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The LLP Ep. 163: Trip-Dub Tryptophan (On Lonzo's Ups & Still-Concerning Downs + Ingram's Progress + KuzMamba's Dominance)

Before you trip out on some tryptophan, catch the trip-dub fever and usher in the Thanksgiving season with one last, #LIT Lakers Legacy episode before the Turkey comes to roost! #what Time Marks: * (9:25) - Lakers News * (14:52) - Pelinka Looking For Shooters? * (19:32) - Lonzo Ball "Walking Away" Fiasco * (27:11) - Nuggets Win Recap * (34:26) - Lonzo Progress Report (Why There Are Still Real Concerns In Spite of The Flashes) * (50:41) - Brandon Ingram Progress Report (Ingram Showing...

Duration: 01:07:47

The LLP Ep. 162: Sunny End To A Bumpy Road (Road Trip Recap, Lonzo's Trip Dub, Randle Conundrum)

It's been a hot minute, but...Corey Brewer's BACK! But more importantly, SO ARE WE! We do it for the ladies, after all. Time Marks: * (7:46) - Double Kuz Potential? Mindaugus Who? * (12:17) - Suns Win Recap * (20:00) - Brandon Ingram Regression? * (25:00) - Evaluating Lonzo "Youngest Player To Ever Trip Dub" Ball's Road Trip * (34:17) - Lakers Main Weakness on O - Coaching or Personnel? * (41:18) - Julius Randle Conspiracy Theories? Why Less Is More With Julius Randle. ... Please...

Duration: 01:07:11

The LLP Ep. 161: A Rhythm to the Madness (Praising Luke, Randle's Role?, Deng's Trade Potential)

The Lakers are 5-5. They have a better record than Lebron James' Cavs and Paul George's Thunder. Justtt as we expected! How did we come to this point, who do we credit, and JUST how REAL are the "good" Lakers? We get into it... Time Marks: * (6:32) - Grizzlies Win Recap + A Temperature Check On This "Good" Team * (13:40) - Giving Luke Credit Where Credit's Due (Stop the Slander) * (27:26) - Julius Randle's New Role - Limited, But Better * (38:13) - Luol Deng's Trade Potential + How...

Duration: 01:00:41

The LLP Ep. 160: Easy On The ICE (D'angelo Russell Returns + Nets Win Recap)

DLOADING? More Like...BLOADING, amiright Brook Lopez??? Oh, and that Kyle Kuzma Kid? He's ready. Doin' the Damn Thing. Join us as we recap the Nets game & The Return of The Prodigal Son - D'angelo Russell! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to the Almighty...

Duration: 00:50:07

The LLP Ep. 159: Brick Or Treat? (Assessing Lakers' Tm Stats, Off. Woes, Luke's Rotations, & Lonzo VS Other Rookies)

It's Halloween...will the Lakers be dressing up as Showtime or WeBlowtime? We dig into the positives & negatives of their season thus far! Time Marks: * (8:00) - General Thoughts on Last 2 Losses vs Toronto & Utah * (14:15) - Questioning Luke's Rotations & Minutes Distribution * (29:10) - Delving into some interesting Lakers team stats * (47:17) - Lakers Players Stats * (51:21) - Evaluating Lonzo Ball's poor %'s + Comparing Him to The Other 2017-18 Rookies. ... Please consider...

Duration: 01:03:57

The LLP Ep. 158: Balls to the John-Walls (Lakers vs Wizards WIN Instant Recap)

Forget everything we've said before...NOW. THAT. WAS....REALLY....FUN. Oh..and #LIT! LITTTTTTTT!! Lakers beat the 3-0 Wizards to go 2-2! Whoooo! Most importantly, the Lakers won in a BIG WAY - with the Young Guns gaining some much needed experience and showin' out in the clutch! Let's get it!! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email:...

Duration: 00:47:45

The LLP Ep. 157: Sun of a...Big Baller Brand! (Game 2 WIN vs Suns Recap - Ball, Ingram, Lakers Have Some Fun)

NOW we can do it. It's...It's... #LITTTTTTTTTTT! So the Lakers looked hella FUN. And no one's a BUST! How bout that? Yeah yeah, it was against the Suns and all that, but at least we saw some real glimpses of what this team could be when everyone's clicking! Join as as we revel in all the Lonzo, BI, Kuzzy, Nance, Brewer (?!) goodness!! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate &...

Duration: 00:48:17

The LLP Ep. 156: Start of the Z0-Boo Era? (Lakers Gm 1 Opening Night Recap + Early Concerns - Luke, Ingram, No Scheme, etc)

We're not panicking, YOU'RE panicking! And YOU SHOULDN'T! At least, not yet...HEY! LAKERS ARE BACK! THE NBA IS BACK! It's still #LIT. We're just hoping not dumpster fire lit the entire season through... Join us as we give our raw, unplugged instant reactions to the Lakers Opening Night loss to the Patrick Beverly-Era Clippers. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on...

Duration: 00:47:08

The LLP Ep. 155: Open Season! (Lakers 2017-18 Season Preview - Player Awards & Stat Predictions)

We've made it. We're here. It's about time. Tis LIT, indeed. NBA REGULAR SEASON. REAL LAKERS BASKETBALL. Join us as we prep you for the start of the Lakers 2017-18 season by giving out our all-encompassing predictions on the team and individual players as a while! Time Marks: * (8:20) - Lakers' News Roundup * (11:24) - Lakers Best Rotation + Where Kuz Fits? * (18:43) - Final Season Record Prediction * (24:06) - Awards Predictions (MVP, MIP, 6MOY, etc.) * (38:19) - Core Players' Stat...

Duration: 01:06:04

The LLP Ep. 154: A Dose of Vitamin D (Preseason Gm. 5 Recap + Ingram Panic? + Kuz Rolls On + The Return of Ruso-Mania)

It's All About the D, as they say...And the Lakers may have found glimmers of hope in that area. Meanwhile, Ingram and Nance slowly continue to round into form, Randle continues to ball off the bench, Kuz continues to be the best Laker, and caRuso-Mania officially begins his campaign for the Lakers' back-up PG spot. ONE MORE WEEK! Join us as we break down Lakers Preseason Game 5 and much more! ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page -...

Duration: 01:06:15

The LLP Ep. 153: No-Show Time Lakers? (King Kuzzy + Preseason Gm. 3 Recap + Overarching Thoughts on The State of The Lakers)

More least we got Kyle Kuzma? Yeah, at least we got Kuzma. Preseason Game 3 Recap + Thoughts on THE ENTIRE TEAM. Raw, real, unplugged. But don't worry, we know...IT'S STILL JUST PRESEASON! Lezgetit. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to the Almighty...

Duration: 00:59:19

The LLP Ep. 152: Back 2 School Night (Lakers Preseason Gm. 1 Instant Reaction Recap!)

REAL BASKETBALL. It wasn't exactly the prettiest (especially on the defensive end), but it was still REAL LAKERS BASKETBALL. And that's all you really need to hear to get even semi-LIT for the soon-to-be start of the regular season!! Join us as we give our live, raw instant reaction of the Lakers' first Preseason Game vs the Wolves. ... Please consider donating to our Patreon Page - ... Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Please Rate &...

Duration: 00:41:15

The LLP Ep. 151: Gym's Open! (Lakers Media Day 2017-18 Reactions + Melo-OKC Trade/PG13 Implications + Dwyane Wade? + Lebron James' Check-In)

And just like that...WE BACK FAM! You already know what it is. It's...It's LIT. Gym's open, Mics On, Can't Lose. Showtime's Back. Time Marks: * (5:53) - Carmelo Anthony to OKC Trade Thoughts: What Does This Mean For PG13 & The Lakers? * (27:12) - Lakers Contact Now-Free Agent Dwyane Wade. Is This Pairing Plausible? * (34:15) - Lebron James Sounds Like A Dude Who's Gone... * (46:35) - LAKERS MEDIA DAY 2017-18 NEW BIG BALLER LONZO ERA REACTIONS ... Please consider donating to our...

Duration: 01:19:10

The LLP Ep. 150: Winter Is Coming (Lakers fined, ZO & Nash Workout, Bazz Muhammed, DWade, LBJ + Westbrook, & More!)

Can you feel it? The NBA...The Lakers...Lonzo Ball...Lebron James... Brace Yoselves. Winter is coming. And we can't wait. BUT FIRST, join us as we get into some Summer Wrap-Up Lakers news! Time Marks: * (4:20) - Lakers' New Practice Facility Tour Podcast Update * (11:36) - Shabazz Muhammed for the Lakers' last Roster Spot? * (15:33) - Dwyane Wade, Your 2017-18 Lakers' Starting SG?? * (23:24) - Lakers Fine $500K for Impermissible Contact * (34:01) - Lebron James + Russell Westbrook...

Duration: 00:53:28

The LLP EP. 149: Summer Per 36 (Lakers Tampering Charges, Cavs + Celtics Trade Thoughts + Revisiting Bad Lakers Takes ft. @LakerFilmRoom)

Who cares about Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen joining forces when you can get the Lakers Podcast version of such a union?! Yep, that's right - perennial friend of the podcast & Lakers Twitter/Forum Godfather, Pete Zayas @LakerFIlmRoom, joins us for some end of the summer fun! Time Marks: * (4:27) - LakerFilmRoom Opera Time * (8:02) - Reflecting On The Podcast Game * (17:12) - The D'angelo Russell "Per 36" Hater Email Song * (20:57) - Lakers Tampering Charges * (29:30) - Cavs &...

Duration: 01:10:24

The LLP Ep. 148: Don't Lose Your Tamper (Paul George Tampering Charges + Listener Mailbag - Ball or Ingram? Best 2018 Max Combo? Deng/Kuzma? & More!)

Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas just got traded for each other?! Well, we don't talk about it AT ALL in this episode! Joke's on us for recording this episode beforehand... BUT we DO get into what's TRULY important for the Lakers - and that means the recent tampering charges thrown against them anddd...Ronny Turiaf's pony tail! Yes, you heard that right. Sit back, relax, and have a laugh with us on another nice August day in the Lakers' offseason. Time Marks: * (5:51) - Pacers Force NBA...

Duration: 01:03:26