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The LLP Ep. 147: Mad Max 2 - Cap Space Road (Why Summer 2018 Free Agency Is THE Year + History of the Max Plan)

And…we’re BACK! 2017-18 Schedule just got released, but why not get started on speculating about the Summer of 2018?! It’s August and though we’ve hit the dullest stretch of the NBA Offseason, we’ve STILL got some RIVETING Lakers topics and debates to mine and discuss! (2:01) – Laker Encounter?! (9:58) – Lakers Regular Season Schedule Initial Thoughts (16:48) – Final ...

Duration: 01:06:26

The LLP Ep. 146: LINsanity Lakers Redux (ft. AJ Rafael On His Friendship w/ Jeremy Lin + Thoughts On the Lakers' Future)

*Special Guest Alert* – Artist/Musician AJ Rafael joins us on this episode to give us a unique look into what it’s like to be a friend of an NBA Star and a Former Los Angeles Laker! So while this episode is a bit of a deviation from what we typically do, the discussions and content found in this interview are ...

Duration: 01:05:52

The LLP Ep. 145: Drinking the KU-laid (Assessing Kyle Kuzma's Progression w/ Former UTES Basketball / Now Utah Jazz Reporter, Kyle Goon)

*Special Guest Alert* – All-Kuzma-Centric Episode featuring former UTES Basketball (now Utah Jazz) Beat Reporter, Kyle Goon! Trolling, Ass-Hat, Stanza-Emaiiling Haters With Nothing To Do With Their Lives, be damned! WE’RE STILL HERE to entertain AND inform you this Summer! So join us as we cover: (0:00) – Trivial Summer Happenings (7:38) – Interview w/ Kyle Goon Please consider donating ...

Duration: 00:41:39

The LLP Ep. 144: Chip' On Our Shoulders (Lakers Summer League Champs Wrap Up / More KU-ZO Gushing+ DWade?? DRose?? + Final Free Agent Signings)

WE’RE #1! WE’RE #1! WE GOT LONZO! WE GOT KUZMA! WE GOT KCP! It’s ALL #LIT, folks. Join us as we wrap-up an exciting Summer/Offseason & dive into: (4:50) – KCP Press Conference – Thoughts on Magic & Pelinka’s Comments On KCP + Lakers’ Plan Moving Forward (13:22) – Dwyane Wade A Trade Target?? (18:52) – Luke Walton Interview on ...

Duration: 01:01:09

The LLP Ep. 143: KU-ZO & The Two Strings (Tales from Las Vegas Summer League + Nets/Mavs Recaps)

We’re BACK from Las Vegas Summer League! It was somehow even more LIT than it was HOT, but we survived and didn’t melt. And we’re here to tell the storied tale of the magical wizard that is Lonzo Ball! Join us as we cover: Sights & Sounds from Vegas & Summer League (3:12) Nets + Mavericks Playoff Recaps (13:22) … ...

Duration: 00:59:34

The LLP Ep. 142: ZOlar Powered (Lakers Summer League Gm. 4 Recap: Lonzo Ball Explodes for 36/11/8!)

Ya down w/ Lonzo B?! Mamab Musecage Mentality. ZO2. That is all. … Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Catch us on DASH Radio every Mondays, 8am-9am PT! Please Rate & Review us on iTunes! Email: TheLakersLegacyPod@gmail.com Listen to the Lakers Legacy Podcast on ITunes Listen to the Almighty Baller Radio Network on iTunes or check out the rest of the Almighty ...

Duration: 00:47:55

The LLP Ep. 141: Kentavious Caldwell HOPE - You Down w/ K-C-P?! (Lakers Sign Kentavious Caldwell Pope to 1 YR. Deal!)

Yeah…You Know ME!!!!!! And you know Us. It’s #LIT. Lakers FINALLY make their first big signing and…it’s actually a BIG signing! Kentavious Caldwell Pope is a LAKER! Join us as we talk about his fit, his player archetype, what he provides the Lakers + some Paul George OKC and Alex Caruso (Ruso Mania) talk as well! … Follow us on ...

Duration: 00:56:44

The LLP Ep. 140: Don't Mess w/ the ZO-Man (Lakers Summer League Gm. 1 & 2 Recap + Down w/ KCP)

REAL Lakers basketball! Summer League is OUR Playoffs! It is…obviously…LIT. From Lonzo’s disappointing first game, Brandon Ingram’s Sophomore outburst, to Lonzo’s ‘messed around and got a TRIPLE DOUBLE’ bounceback game, to going KuKu for Kuzma – we break it ALL down below! (0:00) – Game 1 Recap vs Clippers (ZO’s rough debut, Ingram’s breakout, The Real Bryant) (44:37) – Game ...

Duration: 01:23:05

The LLP Ep. 139: Cap Space The Friendly Ghost (Lakers 2017 Free Agency Check-In + Paul George Traded to OKC + All-IN on Lebron?)

1 Year Deals! 1 Year Deals! Long Live Cap Space 2018! We are now a few days into July and the Lakers have signed…well, nobody as of 7/5/17! But that’s OK – because LAS VEGAS SUMMER LEAGUE & LAKERS BASKETBALL is nigh! But first, join as as we: Check-In on the Lakers 2017 Free Agency: (4:38) – Cap Book Update ...

Duration: 01:25:12

The LLP Ep. 138: Cap Me Outside, How Bow Dah (2017 NBA Free Agency Primer & Lakers Cap Analysis w/ Keith Smith Of RealGM & The NBA Front Office Show)

It’s that time of the year again… FREE AGENCY!!! Or as the Lakers like to call it…womp, womp, womp… So as is the case with the Lakers and these dreaded two words – it’s likely going to be quite the anticlimactic and underwhelming experience yet again. BUT that doesn’t mean there aren’t any exciting possibilities and developments to look out ...

Duration: 01:33:36

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 137: Straight A Students (Grading the Lakers 2017 NBA Draft w/ Draft Express's Josh Riddell + In-Depth Analysis On Kuzma, Hart, Bryant, Dozier)

NBA 2017 Lakers Draft Post Mortem Time! **Special Guest** Josh Riddell of DraftExpress hops on! In this episode, we cover: Paul George Rumors / Update on Kevin Pritchard’s Stance (6:05) Getting Over DLO-Sanity, now a Brooklyn Net (11:40) 2017 NBA Draft Recap & Lakers’ Grades w/ Josh Riddell (17:50) More In-Depth Analysis On Kuzma, Hart, Bryant, Dozier (58:43) … Follow ...

Duration: 01:23:10

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 136: Zo Far, Zo Good (Live 2017 NBA Draft Reactions + Big Baller Post Draft Thoughts)

LONZO! HART! KUZMA! BRYANT! …Paul George? Not yet…BUT THAT’S OK! It was a BUSY night for the Los Angeles Lakers and in an efforts to try and rebound from their dubious D’angelo Russell trade prior, one would say they had quite the solid Draft Night. Join our: Draft Tailgate Thoughts (0:00) Live Draft Reactions of Lakers’ Picks (12:51) Post Draft ...

Duration: 01:21:55

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 135: Take A DLOAD Off (D'angelo Russell Traded for Cap Space + Disdain for the West-less New Front Office + Paul George, Wherefore Art Though?)

So…Life comes at you fast. D’angelo Russell is no longer a Laker. Neither is Mozzy. But Brook Lopez and Cap Space are. This is what ‘Rock Bottom’ sounds like…Lakers Legacy, Unplugged 2017. Somehow, we also put a positive spin on things at the very end… Hope this is a cathartic experience for Lakers fans. … Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod ...

Duration: 01:15:42

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 134: Have Our Cake & Eat It ZO2 ( Paul George Puts League On Notice: He'll Be A Laker + Boston/Philly Fultz Trade Implications + Final NBA Draft Thoughts)

This is the final podcast episode BEFORE the 2017 NBA Draft AND before Lonzo Ball AND Paul George become Lakers. Nothing exciting is happening in the NBA or Lakers Land in general. Trust Us. Here are all of the ‘non-happenings’: (03:17) – Reactions to BOS – PHILA Fultz Trade & How It Affects the Lakers. (12:37) – Debating Hinkie’s Trust ...

Duration: 01:16:16

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 133: Before the Ball Drops (NBA Draft 2017 Smokescreen Season: Josh Jackson, Fultz Workout, Low On Lonzo - ft. Daniel Chae of Run River North)

ONE MORE WEEK. But man is it going to be one coocoo-cachoo kinda ride till we actually get there… We get into ALL the crazy NBA Draft / Lakers rumors, conjectures, hypotheticals, and smokescreens! Special Guest Daniel Chae of the band Run River North joins us for our penultimate episode before the 2017 NBA Draft! Let’s Get Lit. … Follow ...

Duration: 01:08:58

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 132: Baik to the Basics (In-Depth Convo w/ Lonzo Ball's Former Chino Hills HS Coach, Steve Baik)

*SPECIAL GUEST ALERT* We are now officially about 2.5 degrees of separation away from Lonzo Ball! This is OUR version of “Before the Fame”, “Beyond the Glory”, as we welcome on former Chino Hills Basketball Coach (and Lonzo Ball’s former coach) Steve Baik to talk ALL things coaching, Lonzo, Big Baller, and Lakers…wait for it…Legacy! Join us as we talk: ...

Duration: 01:08:35

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 131: Came In Like A Wrecking Ball (Lonzo Deep Dive Debate ft. Liberty Ballers & What's On Draft's Marc Whittington + More #28 Options)

LONZO BALL HATER ALERT?? Not really, but we’ve got some debating to do. Here’s the sitch: So Writer/Blogger/Draft Analyst Marc Whittington wrote a 3-Part piece for the Sixers’ Liberty Ballers website entitled “Lonzo Ball Is Not a Lead Guard.” That piece subsequently threw Lakers Twitter for a loop and since then, a very well corroborated rebuttal piece penned by LakerFilmRoom’s ...

Duration: 01:11:24

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 130: World of War Draft (2017 NBA Draft Breakdown ft. Cole Zwicker - Ball/Jackson/Fox/DSJ/Tatum/Monk/Isaac + #28)

Calling ALL NBA Draft Junkies…Jonesin’ for some additional, in-depth Draft Content to fill the NBA Finals void? Well, we’ve got just your fix! Join us as we go into a full Deep Dive into the 2017 NBA Draft w/ NBA Draft Scout Cole Zwicker from The Step Back and What’s On Draft Podcast. 5:26 – Overarching Thoughts on the 2017 Draft As ...

Duration: 01:26:43

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 129: Big PAULer Brand (PG13 No All-NBA Team Trade Implications, Pacers Losing Leverage, #2 Pick Options, Lonzo Ball Analysis Part 1)

APAULCALYPSE NOW has begun! AND the Lakers still have their #2 Pick! Could we possibly get the BEST of ALL worlds?? Join us as we discuss: 6:58 – Lakers News – Fultz Workout? 9:38 – aPaulcalypse Now – Woj, Amick, Pacers losing leverage 35:57 – #2 Pick Options, Trade Down, Kristaps? 44:26 – DLO Trade (?) & Fit w/ Lonzo ...

Duration: 01:15:03

The Lakers Legacy Ep. 128: And That's the Way the (Lonzo?) Ball Bounces (LAKERS WIN #2 PICK for 3rd Straight Year - Live 2017 NBA Lottery Reaction!)

We’re #2! We’re #2! We’re #2! CELTICS SUCK! It’s…It’s… IT’S LIT! That’s all there is to say. Relive the memories of The Final Chapter of the Lakers TANK Era NOW! Pregaming the Lotto Show – (0:00) Live Lottery Reactions – (17:27) Lottery Recap Thoughts – (23:47) … Follow us on Twitter: @LakersLegacyPod Catch us on DASH Radio every Mondays, 8am-9am ...

Duration: 00:59:27