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Five nerds gabbing about comics in print, movie, tv and video game formats. We are occasionally foul mouthed, sometimes heated and always entertaining!

Five nerds gabbing about comics in print, movie, tv and video game formats. We are occasionally foul mouthed, sometimes heated and always entertaining!
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Winnipeg, Canada


Five nerds gabbing about comics in print, movie, tv and video game formats. We are occasionally foul mouthed, sometimes heated and always entertaining!




Episode 81 - Hack/Slash

Hack/Slash was created by writer and sometime penciler Tim Seeley. The series follows horror victim Cassie Hack as she strikes back at the monsters who prey upon teenagers. It's pretty gross, and not in the good way. We read issues 1-17 of the Image series written by Tim Seeley and penciled by Emily Stone. Also in this episode: Heavy philosophical musings are glossed over Central Canada Comic Con Recap Jess is innumerate Terrible character comparisons Watch Re-Animator it's...

Duration: 01:30:07

Episode 80 - Wonder Woman

Our super timely episode about Wonder Woman 2017. Starring Gal Godot, Chris Pine, Danny Huston Also in this episode: Ashley is dishonest about her pornography consumption Bad Wonder Woman Comics Jess learns about acting Grappling with DC comic characters compared to their DCEU counterparts A really gross metaphor The worst person to go to the movies with Panelists: Jamie(@thatcomicfan), Ashley(@sierradean), Scott(@goddamnitscott), Jess (@GeekyChicky87)

Duration: 01:31:09

Episode 79 - Monstress

Set in an alternate matriarchal 1900’s Asia, in a richly imagined world of art deco-inflected steampunk, MONSTRESS tells the story of a teenage girl who is struggling to survive the trauma of war, and who shares a mysterious psychic link with a monster of tremendous power, a connection that will transform them both. Writer: Marjorie Liu Art: Sana Takeda Also in this episode: Jess gets excited about Star Wars fan fiction A perfect impression of Andrew Are bees are adorable? Tell us on...

Duration: 01:42:18

Episode 78 - What are we reading August 2017

This Month we're talking about: Spell on Wheels by Kate Lethe, Megan Levens, and Marissa Louise Savage Things by Justin Jordan, and Ibrahim Moustafa Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama Papergirls by Brian K Vaughn, Cliff Chiang, and Matthew Wilson Redlands by Jordie Bellaire, and Vanesa R. Del Rey Spiritus by Tim Daniel, Michael Kennedy Black Hammer by Jeff Lemire and Dean Ormston Archie by Mark Waid & Pete Woods Saga by Brian K Vaughn & Fiona Staples Limbo by Dan Watters and...

Duration: 01:31:33

Episode 77 - Injection

We're talking about Warren Ellis, Declan Shalvey, and Jordie Bellaire's sci-fi, horror, techno-thriller Injection. Injection tells the story of 5 assholes who ruin the world because they're bored, now their first victim must seek revenge at any cost. Also in this episode: Deadpool 2 chat Hardcore Racism Scott's great business idea The phrase "Not a Wizard" gets pummeled into the ground Clarke's Law gets butchered Get it together Shalvey If you like this you'll probably like the...

Duration: 01:27:19

What Are We Reading - July 2017

This month we read: Black Summer / No Hero / Supergod By Warren Ellis and Juan Jose Ryp Shirtless Bear Fighter By Jody Leheup, Sebastian Girner, Mike Spicer, and Nil Vendrell Frostbite By Joshua Williamson and Jason Shawn Alexander The Bunker By Josh Hale Fialkov and Joe Infurnari Ms. Marvel By G. Willow Wilson and Takeshi Miyazawa Stitched By Garth Ennis and Mike Wolfer Pretty Deadly volume 2 By Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios, and Jordie Bellaire The Wild Storm By Warren Ellis and...

Duration: 01:30:47

Episode 75 - Clean Room

We're talking Clean Room by Gail Simone, and Jon Davis-Hunt. Journalist Chloe Pierce’s fiancé committed suicide after reading Astrid’s book—and now Chloe is determined to find out who Astrid Mueller really is and learn the secret of the Clean Room, where your deepest fears are revealed. Also in this episode: RIP Joan Lee Jess can't see the forest for the trees Ashley doesn't realize we're recording Scotts audio is messed up for the first 20 minutes. Don't worry, you aren't missing...

Duration: 01:31:37

Episode 74 - What Are We Reading

You probably ought to pick at least one of these up. Batman by Tom King Medicine By Jill Horton and G.M.B. Chomichuk Will I See By Iskwé, David Robertson, Erin Leslie, and G.M.B. Chomichuk Sons of The Devil by Brian Buccellato and Toni Infante Black Widow By Nathan Edmondson and Phil Noto The Old Guard By Greg Rucka and Leandro Fernández The Fuse By Antony Johnson and Justin Greenwood Faith By Jody Houser, Francis Portela, Marguerite Sauvage Hawkeye by Kelly Thomas and Leonardo...

Duration: 01:58:17

Episode 73 - Nextwave

We're talking about the only comic book that matters: NEXTWAVE Do you want a haircut? The Beyond Corporation's gonna help you out Do you need a toothbrush? The Beyond Corporation's got an extra one Do you have a step-son? The Beyond Corporation's gonna rub him out Do you see a monster? Or a pirate? Electric emu? A giant sky-rat? A midget Hitler?! Or Pontius Pilate! Also in this episode: Needlessly precise ratings & weak math jokes Jess flusters herself Scott's...

Duration: 01:50:46

Episode 72 - What are we reading

We've Read: Stumptown Injection Hillbilly Tomboy Unstoppable Wasp Nailbiter Bloodshot Reborn Brave Chef Brianna AD: After Death I Hate Image Gamora Valerian Superior Spider-Man Superior Foes of Spider-Man The Great Divide Bitch Planet Also in this episode: Ashley's favorite language Terrible investment spending Jessica has big news about Nathan Fillion The Horrors of Action Lab Vampirella speculation Scott empathizes with women Inept Ad Placement Someone...

Duration: 01:38:44


Is Logan the best superhero movie yet? No, but it's still pretty good. Directed by James Mangold Starring: Hugh Jackman, Dafne Keene, Patrick Stuart Also in this episode: Poorly concealed X-Men spoilers. Chinese film standards. Ashley gets mean. Scott has an unpopular opinion. Shocker. Unearned character moments. A ton of character motivation talk. Jess loses the thread. None of us are able to adequately empathize with the view of an eleven year old. Missed cameo...

Duration: 01:59:46

Episode 70 - Mage: The Hero Discovered

We're talking about the first part of Matt Wagner's epic trilogy Mage: The Hero Discovered Also in this Episode: Controversy in Indonesia 7 People just checked our mp3 metadata Sandman Mystery Theater available on Comixology An accurate summation of the Dark Age of Comics Everyone Boo Jess @GeekyChicky87 Scott is a horrible monster Buffy is reimagined for the better Strong feelings about M. Night Shyamalans best film Jess is wrong about Unforgiven Some comics benefit from...

Duration: 02:04:01

The Last Panel Episode 69 - Scott Pilgrim

We're talking about Scott Pilgrim comic and movie. Also in this episode: We completely fuck up the opening. Riverdale is terrible, half of us can't stop watching it. Do not listen to Scott's medical advice, or theological advice. Jamie loves Scott Pilgrim. A Dragon Ball Z detour. Movie dream casting. Every time we talk about a movie it will eventually turn to Mad Max: Fury Road.

Duration: 01:38:17

Episode 68 - What Are We Reading

This month we read: Rat Queens Kill Or Be Killed Slam Hellblazer America Hadrian's Wall Motocrush Green Arrow Justice League/Power Rangers Warlords of Appalachia Cave Carson Has A Cybernetic Eye Mother Panic Batgirl & The Birds of Prey Also in this episode: Scott immediately crosses the boundaries of good taste. Twice. X-Men Chat. Inappropriate genocide reference. Ashley has read no comics this month. Jess gives Scott way too many books to read. (Don't Stop) Dubious...

Duration: 01:09:27

The Last Panel: Episode 67 – Suicide Squad

Ugh, We're talking about Suicide Squad. In this episode: A brief attempt to explain Secret Wars.Scott hates Uber for the dumbest reason.A desperate attempt to avoid talking about Suicide Squad.Jess bothers to show up. (Thanks Jess.)Ashley attempts to shame Jamie and Scott. Shame her @iserradean.Actually, you might as well shame us too. @goddamnitscott @thatcomicfanJamie immediately loses control. (Not really uncommon)This movie has serious problems with its depictions of women.Bold...

Duration: 01:03:36

The Last Panel: Episode 66 - What the heck are those nerds reading?

You know what this is. Books discussed: Also in this Episode:

Duration: 00:55:51

The Last Panel: Episode 65 - Best and Worst of 2016 (Part Deux)

Part two of the best and worst of 2016! (Now with 100% more boozahol!) In this exciting conclusion: Udon Comics doesn't care about Cammy/decency.Jamie has had too much to drink!Jess loves all comic covers.A terrible Jughead redesign is proposed.Jess is more upset about Andrews worst character pick than he is .Everybody hates Gwenpool.Old jokes get rehashed.We all like David Ayer a whole lot more than we did a month ago.Nobody cares what Benedict Cumberbatch actual name is.BvS is worse...

Duration: 01:50:04

The Last Panel: Episode 64 - Best and Worst of 2016 (Part 1)

Part One of our Best and Worst comic stuff of the 2016! (We'll release part two on Wednesday because we suck at releasing things.) We skip the introductions.Ashley will never write a NYT Bestseller.Scott comes late to Fifty Shades of Grey.Things get uncomfortable/sexy.A single sad clap for DC.Jamie loves literally every publisher.A new low in Jess' inability to pronounce names.Andrew picks Superman for every category (No one is surprised).A moment of terrible musical Canadian...

Duration: 01:38:28

The Last Panel: Episode 63 - Luke Cage (Netflix)

We're talking about the 4th Marvel Netflix series. Perhaps our most timely episode yet! Also in this Episode: Scott ruins Jess's intro.Neckbeards are why we can't have nice comics.Jamie & Andrew stumble across the basics of Human Rights.A male feminist walks into a bar. It was a pretty low bar.We stay on topic for a shockingly long time.Andrew hates Supergirl.Apparently the only drama Ashley has ever seen is The Wire. Panelists: Jamie, Ashley, Andrew, Scott, Jess

Duration: 01:46:44

The Last Panel: Episode 62 - What Are We Reading?

TLP coming at you with what we have been reading lately! -Betty & Veronica -Ladykiller -Action Comics & Superman -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -Civil War II (A Marvel Comics Event) -Finding Molly -Snotgirl -ID -Superwoman -Spiderman/Deadpool -Green Lanterns -Clean Room -I Hate Fairyland -May -Cinema Purgatorio -Code Pru -Modded -Animosity -Detective Comics -Gwenpool -Replica -Steve Rogers: Captain America -Vision -Shutter Also in this Episode: -John Byrne...

Duration: 02:01:44

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