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The LLP Ep. 175: Call I.T. Support (Isaiah Thomas debuts as a Laker, Defensive Concerns, Point Ingram, The King's New Men)

So Isaiah Thomas made his much awaited debut as a Laker this past weekend and for a literal hot second - after the dude had scored 12 pts in his first 10min or so - we thought we had found our Playoff Savior. And then the reality of his defensive liabilities set in... Join us as we get back into our thoughts on Isaiah Thomas' debut + his overall fit with the Lakers moving forward + The Revelation that is Point Ingram + Some Josh Hart Gushing + our thoughts of The King's New Men in former...


The LLP Ep. 174: Catcher In The Frye (Lakers Trade Deadline Blockbuster Instant Reaction - Isaiah Thomas IN; Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr. Out)

So...super quiet deadline. JUST KIDDING! IT'S OPPOSITE DAY!! The Lakers did WHAT now?! They traded WHO...FOR WHO?! Yes. Join us as we give our instant reactions to one of the biggest NBA Trade Deadlines for the Lakers...EVER! Y'all already know what it is. Hint: It's #LIT. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email:...


The LLP Ep. 173: Tomb Trader - Before The Bough Breaks (Penultimate Lakers/NBA Trade Deadline Breakdown)

3 more days. Join us as we discuss our final thoughts on the Lakers' Motives & Options + all the latest NBA Trade rumors and news right before the NBA Trade Deadline. Strap up. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Radio Network on...


The LLP Ep. 172: Traders of the Lost Arc (Trade Deadline Special pt. 3: Blake Griffin Trade, PG13, LBJ, DMC News + More JC & JR Trade Proposals)

So nothing's going on in the NBA... Psyche. EVERYTHING'S GOING ON. Trade Deadline is now officially just a week away!! So join us for more trade conjectures, proposals, and news!! Rough Time Marks (account for Ad Insertions): * 05:57 - Blake Griffin Gets Clipped * 24:55 - Paul George's Change Of Heart? * 36:20 - Lebron To Lakers Still In Play? * 38:08 - DMC's Injury Effect on 2018 Free Agency Landscape * 45:06 - Jordan Clarkson Trade Proposals * 59:02 - Julius Randle Trade...


The LLP Ep. 171: Celtics Fall Flat-Earth On Their Faces (LAKERS WIN vs Boston Recap + KYLE KUZMA GOES KABOOM)

BUCK FOSTON. LAKERS BEAT THE CELTICS. KYLE KUZMA GOES KABOOM. Relive the best Lakers Win of the last few years. Here. Now. IT'S LIT. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Radio Network on iTunes or check out the rest of the Almighty...


The LLP Ep. 170: Zero Clark 30 (Assessing the Front Office's Trade Deadline Mindset + Trade Proposals + Weighing The Risks of Keeping vs Trading Randle)

Trade me? Trade. ME?! Trade THIS! - Jordan Clarkson, probably. With Lonzo Ball still out, Jordan Clarkson has stepped up to the plate for the Lakers, helped them bag a couple wins, and ironically, also raised his own trade value and the Lakers' impetus to trade him before the trade deadline. What weird times... Here's Trade Deadline Ep. Part 2. Join us as we talk... Rough Time Marks (Account For Ad Inclusions): * (7:04) - Thoughts on the Nigel Hayes Signing * (16:45) - Are Magic &...


The LLP Ep. 169: Trader Ju's - Lakers Trade Deadline Primer (ft. Bleacher Report's Eric Pincus)

**Special Guest Alert** After a very rough Holiday Season, the Lakers have rewritten their 2018 and have turned a corner, as far as on-court Basketball is concerned, winning 4 out of their last 5. But despite all the good vibes - one big, elephant dark cloud room still looms...THE TRADE DEADLINE. Bleacher Report Lakers Beat Writer and Almighty Baller's Hollywood Hoops Host, Eric Pincus joins us to break down the Lakers' Trade Deadline situation & how it all relates back to their Summer...


The LLP Ep. 168: There's More Than Meets The B.I. (ft. former Kinston Free Press Reporter, Junious Smith, on Covering Brandon Ingram's Early Career)

**SPECIAL GUEST ALERT** Happy New Year, Lakers & LLP fans! We are BACK in a BIG way! We've been on a bit of a hiatus and we know there's LOTS to talk about, but we're starting the year off right and avoiding all the swirling white noise with a full-on Brandon Ingram retrospective that you'll be able to digest anytime! This episode, we bring on former Kinston Free Press/now The Fluorish Post Reporter, Junious Smith, to talk about his time covering Brandon Ingram during his High School...


The LLP Ep. 167: MVP - The Last Mamba (Celebrating Kobe Bryant's 8-24 Jersey Retirement + 3 Naughty & Nice Lakers Trends To Watch)

#Ko8e24 Forever. Long Live The Black Mamba. Oh yeah, and there was a game too. Join us as we reflect on Kobe's magical night retiring both #8 & #24 jerseys + The Lakers exciting loss to the Warriors + 3 Naughty & Nice Trends we've observed from the Lakers that we either want to see end or continue! Time Marks: * (0:00) - Observations of Kobe Bryant's 8/24 Night. * (26:15) - Lakers-Warriors Quick Game Recap * (40:17) - 3 Naughty & 3 Nice Lakers Trends We Want To See End or...


The LLP Ep. 166: Trending Upwards (Sell High or Hold & Build? Lakers' Cap Refresher + Randle & Clarkson's Futures)

The Future has never been brighter for the Los Angeles Lakers - as the team and individual Young Core Pieces have been showing massive signs of improvements on multiple fronts, Lebron James' is buying multiple houses in Los Angeles and saying glowing things about Lonzo Ball, & the two most likely-to-be-traded pieces - Julius Randle and Jordan Clarkson - have never played better! So where does that leave us now? In a Sell High Situation or Hold & Build? Come and discuss with us... Time...


The LLP Ep. 165: Big Baller Brand(on) (Ingram's Transformation Into Consistent Go-To Player + Lamenting Luke's Rotations)

The Lakers are currently on a 6 game losing streak, but even still - there ARE actually some positive developments to be gleaned amidst this tough winter stretch. And those developments rhyme with Sarandon Tingram, Byle Buzma, and Curious Sandle! Time Marks: * (9:45) - Welcome To The Brandon Ingram Show. * (24:40) - Lamenting Luke Walton's Strange Rotations & Min. Distributions + Praising JuJu. * (42:50) - Lonzo Ball Temperature Check ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page...


The LLP Ep. 164: Free (lou)Willy (Lakers vs Clippers Recap, LNJ's Return, Luke's JC & Kuz Benching, & More)

You've said your thanks, you've eaten your pie, you've done your shopping. Now back to your normally scheduled Lakers heart break! Just kidding. It's not all that bad. But, we'll get into it... - Nance is Back! But Does That Make Things More Complicated? - Clippers Loss Recap - On Ingram, Kuzma, Ball... and much more! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on...


The LLP Ep. 163: Trip-Dub Tryptophan (On Lonzo's Ups & Still-Concerning Downs + Ingram's Progress + KuzMamba's Dominance)

Before you trip out on some tryptophan, catch the trip-dub fever and usher in the Thanksgiving season with one last, #LIT Lakers Legacy episode before the Turkey comes to roost! #what Time Marks: * (9:25) - Lakers News * (14:52) - Pelinka Looking For Shooters? * (19:32) - Lonzo Ball "Walking Away" Fiasco * (27:11) - Nuggets Win Recap * (34:26) - Lonzo Progress Report (Why There Are Still Real Concerns In Spite of The Flashes) * (50:41) - Brandon Ingram Progress Report (Ingram...


The LLP Ep. 162: Sunny End To A Bumpy Road (Road Trip Recap, Lonzo's Trip Dub, Randle Conundrum)

It's been a hot minute, but...Corey Brewer's BACK! But more importantly, SO ARE WE! We do it for the ladies, after all. Time Marks: * (7:46) - Double Kuz Potential? Mindaugus Who? * (12:17) - Suns Win Recap * (20:00) - Brandon Ingram Regression? * (25:00) - Evaluating Lonzo "Youngest Player To Ever Trip Dub" Ball's Road Trip * (34:17) - Lakers Main Weakness on O - Coaching or Personnel? * (41:18) - Julius Randle Conspiracy Theories? Why Less Is More With Julius Randle. ... Please...


The LLP Ep. 161: A Rhythm to the Madness (Praising Luke, Randle's Role?, Deng's Trade Potential)

The Lakers are 5-5. They have a better record than Lebron James' Cavs and Paul George's Thunder. Justtt as we expected! How did we come to this point, who do we credit, and JUST how REAL are the "good" Lakers? We get into it... Time Marks: * (6:32) - Grizzlies Win Recap + A Temperature Check On This "Good" Team * (13:40) - Giving Luke Credit Where Credit's Due (Stop the Slander) * (27:26) - Julius Randle's New Role - Limited, But Better * (38:13) - Luol Deng's Trade Potential + How...


The LLP Ep. 160: Easy On The ICE (D'angelo Russell Returns + Nets Win Recap)

DLOADING? More Like...BLOADING, amiright Brook Lopez??? Oh, and that Kyle Kuzma Kid? He's ready. Doin' the Damn Thing. Join us as we recap the Nets game & The Return of The Prodigal Son - D'angelo Russell! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to the Almighty...


The LLP Ep. 159: Brick Or Treat? (Assessing Lakers' Tm Stats, Off. Woes, Luke's Rotations, & Lonzo VS Other Rookies)

It's Halloween...will the Lakers be dressing up as Showtime or WeBlowtime? We dig into the positives & negatives of their season thus far! Time Marks: * (8:00) - General Thoughts on Last 2 Losses vs Toronto & Utah * (14:15) - Questioning Luke's Rotations & Minutes Distribution * (29:10) - Delving into some interesting Lakers team stats * (47:17) - Lakers Players Stats * (51:21) - Evaluating Lonzo Ball's poor %'s + Comparing Him to The Other 2017-18 Rookies. ... Please consider...


The LLP Ep. 158: Balls to the John-Walls (Lakers vs Wizards WIN Instant Recap)

Forget everything we've said before...NOW. THAT. WAS....REALLY....FUN. Oh..and #LIT! LITTTTTTTT!! Lakers beat the 3-0 Wizards to go 2-2! Whoooo! Most importantly, the Lakers won in a BIG WAY - with the Young Guns gaining some much needed experience and showin' out in the clutch! Let's get it!! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email:...


The LLP Ep. 157: Sun of a...Big Baller Brand! (Game 2 WIN vs Suns Recap - Ball, Ingram, Lakers Have Some Fun)

NOW we can do it. It's...It's... #LITTTTTTTTTTT! So the Lakers looked hella FUN. And no one's a BUST! How bout that? Yeah yeah, it was against the Suns and all that, but at least we saw some real glimpses of what this team could be when everyone's clicking! Join as as we revel in all the Lonzo, BI, Kuzzy, Nance, Brewer (?!) goodness!! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review...


The LLP Ep. 156: Start of the Z0-Boo Era? (Lakers Gm 1 Opening Night Recap + Early Concerns - Luke, Ingram, No Scheme, etc)

We're not panicking, YOU'RE panicking! And YOU SHOULDN'T! At least, not yet...HEY! LAKERS ARE BACK! THE NBA IS BACK! It's still #LIT. We're just hoping not dumpster fire lit the entire season through... Join us as we give our raw, unplugged instant reactions to the Lakers Opening Night loss to the Patrick Beverly-Era Clippers. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on...


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