. Here are some of the Beekeeping Stories we talked about this time:- 2.75 cubic metre wasp nest found in Southland The weapon to wipe out wasps: The story of Vespex Young beekeeper 'busts his arse' to get where he is...

Duration: 00:56:07

Saving the Bees in Australia with Simon Mulvany - KM102

This week we are talking to Simon Mulvany from Save the Bees in Australia. This is Episode One Hundred and two of our beekeeping podcast. Resources mentioned in the show Comvita signs deal with Capilano HERE HERE Honey MapHERE Australian honey could be making us sick The Full Show Notes can bee found HERE

Duration: 00:35:09

HappY 2017 from us to you - KM101

This week we are talking about more thieving mongrels, Getting Ripped-Off in the UK, alienation of New Zealanders?, "is my backyard big enough" and what's goin' on across the ditch? This is Episode One Hundred and One of our beekeeping podcast. Stung againThe honey flow is on Infectious bee disease found in Katherine Capilano and beekeeper Simon Mulvany suing each other as honey dispute turns sticky Kiwi beekeepers tell English honey producers: 'You can't call it manuka' How Much Space...

Duration: 01:01:03

Rocking and Rollin at the Speed of 100 - KM100

Hi Guys, This week we are talking about the Speed of 100, 20,000 Shakes, Zika Virus Murder and Provocative Ponderings. As part of celebrating this 100th Episode - we're excited that you guys took time to record and share some helpful messages - we'll play these through the show. Here are the stories’ we covered:- Why I don’t like beekeeping all that much 5 Awesome Facts about Bees That Will Inspire You to Save Them Library buzzing with excitement over new beehives Enjoy...and Thank...

Duration: 01:02:20

Beekeeping 357 with Joe Lewis - KM099

This week we are talking to Joe Lewis from Maryland in the big Ol' US of A. Joe discuss his Beekeeping 357 method of Sustainable Beekeeping through Nucleus Colonies. Full Show Notes are HERE

Duration: 00:34:33

Apiary Awesomeness in Splitsville - KM098

This week we are talking about Splitsville, Magical Skincare Face Wash, Miss Beehaven in Paihia and Poison Ivy Honey? This is Episode Ninety Eight of our beekeeping podcast. This months links:- Thanks to Gavin Webber from LittleGreenCheese.com Promo - The Mead Maker Podcast Beekeeping News Discussed this week:- Hives worth $15,000 stolen from Coast property I Replaced My Face Wash With Honey — And Here’s What Happened Watching bees new buzz in Paihia Urban Bees Seoul Lures More...

Duration: 00:59:09

Collecting Bee Swarms we talk to Swarm Patrol's Andrew Guzowski - KM097

On this show we talk about Swarms and Swarm Patrol with Andrew Guzowski who is a beekeeper from Sydney in Australia, he is the brains behind the Swarm Patrol website and has been keeping bees for thirty years. Here is what you will discover Resources mentioned in the show HEREHEREHERE Full show notes with cookies can be found HERE

Duration: 00:23:31

Plant Them and they will come - KM096

This week we are talking about Go the Indians, killer backyard beekeepers, drunken fencing incident stings couple (and who said kiwis have an accent!) and the riddle of Manuka honey. This is Episode Ninety Six of our beekeeping podcast. We talked this month about:- Riddle of how 1,700 tons of manuka honey are made... but 10,000 are soldVIDEO - Drunk Couple Crash Car Into BeehiveHere's the colony-killing mistake backyard beekeepers makeMonsanto Is Losing Millions. Indian Farmers Plant...

Duration: 00:58:49

This is Episode Ninety five of our beekeeping podcast.

In this show we are talking about Threat action, Cowboys, Pesticide Positive action in Vancouver, thieving mongrels and the long arm of the law. Here are the links to the stories we talked about:- (VIDEO) Taranaki beekeepers fight unregistered hives as cowboys muscle in (VIDEO) Beehive thefts hit Tauranga company ID marks give clues after hive raiders flee Two arrested after being caught with 65 stolen bee hives How this small country school is turning a profit from the landWhat To Do...

Duration: 01:07:51

Winter Worries...Survival mode for Spring - KM094

This week we are talking about the New Bee Season 2016 for us kiwi’s, history being made, Cranky Bees, Dreamy Bees, Hot Stuff and Invasion of the Great Aphid. This is Episode Ninety Four of our beekeeping podcast. Here are stories we discussed this time:- Brilliant new beehive harnesses solar energy to exterminate the colony’s worst enemy New business Tasman Honey processes honey for hobbyists Top 7 Reasons for Cranky Bees Aphids wreak havoc on Wairarapa hives Glyphosate spraying in...

Duration: 00:49:55

Life Styling with Ease...Getting Ready for Spring 2016...KM093

This podcast is a helpful and handy chat about preparing for Bee Season 2016. What you need to do to prepare for Spring. Full Show Notes can bee found HERE

Duration: 00:25:54

Beekeeping Like A Girl with Hilary Kearney - KM092

Hilary Kearney is from "Girl Next Door Honey", She does live Bee Removals and sells local honey in the San Diego, California part of the world. Here is what you will discover Resources mentioned in the show HEREHEREHERE‘This Product Kills Bees’Henk Tennekes Neonicotinoids a Disaster in the making?10 Mistakes New Beekeepers Make PostHEREHERE Full Show Notes are available HERE

Duration: 00:58:17

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