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From the country's leading comedy news website comes the Laughspin Podcast, a roundup of all the biggest happenings in the world of funny. Hosted by founder/editor Dylan Gadino and veteran podcaster Mike Gogel, each week the Laughspin Podcast delivers its listeners fresh news, opinion, audio clips and a few laughs-- all in about 30 minutes!




Ep. 116 - Kevin Meaney, Amy Schumer, Seeso

Dylan and Mike chat about the untimely death of comedian Kevin Meaney, why Amy Schumer is seemingly always in trouble, new streaming comedy specials and more! Sponsored by Seeso, the new all-comedy streaming video service! Sign up now for a free month!

Duration: 00:34:11

Ep 105 - News on Gary Gulman, Jen Kirkman, SNL

Gary Gulman is shooting a new hour comedy special, Jen Kirkman is amazing, SNL celebrates 40 years with a star-studded episode and so much more. Plus, we listen to Gary Gulman's take on the Karate Kid. Plus, plus Mike talks about being a new dad. Music by

Duration: 00:30:51

Ep. 104 - Ghostbusters, Louis C.K., Dane Cook

Dylan and Mike chat about the all-female Ghostbusters, Louis C.K.'s new special, Bill Cosby's ongoing rape allegations against him. You also hear some of Dylan's recent phone chat with Dane Cook! for more! intro/outro music by

Ep. 95 - Cameron Esposito Interview

Comedian Cameron Esposito talks with Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino at Gilda's LaughFest for The Laughspin Podcast. The two chat about her epic performance on Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson, which featured a very unique interaction with Jay Leno as well as the pitfalls of getting drunk, how coming out as gay affected her life and so much more! Cameron's new album Same Sex Symbol comes out Oct. 7 on Kill Rock Stars--->...

Duration: 00:44:02

Ep. 91 - Tracy Morgan, Dave Chappelle, Last Comic Standing

We (Dylan and Mike) talk about the Tracy Morgan car accident, Dave Chappelle's appearance on Late Show with David Letterman -- we also listen to it! -- and we let you know about Comedy Central's renewed and brand new shows! Plus, Dane Cook is up to something and we review the latest season of Last Comic Standing. Plus tagents, personal shit and good times! for more!

Duration: 00:47:17

Laugh Tracks by Laughspin #5: Brian Posehn, Chris D'Elia, Dave Anthony

This week we feature comedy tracks from Brian Posehn, Chris D'Elia and Dave Anthony! Each week, Laughspin Podcast co-host Mike Gogel hosts Laugh Tracks by Laughspin, a short broadcast featuring three stand-up comedy tracks from an expertly curated list of comedians. For comedy news, interviews, reviews and more, visit You can also find The Laughspin Podcast, a weekly news and interview show on iTunes. #comedymonth

Duration: 00:16:42

Laugh Tracks by Laughspin #4 - Arj Barker, Al Madrigal, Moshe Kasher

This week on Laugh Tracks, stand-up comedy from Arj Barker, Al Madrigal and Moshe Kasher! Each week, Laughspin Podcast co-host Mike Gogel hosts Laugh Tracks by Laughspin, a short broadcast featuring three stand-up comedy tracks from an expertly curated list of comedians. For comedy news, interviews, reviews and more, visit You can also find The Laughspin Podcast, a weekly news and interview show on iTunes.

Duration: 00:15:38

Ep. 89 - Hannibal Buress interview

This week, editor Dylan Gadino sits down with comedian Hannibal Buress, whose new hour-long comedy special, Live From Chicago, will premiere March 29 on Comedy Central. For comedy news, reviews, videos and more, check out

Duration: 00:46:13

Laugh Tracks #2 - Kevin Pollak, Chelsea Peretti, Doug Benson, Jason Gillear

Brought to you by, on this episode of Laugh Tracks, host Mike Gogel drops funny tracks from Kevin Pollak, Chelsea Peretti, Doug Benson and Jason Gillearn! Every Monday on Laugh Tracks, curates a handful of hilarious stand-up from the best comedians working today. You're welcome. For news, reviews, videos and more about the world of comedy, check out

Duration: 00:16:57

Ep 84 - Live with Colin Quinn, W. Kamau Bell, Dave Hill

Dylan and Mike bring you a live episode of The Laughspin Podcast. This was recorded Sunday, Jan. 25 at Fontana's in New York City. Guests were Colin Quinn, W. Kamau Bell and Dave Hill. It was part of the NY Podfest. We had some great discussions about the new black female hires at Saturday Night Live, a comedian in France who was banned for being anti-Semitic, comedians apologizing and much more. For more comedy info, check out

Duration: 00:54:09

Ep 83 -10 Best Comedy Albums of 2013

Dylan and Mike count down the 10 best comedy albums of 2013-- complete with audio from each selection. Check it out and share with your friends! For more info, check out

Duration: 00:58:15

Ep 82- Patrice O'Neal, Kathy Griffin, Kanye West

Mike and Dylan talk about the Grammy's best comedy album nominees-- but mostly Dylan calls the Recording Academy names for constantly nominating Kathy Griffin. Also they talk about the upcoming Patrice O'Neal benefit show, why Kanye West needs to shut his mouth and much more. Also, Christmas gifts. For more, check out

Duration: 00:38:55

Ep. 81 - Louis C.K., Dave Attell, Will Ferrell

Dylan and Mike talk about there being too much damn Ron Burgundy, Amy Schumer's new your, Dave Attell's new Comedy Central series, how Louis C.K. is still kicking ass and more. We also debut a song from comedian Kyle Dunnigan's upcoming Christmas album! Also, we talk about our Thanksgiving! For more comedy stuff, go to

Duration: 00:44:37

Ep. 80 - Mike Birbiglia interview

More editor Dylan Gadino sits down with comedian Mike Birbiglia at his home to chat about his newest special 'My Girlfriend's Boyfriend' as well his 2014 national theater tour. The two also get into Mike's recent obsession with yoga, the state of comedy in the digital age, why he and his wife refuse to paint their walls and so much more! Check out for more comedy news, interviews, reviews!

Duration: 00:50:38

Ep. 78 - Interview with Vince August

Comedian Vince August sits down with Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino to talk about the recent Supreme Court ruling against him that dictated he either quit comedy or quit his job as a court judge. The story has been picked up by every major news outlet in America as well as news organizations in England, China, Canada and Russia. This in-depth interview sheds a lot of light on the situation and Vince offers lots of details that haven't been out there. For more comedy fun, check out...

Duration: 01:16:03

Ep. 76 - Doug Stanhope interview

Hours after finding out two of his best friends are dead, comedian Doug Stanhope sits down with Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino in the green room at Levity Live comedy club in West Nyack, NY on Oct. 15. Stanhope talks about what exactly happened, his budding friendship with Marilyn Manson, the fallout he's gotten from a Jake Lamotta bit on his new album and much more. For more comedy news, videos, opinion, check out

Duration: 00:38:22

Ep. 74 - Dave Chappelle, Johnny Carson, Big Bang Theory

Dylan and Mike let it hang a bit more loose than usual. But they still get things done: They chat about Dave Chappelle's two secret projects, a new Johnny Carson project, the ton of cash the Big Bang Theory cast is asking for and much more! Be sure to follow Laughspin on Twitter:

Duration: 00:33:35

Ep. 72 - Joe DeRosa interview

Laughspin editor Dylan Gadino chats with comedian Joe DeRosa about his new album "You Will Die," Joe's distaste for Kathy Griffin, his love for Bad Religion, Frank Zappa and Frank Sinatra and so much more. Check out more comedy at and follow on Twitter at

Duration: 01:05:06

Ep. 71 - Jon Lajoie, Greg Fitzsimmons, Amy Schumer

We listen to Jon Lajoie's new song about Miley Cyrus plus new tracks from comedians Greg Fitzsimmons and Drew Michael. We also deliver cool news about Amy Schumer, Judd Apatow, D.L. Hughley and much more! Follow us at a

Duration: 00:37:53

Ep. 69 - D.L. Hughley, Alec Baldwin, Bret McKenzie

We go off script just a tad this week because Dylan feels like complaining and Mike tries to make him feel better. But we do deliver some stellar news on D.L. Hughley, Alec Baldwin, the Comedy Central Roast of James Franco, Bret McKenzie of Flight of the

Duration: 00:46:30

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