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Anna Massie and Emma Franklin Bell invite you into The Ladies Lounge to listen in as guests confess the truth and reveal what made them want to be their own boss and what drove them to jump ship from the life they were living into the often daunting and unpredictable road less traveled - entrepreneurial life. In up-close-and-personal candid conversations, inspirational and empowering ladies uncover the raw truth behind their business and their beginnings. Emma and Anna ask those penetrating questions we all want to ask like what was the catalyst for making the shift to business? What were the breakthroughs and sometimes breakdowns that got you to where you are now? And how have you faced your fears and broken through them? This riveting and thrilling show dissects and dares to open up about the life you create as a modern-day lady in business and how the integration and harmonious intersection of life and business is now paving the way for the new wave of women in business. Keep updated with Emma and Anna on Instagram: @emmafranklinbell and @anna_massie




Daniel Kurlapski from YES& talks Disrupting Routine, Micro Bravery, Reverse Engineering Life Planning and More!

Who is Dan Kurlapski? Daniel Kurlapski is the co-founder of iMove Physiotherapy, a series of specialist physiotherapy clinics across Sydney. But Daniel doesn’t stop there oh no! Following his personal challenge of 52 new experiences in 52 weeks he has started a company called YES& where he trains bravery and life leadership through adventure and self-optimisation. Daniel believes in providing someone with the tools and guidance to help them help themselves to achieve a goal or life...

Duration: 00:36:22

Shira O'Sullivan Founder of talks Male Confidence, Start-Up Life, Passion and Drive, Retail and More!

Who is Shira O'Sullivan? Shira O'Sullivan is the co-founder and director of gentSac. Shira O’Sullivan co-founded premium men’s grooming brand gentSac with her partner Ross in 2015. With an ambition to transform the way men approach personal grooming, the brand is at the forefront of tailored subscription options and is currently the only offering of its kind in Australia. A personalised, easy-to-use service, gentSac offers specially curated Sacs filled with male essentials that can be...

Duration: 00:40:15

Jules Sebastian from talks Navigating Your Career, Professional Styling, Juggling Life & Career and More!

About Jules Sebastian Jules Sebastian is a Sydney-based television presenter and stylist. Jules grew up in Adelaide and met her husband Guy Sebastian while they were knee-high to a grasshopper. The couple moved to Sydney where they now reside with their sons Hudson and Archer. Jules’ television career began at the helm of MTV’s Style Me, and her warm, bubbly and down-to-earth personality affirmed her a very special stylist to work with. Creating looks for celebrity clients and...

Duration: 00:51:31

Chris Gray from Your Empire talks Property, Money, Being a Millionaire, How to Break into the Property Market and More!

Who is Chris Gray? Chris Gray is one of Australia’s leading independent investment property experts, giving home buyers and investors simple yet powerful strategies to create wealth and lifestyle options through property. Host of ‘Your Property Empire’ on the popular Sky Business News Channel and the Financial Judge on Channel Ten's 'The Renovators'. He started off in TV as the Property Expert on Channel Nine’s My Home TV. Outside of ‘Your Property Empire’, Chris has provided property...

Duration: 01:02:46

Dale Beaumont from talks Book Publishing, Building Apps, Small Business & More!

Who is Dale Beaumont? Dale Beaumont is an award-winning technology entrepreneur, international speaker and author of 16 best-selling books. Dale started his first business at age 19 and has been building companies ever since. One of those companies is now a multi-million dollar enterprise, which has enabled Dale to become an investor, philanthropist, and to step foot in 70 countries. Dale has been featured in Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider, Gizmodo and GQ, to...

Duration: 00:40:06

Heidi Alexandra Pollard from talks Leadership, Power, Culture, Women, Workplaces and More!

Who is Heidi Alexandra Pollard? Workplace humanist, facilitator and interviewer who helps people and companies discover and amplify their Unique Power. A seven-times published author, her latest book “It all Starts with UQ Power” aims to spread the message that people's unique personal strengths are the key to unlocking their potential. Her popular podcast The Theatre of U has seen her dubbed Australia’s Oprah as her interview skills and unique deck of question cards delve deep into...

Duration: 00:53:51

Denise Duffield-Thomas from is a Money Mindset Mentor, she talks Women's Mindset, Money, Her Brand Evolution, Money Manifesting and More!

Who is Denise Duffield-Thomas? Denise Duffield-Thomas is the money mindset mentor for the new wave of online female entrepreneurs. Her best-selling books “Lucky Bitch” and “Get Rich, Lucky Bitch” give a fresh and funny road-map to create an outrageously successful life and business. Denise helps women release their fear of money, set premium prices for their services and take back control over their finances. Denise is an award winning speaker, author and entrepreneur who helps women...

Duration: 00:46:31

Sally Obermeder & Maha Koraiem from discuss Persistence, The Early Days, Cancer, Blogging, Vision and More!

More about Sally & Maha Sally Obermeder is a Television presenter, radio host, best-selling author,’s an exhaustive list, but it’s why Sally Obermeder has become one of Australia’s most loved and admired personalities. Sally Obermeder is the co-host of Channel 7’s afternoon show The Daily Edition. Launched in June 2013, the show is an exciting combination of breaking news, live interviews and entertainment updates. The live panel show airs weekdays at 2pm. Becoming...

Duration: 00:51:16

Jenna Ward from talks Embodiment, Being Magnetic, Potential, Sensuality, Authenticity and More!

Who is Jenna Ward? Jenna Ward is an Embodiment + Energy Medicine Mentor, motivational speaker, blogger + entrepreneur. Jenna teaches women how to awaken their magnetic + sensual souls, embodying their deep potential to create authentic businesses + rich relationships that turn them on. Through training + coaching women in her signature The Embodied Woman, Jenna guides women to infuse their work + life with passion + freedom. Creating purpose + direction by desiring yourself as the...

Duration: 00:52:09

Kellie Tomney CEO of and Founder of STAND OUT Advantage talks Leadership, Unlocking Your Superpower, Transformation and More!

Who is Kellie Tomney? Kellie was the first woman in Australia to successfully implement Employer Branding into organisations for never seen before extraordinary talent and business outcomes. She has created talent pipelines 8 times the organisations current workforce, Employer Of Choice for every company she has closely partnered with and improved companies positioning as Employer of Choice for women. She founded her business amongst the GFC and is a Thought Leader in: Empowering the...

Duration: 00:59:27

Mia Freedman is co-founder & creative director of Mamamia. She talks about Women & Success, Likeability, Being in the Public Eye, Start-Ups, Scaling and More!

Who is Mia Freedman? Mia Freedman is the co-founder and creative director of the Mamamia Women’s Network (MWN). She is also a writer, broadcaster, author of three books, columnist and mother of three children. MWN began as a blog in Mia’s lounge room in 2007 and now reaches 4 million women per month with offices around the globe. MWN also has the largest podcast network for women with eight shows which reach millions of women each week. Mia was named one of Australia’s 100 Most...

Duration: 00:49:21

Amber Renae from AmberRenae.Com talks Starting a Fashion Label, Burnout, Personal Brand & Style, Online Programs & More!

Who is Amber Renae? Civil Engineer, serial Entrepreneur, Fashion Editor and TV Presenter, Amber Renae is a celebrated style icon who draws on her vast life experience to motivate, enlighten and entertain her audiences. A qualified Civil Engineer, Amber transitioned from constructing roads to constructing dresses when she started her own fashion label in 2002. The label earned industry acclaim and achieved retail success in high-end boutiques across Australia, Japan, France, New Zealand...

Duration: 01:02:25

Lisa Burdus from talks Interior Design & Decorating, Juggling Family & Business, Working on TV Show Domestic Blitz, Creating Mood & Feeling in a Home and Much More!

Who is Lisa Burdus? Lisa is known for her love of classic and layered interiors that are sophisticated yet relaxed. By combining old and new, personal items and bespoke pieces each design is unique and a reflection of the collaboration between client and designer. Lisa believes the best designs are those that evoke emotion and encourage people to enjoy them. Through scale, texture, colour and pattern Lisa and her team bring warmth and atmosphere to the barest of spaces. Lisa’s work...

Duration: 00:35:41

Amber Daines Director of Bespoke Communications talks Media Training, Speaking, Social Media, Switching off and More!

Who is Amber Daines? Amber Daines has spent almost 20 years of her career devoted to all things communications including print and TV journalism, PR, and marketing, working in Australia, Asia and Europe. Launching Bespoke Communications in 2007, Amber combined her varied skills to form a boutique agency that tailors its PR solutions to what you need, without hype or hyperbole. These days the business is focused on media training, public speaking, PR strategy and professional writing...

Duration: 00:44:13

Janine Garner is CEO of and LBD Group. Janine talks Leadership, Women in Business & Corporate, Collaboration and the Power of Your Network and More!

Who is Janine Garner? Janine is passionate about bringing brilliant people together to achieve remarkable results through collaboration, connection and influential leadership. Janine spent 20 years working across the world in corporate marketing roles for some of the world’s best brands and loves nothing more that working with companies to bring out the best, the absolute brilliance, in their people, to leverage networks and encourage others to work together and achieve much more than...

Duration: 01:09:22

Megan Dalla-Camina from talks Burnout, Wellbeing, Leadership, Feminine Energy, Being Sustainable Longterm and More!

Megan Dalla-Camina is a Strategist, Speaker, Writer & Researcher | Megan Dalla-Camina is a strategist, speaker, writer, and researcher on women, leadership and work. She is also the Co-Founder/CEO of Lead Like A Woman, an enterprise dedicated to women’s empowerment, transforming leadership and creating positive organizational change. Before becoming a thriving entrepreneur she spent two decades as a senior executive in global...

Duration: 00:51:23

Nikki Lane Director of My Wellness Business talks Life Turning Points, Happiness, Business, Networking, 'Woo Woo' and More!

Nikki White has been running small businesses for over 10 years as well as being a spiritual / intuitive person. She has a passion to assist people to be the best small business operators they can be. Having worked as a PA / VA for over 20 years she is incredibly organised and efficient yet also a Certified ThetaHealer. Weird perhaps… but she classes herself as a spiritual business person and highly recommends mixing the two!! Nikki's passion and strength lies in working with “idea...

Duration: 00:58:58

Scott Wilson is GM of Star Beverages Australia he talks Business, Personal Growth, Dealing with Tough Times, Mindset and More!

Who is Scott Wilson? Scott is a qualified pharmacist and ran Pharmacies for years where he learnt the art of stock control, forecasting, HR, customer service, sales and many other core business skills. However, after being sacked 3 times in his short pharmacy career by 3 different companies for being that little bit too ambitious, he realised perhaps working for someone else was not a good idea and business ownership was really the path he needed to be on. So for the last 2 years,...

Duration: 00:52:10

Catriona Pollard CEO of CP Communications talks Personal Branding, Networking, Running a Small Business, Building a Team and More!

More about Catriona Pollard Catriona Pollard has first-hand experience in moving from unknown to expert. She started her business with nothing (not even a computer) in her sunroom. She had to figure out how she could become a well-recognised expert in PR to drive sales for her fledgling business. Her transformation to an international speaker, popular media commentator and leader of a highly successful PR and Social Media Agency has been an incredible journey which she openly shares...

Duration: 00:56:30

Franziska Iseli founder of BasicBananas.Com talks Starting Out, Brand Culture, Woo Woo, Fun in Business and More!

More about Franziska: Franziska is a maverick entrepreneur, leading marketing and brand strategist, speaker, author and the co-founder of,, and In 2013 Franziska was awarded the Young Entrepreneur of the Year award recognising her innovation, creativity and philanthropic involvement. A true visionary, no challenge seems to be too big for Franziska. She is known for her rebellious nature and challenging the...

Duration: 00:55:03

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