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The Last Of A Dying Breed Podcast w/ KNYCE

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Episode 18: Stranger Things 2 Review, No Hold Out Daps & Premium SnapChats

In Episode 18 we give our full reviews of Stranger Things 2, Discuss Hold Out Daps, ponder on what goes down on "Premium Snapchats" & Step One tells us about a bad "edibles" trip......and as ALWAYS a WHOLE LOT MORE ! Be sure to follow us on Twitter & IG: @TheLOADBPodcast

Duration: 01:05:54

Episode 17: The Slippery Slope

Episode 17 opens with a life update from KNYCE, then he & Step One discuss Bachelor pad essentials, K tells a story of being finessed while DM sliding, they debate how many "points" "cool" is worth on a scale of 1-10 & Step One goes down a slippery slope....and as always a WHOLE LOT More ! Be sure to follow us on Twitter / IG @TheLoadBPodcast

Duration: 01:03:29

Episode 15: What Happened to Potluck ???

And then there was two......KNYCE & Step One discuss the age old question of what happened to The Potluck???? We also discuss the many theories surrounding the Kenneka Jenkins story, Kevin Hart's indiscretions & the rise of "Regular Guys" on the dating scene. Enjoy and be sure to follow us on Twitter & IG: @theLOADBPodcast

Duration: 01:17:01

Episode 14: Off Topic

A disagreement between KNYCE & Step One derails the agenda......and eventually we talk about Jemele Hill, Hurricane season, The Death of Expertise and as always A WHOLE LOT MORE ! Enjoy & be sure to follow us on IG & Twitter : @TheLOADBPodcast

Duration: 01:13:07

Episode 14 :

Episode 14 : by KNYCE

Duration: 01:07:05

EPISODE 12 : F*** Cancer......& White Supremacy.....& The NFL.....

In Episode 12 we welcome J. back from the post office, K tells a story about blacking out this weekend and ranting about cancer, we talk about the Charlottesville Tiki Torchers & whether or not "bro" extraordinaire Step One can boycott the NFL......and as always a WHOLE LOT MORE ! Enjoy & be sure to follow us @theloadbpodcast on IG & Twitter & subscribe on Apple, Google & TuneIN!

Duration: 01:07:51

Episode 11 : Live From The BBQ

In Episode 11 we Podcast LIVE from the homie's BBQ! We discuss it all !!.... K tells you why he hates how Black People cross the street, we get into Trumps Transgender Ban, Bobby Valentino, Lil Duvals Breakfast Club Comments, the CTE study and as always....A WHOLE LOT MORE !

Duration: 00:57:40

Episode 10 : Good For You Kyrie, The Herp Walk, Insecure Season 2, Comic Con & More !

Hit The Rollie Sto' With The Rollie ON !!! This Episode we talk Kyrie Irving swerving on the Cavs, Ushers "Herp Walk", Why we LOVE Insecure & Stranger Things, Comic Con & more !!! As always, Thanks for listening & be sure to follow us on IG @theLOADBPodcast !

Duration: 01:19:29

Episode 9: Only You Can Prevent Sucka Attacks, K's Ancestry DNA Results & More !

In Episode 9 K, Step & Ab talk this weeks headlines including Rob Kardashians sucka attack, Power, Super STD's, Men Crying @ Weddings & more....AND....... K shares his Ancestry DNA results ! Enjoy ! Be sure to follow us on Twitter & IG : @TheLOADBPodcast Like & Subscribe to The LOAD Network on YouTube ! & Subscribe on Apple, GooglePlay & TuneIN !

Duration: 01:27:55

Episode 8 : "Angel Numbers & Apologies" The Official Jay Z 4:44 Album Review

On a rainy Friday the crew sits down to dive deep into Jay Z's newest work "4:44". We talk the significance of the title, Jay's growth and even debunk some of the diss claims toward Kanye. Step even baits us into naming our Top 5 Jay Albums and as always A LOT MORE! Be sure to follow us @TheLOADBPodcast on Twitter & IG ! Like & Subscribe on Youtube !! Subscribe on Apple, GooglePlay, TuneIN & Soundcloud !

Duration: 01:08:56

Episode 7: Black Lives Matter?, MLK's Bad Dream, White Girl Magic

KNYCE, Step One & J. Ab talk Stevie Wonder & Halle Berry's comments on Black Lives Matter, Whether MLK's Dream was a Good One, Jesse Williams pandering and as always A WHOLE F***ing LOT MORE ! Be sure to like & subscribe on Youtube, Apple, GooglePlay, TuneIN !! Follow us on Twitter & IG @TheLOADBPodcast !!

Duration: 01:11:20

Episode 6: All Eyez On Me, Philando Castile, Im NOT Marching For S***

K, Ab & Step sit down for the usual recap of the week.....which includes social medias reaction to the Tupac biopic, Philando Castile's murderer being acquitted & why K refuses to march or participate in popular forms of civic disobedience. Be sure to follow us on IG/Twitter : @TheLOADBPodcast Subscribe & Like on Apple Music & Googleplay

Duration: 01:12:23

Industry Insider Episode 2: Freeway Ricky Ross

In this episode of the Industry Insider I caught up to the legendary Freeway Ricky Ross on Coventry while he was there for a book signing. I pulled out the mics right there and asked for an interview....he granted the interview and I delved into the legend of Rick Ross like never before. Enjoy !

Duration: 00:29:13

Episode 5 : K's Got A Story to Tell, Feminism vs Hoeism, Stupider is NOT a Word

In this Episode KNYCE sits down with Step One & J. Ab to recount a story from his younger snatch chasing days, they discuss Amber Rose's brand of Feminism, Turn Offs, Breastfeeding.....yes Breastfeeding, Top Comment & more ! As Always Like & Subscribe & Thanks For Listening!

Duration: 01:05:18

Industry Insider Episode 1: 24 HRS

In our very first episode of "Industry Insider" we sit and talk with upcoming ATL artist 24 hrs. Twenty is a bit mysterious and doesnt care for interviews too much so to get this gem of an interview from such a talented artist was dope ! Enjoy !!!

Duration: 00:43:25

Episode 4: ft. Ray Cash & Skinney: What Happened to Ray Cash?, D*** Pics or Nah, B**** Made Males

KNYCE & J.Ab sit down with Ray Cash to discuss the question that K always gets when he's out of town and people find out he's from Cleveland......"what ever happened to Ray Cash?", Ray stays and kicks it and good friend Skinney reps for the ladies while they talk everything from the Cavs to D*** Pics........

Duration: 01:06:07

Episode 3: The Hotep 2 Step, Netflix in June, The Mandela Effect, Top Comment & More!

KNYCE & the crew are back at it for Episode 3 where they touch on Brother Po'light vs The Conscious Community, Our Netflix Picks for June, The Mandela Effect, Top Comments, The Scenario & more !!! Be sure to follow KNYCE (@DjKNYCE) & The LOAD @ TheLOADBPodcast !!!

Duration: 01:15:21

Episode 2 ft. Stephen Prewitt: Happy BDay K, Bill Maher, Jason Whitlock, The Scenario & more!

KNYCE sits down with longtime friend and collaborator Stephen Prewitt aka Dj StepOne to tackle Bill Mahers bad joke, Jason Whitlocks bald face, Kathy Griffins "White Woman Shuffle" & more !

Duration: 00:57:40

Ep 1: The Secret Life of IG Models, Tiger Woods, Domestic Abuse Against Males & The Scenario

Highly opinionated & controversial radio host KNYCE kicks off his Podcast series with IG Models, Tiger Woods, a scenario & more !! Be sure to follow :TLOADBPODCAST on IG & Twitter !

Duration: 01:01:52