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Lethal Weapon

Ari and Gavi tackle the buddy cop Christmas classic, Lethal Weapon. They try and figure out why everyone in LA wants to kill themselves (but that's not really a secret anyway)? Why so much male nudity, including family watching Murtaugh in the tub and Mel Gibson's butt? Was Murtaugh calling Riggs a lethal weapon dubbed back in for pure cheese? Is the series all about riggs? Why does anyone live on the Murtaugh's block? Why do they take Murtaugh's daughter with them? And is killing a criminal...

Duration: 00:35:23

Dirty Harry

They're back!!!! Ari and Gavi dive into a true classic: Dirty Harry aka Harry walking. Ari talks about big comic book action movies over the last couple of weeks. Ari and Gavi also try and figure out why is he REALLY called Dirty Harry? Why is she called Hot Mary when she isn't hot? Is Scorpio a reference to the Zodiac Killer? Why is there is Christian reference every time someone is about to die? Why does the hospital let the guy who has a stab wound go? And doesn’t Harry realize throwing...

Duration: 00:39:40

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Ari and Gavi bring out their bulletproof umbrellas Kingsman: The Secret Service. Where they try and figure out: Is penetration the moment of becoming a Kingsman? How does Eggsy remember Oxford not Brouges? Where are the rest of the Kingsmen in the entire movie? Why is Harry so disappointed that he isn't a gymnast? Does Ari really not know that Scandinavia is a real place? What are the app reviews for the Valentine app on the app store? Why do they send the person afraid of heights to space...

Duration: 00:51:08

The 5th Element

Ari and Gavi use their multi-pass to discuss the 5th element where they discuss: alternate casting choices (really Prince?), the misuse of Luke Perry, and if Ruby Rod is the best role in this movie. They also wonder: What was gary oldman thinking being in this movie? Is Leelu REALLY the definition of perfect? What cup size do all canadian models have? If this movie and Back to the Future are in the same universe?

Duration: 00:43:23

Starship Troopers

Ari and Gavi bust themselves down to Private to review the bug invested Starship Troopers where they try and figure out: Why none of these people look like they are in high school? Why none of these people look like they are from Buenos Ares? Why don’t they use their nukes more often? Why is there so much favoritism in this army? Why do the leaders of the units get killed so easily (maybe that’s why the bugs are winning…)? Why does a person who just joined the unit get a huge funeral while...

Duration: 00:57:17

Terminator 2 - Judgement Day

Ari and Gavi are back and are back to discuss possibly the greatest sequel of all time: Terminator 2 - Judgement Day. Despite its' awesomeness they do wonder: Why does the T1000 have to go back in time naked? Why are the bikers so protective of the bike? Is Sara Connor actually crazy? Can Ari learn to eat before the podcast so Gavi doesn’t have to keep editing the sounds of him eating? What does the T1000 decide who to kill (since he clearly doesn’t kill everyone…)? How does Sara know...

Duration: 00:55:46


Ari and Gavi are joined by their special guests the Grashin Brothers (well, 2.5 of them due to some technical issues) to talk about Cliffhanger aka Die Hard on a Mountain. They try and figure out: Why doesn’t anyone care about the stuffed bear that falls to its death? Why does the weather make absolutely no sense? Did Sly get paid every time he showed a bicep in this movie? The fact that Hal gets everyone killed...everyone. And apripo of nothing the best line we have had so far: "Snake...

Duration: 00:50:57

Toy Soldiers

Gavi and Ari go back to school (but don't take it over, don't worry) to talk about Toy Soldiers. Besides confirming that Gavi is in fact 2 degress of Kevin Bacon they question: Where the sleeping bags come from (especially when they said they didnt have any)? What kind of school is this? Do they really want us to believe all the remote control chips are all the same? Why would the terrorist believe that Rudy actually went to shower? How does Rudy, who is in high school, drive a Hummer so...

Duration: 00:44:52

True Lies

Ari and Gavi discuss one of the greatest action movies of all time including: why is this movie so hard to find? How dare Osama Ben Laden prevent a second one from being made???? What kind of pool is attached to the outside river? How much of Tom Arnold's lines were ad-libbed? Why does Arnold show his face to Simon? Who would believe he is a computer salesman? and WHO HAS TAKEN THE KEY???

Duration: 01:00:03

Point Break (1991)

Ari and Gavi tread water through the original Point Break aka Brokeback Surfing. They try and figure out: how did Keanu become a cop? Do they actually make LBJ masks? What is up with serious sexual tension between Keanu and Swayze? What are meat waffles (and how can we get some)? And if a movie sets up a sequel, and its never made, does it still suck?

Duration: 00:40:27

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Gavi and Ari discuss the most underrated action movie of all time, but still wonder: why is the music so bad from such a great composer? Why does the opening give away so much of the plot? What is Samantha/Charlie's obsession with blood? Is her name really Charlie Baltimore? Why don't they just kill Charlie/Baltimore after confirming she doesnt know anything? And how does one discover that they are into how women look when their face is twisted in pain?

Duration: 00:42:18

Under Siege

Ari and Gavi don't need a psychological evaluation for discussing this movie, but do wonder: what the movie "meat locker" would be about? Was half this movie an ad for joining the Navy? What exactly is Strannix's job in the band? Why does Commander Krill crossdress? How did they fit so many people on one helecopter? How many times can one person be killed? And why does Casey put clothing on Mrs. July?

Duration: 00:41:32

Air Force One

Gavi and Ari get on board Air Force One and try and figure out: what was Gibb's motivation for turning traitor? What threat does Kazakhstan pose against the US? Did the President fire the porter who ruined the football score for him? Why is the President going through everyone's luggage? Should we really allow Harrison Ford to have a family anymore? And WHY DOES GIBBS BETRAY EVERYONE???

Duration: 00:46:45

The Rock

Ari and Gavi throw down the gauntlet and go over one of the best action movies of all time: The Rock. While this movie is amazing in virtually every way they do wonder: if the gas needs to be refrigerated why is it kept outside in the sun all movie? Is Stanley a plant to help break out Mason? How does Stanley have so much money? And what is the deal with Captain Fry??So do your best to listen to the next episode!

Duration: 01:07:29

Escape from New York

Gavi and Ari barely get through Escape from New York. Wow, like wow. How is THIS movie considered one of the best action movies? WHAT ARE YOU PEOPLE DRINKING??? COME ON! We get turning LA into a prison but New York? Why does everything look so fake???? And there is really a character called "Chock Full of Nuts girl"? Really? The biggest problem is we are unable to figure out how Ari feels about the movie

Duration: 00:36:43

Independence Day

Gavi and Ari divedeepinto Independence Day (NOT the sequel) where they explore: Did the humans really start this war by shining their "brights" on the aliens? Do Cable companies have dishes (yes ARI they do!)? If you are researching a role as a stripper do you do role research? What exactly is David's wife's role in the Administration? Where is all the President's security? And expose the true weakness of the aliens...parachutes. Prepare for a close action encounter

Duration: 01:07:50

Road House

Time to kick it to the next level with Road House. Both Ari and Gavi are curious: where are all the police in this town? Is there really such thing as a famous bouncer/cooler? Why is it called Road House? What is Dalton's first name? Is there ever way too much fighting like William Shatner? Do we really have to end the movie with a polar bear falling on someone?So kick up the 80's music and listen now!

Duration: 00:54:18

The Running Man

In honor of national running day the Hoffbrothers present: The Running Man! NOT Die Hard on Family Fued. While we understand why they put jails in California this dystopian future leaves us with a few questions: Why do people really love game show hosts this much? Why do so many immigrants come to this police state? Did American Gladiator inspire The Running Man or the other way around? How does the Running Man prize system work? What exactly is the Running Man home game?

Duration: 00:50:41

Olympus Has Fallen

It's time for a recent classic : Olympus Has Fallen aka thegoodDie Hard in the White House. Where Gavi and Ari wonder: How close do you have to be to the President to hit him? Why is there only 2 planes of air support for the White House? Why do people still listen to the President when he isn't the President anymore? Was Mike dead the whole time? Are garbage trucks the same as dump trucks (hint, they are not)? Why does Gavi keep endorsing shooting a child? #terroristssuck #knifetothebrain...

Duration: 00:55:54

Passenger 57

Gavi and Ari talk about the Wesley Snipes classic: Passenger 57 aka Die Hard on a plane. They discuss: how many puns are in the movie, racist police, lax airport security, bad puns, terrorists who care A LOT about time, horrible puns and whether there may have been plans for Passenger 58

Duration: 00:49:32

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