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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.

The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.
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Washington, DC


The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.






Mueller Indicts 13 Russians For U.S. Election Meddling; FBI Never Acted On Tip About High School Shooter; New Yorker Details Trump System For Covering Up Affairs;

American Pleads Guilt In Connection To Russian Interference; FBI Admits Information Should Have Been Provided Before Shooting; Sessions: FBI Failures "Tragic," Orders Immediate Review; FL Gov Calls On FBI Chief To Resign After Missed Tip; FBI Never Acted On Tip About High School Shooter; FBI Admits It Failed To Act On Tip In January On Killer; First Lady Skips Walk To Marine One With Pres Trump;


17 Dead, At Least 14 Hurt In Florida High School Massacre; Doctor Describes Haunting Scene in Emergency Room; Trump: Will "Tackle The Difficult Issue of Mental Health"; Trump Doesn't Mention Guns Once In Remarks On Shooting; Shooting Survivor To Lawmakers

Anti-Defamation League: Shooter Tied To White Supremacist Group; Sources: FBI Received At Least 2 Warning About Suspect; Police: Suspect Hard " Very, Very Disturbing" Online Profile; FBI On Suspect's Online Threat: We Couldn't Identify Him; Public Defender: Suspect Is Broken Child; Foot Coach Dies Shielding Students From Gunfire; Suspect's Social Media Postings Indicate Extremist Views; Suspect Bought AR-15-Style Weapon, Passed Background Check; A Student's Powerful Plea; Trump Addresses...


High School Shooting in Parkland, FL

Broward Sheriff: High School Shooter Still At Large; Broward Schools: "Multiple Injuries" In High School Shooting; Mayor: High School Gunman May Still Be At Large; Sen. Nelson: "Number of Fatalities" In FL High School Shooting; Sen. Nelson: Police Think They Know Who The Gunman Is; Broward Sheriff: Suspect Now In Custody; Superintendent: "Numerous Fatalities" in School Shooting; Broward Sheriff: At Least 14 Victims in School Shooting; Sources: At Least Two Killed in School Shooting; Law...


FBI: Porter's Background Check Completed In July; Intel Chiefs: Moscow Still Interfering In Elections; How The White House Plans To Spend Your Money

Kelly To WSJ On Porter Dismissal: "It Was Done Right"; WH: Personnel Security Office Was Still Checking Porter; FBI Chief Contradicts WH Timeline On Porter Allegations; Sources: Porter Met Off-The-Record With Reporters Wednesday; Sanders Tells Press: I Give The Best Information I Have; Intel Chief: Security Clearance Process Is "Broken"; GOP Senators Criticize WH Response To Scandal; Is Anyone Trying To Stop Russian Meddling;?; FBI Chief: I Still Have "Grave Concerns" About Nunes Memo; WH...


WH: President Supports Victims Of Domestic Violence; WH: "Not Going To Get Into" Security Clearance Process; Trump: The Future Of DACA Depends On Democrats;

WH: Admin Take Abuse Allegations "Very Seriously"; WH Blames Media, Dodges Question On Security Clearances; WH On Trump's $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan; WH On West Wing's Handling Of Allegations Against Ex-Aide; WH Won't Say Whether Trump Believes Ex-Aides' Accusers; WH: "Mere Allegation" Shouldn't Be "Determining Factor"; WH Aides Baffled By Trump's Conflicting Takes On Porter; WH Can't Get Story Straight On Handling Of Porter Scandal; WH: Blames Media, Dodge Question On Security...


WH: "We All Could Have Done Better" Dealing With Porter; Omarosa On Trump Presidency: "Not Gonna Be Ok";

Dow Nosedives 1,000+ Points As Slide Continues; WH Briefing Amid Growing Questions Over Porter Scandal; Source: John Kelly Knew Of Abuse Claim For Months; WH Officials Knew About Porter & Scrambled To Protect Him; WH: Trump "Saddened" By Allegations; WH: Hope Hicks Recused Herself "From Some Matters"; WH Porter Abuse Allegations "Serious And Disturbing"; Source: John Kelly Knew Of Abuse Claims For Months; WH On Omarosa: She Was Fired Three Times On "Apprentice"; Raisman: W.S. Olympic...


WH Staff Secy Resigns Amid Domestic Abuse Allegations; Senate Reaches Major budget Deal;Fate In House Unclear; Trump Tells Pentagon To Plan A Military Parade; Source: N. Korea Diplomatic Efforts "Almost Zero";

Hatch Changes Tone On Ex-Wives' Claims Against Porter; Pelosi Won't Support Deal Without Commitment To DACA Vote; Mattis Backs Budget Deal:"America Can Afford Survival"; CNN: Trump Wants To Talk To Mueller Despite Lawyers' Advice; WH:Trump To Rely On FBI, DOJ In Releasing Dem Memo; Schiff: Bannon, Lewandowski Refuse To Return To Intel Cmte; Graham: Christopher Steele Was Biased Against Trump; Kim Jong Un's Sister Attends Olympics In Surprise Move; First Openly Gay U.S. Winter Olympian...


Dow Regains Ground After Monday's Record Drop; NYT: Lawyers Urge Trump To Refuse Mueller Interview; Blame Machines For Wall Street's Volatile Swings;

Trump: "I'd Love To See A Shutdown" If No Immigration Deal; Kelly: Dreamer Not On DACA "Too Afraid" Or "Too Lazy"; Menendez: Trump WH Continues To Demonize Immigrants; Scaramucci: Trump "Exuding Toughness" With Shutdown Threat; Scaramucci On Kelly Remark: Let's Be "Less Sensitive"; Dem Rep: I Didn't Serve To Be Called Treasonous For Disagreeing; Scaramucci On Trump "Treason" Change: "Take Him For What He Is"; NYT: Trump Lawyers Worry Mueller Could Catch Him Lying; Scaramucci: I Wouldn't...


WH: Won't Pledge Trump Will Release Dem Memo; Market Meltdown:DOW Plunges 1,100+ Points;

Dow Closes At Lowest Point Of Year In Major Selloff; Dow Suffered Largest Point Drop In History;Trump Targets Schiff Ahead Of Push to Release Dem Memo; Rep Schiff Denies WH Claims Of Leaking Confidential Info; Schiff: Time For Gen Kelly To Give "The President A Time Out"; Rep Schiff: President Trump Has His "Own Enemies List"; Trump: Dems Were "Treasonous" & "Unamerican" During Speech; Rep Nunes: Schiff Tired To Force Me Off The Intel Committee; Schiff: W.H. Suppression Of Dem Memo Not...


Disputed GOP/Nunes Memo Is Released; FBI Has Grave Concerns about Memo, Says Material Facts Omitted; Comey: Memo Release Inexcusable, Destroys Relationship;

GOP Memo Blames Steele Dossier For Surveillance; Top Dems Warn Trump: Using Memo To Fire Rosenstein Or Mueller Would Spark Constitutional Crisis; WH Official: Trump "Unlikely" To Get Beyond Rosenstein Anger; GOP Memo: FBI Abused Surveillance Power; Trump On If He's Likely To Fire Rosenstein After Memo: "You Figure That One Out"; Sen McCain: Undermining "Rule If Law" Helps Putin;


WH: Trump's Ok With Memo, Doubts There Will Be Redactions;CNN: Trump Sees GOP Memo As Way To Discredit Russia Probe;Poll: 71% Say Trump Should Sit Down With Mueller;

WH Official: Trump Reviewed And Read Nunes Memo; FBI Director Frustrated White House Is Not Listening To Memo Concerns; Source: Accommodations Made To Memo After Intel Community Concerns; Rep Duncan:Memo Could "Shake" FBI "To Its Core"; Dems Call on Paul Ryan To intervene In Memo Release; CNN: WH Worries FBI Chief Could Quit Over Memo Release; NYT: Mueller Zeroes In On Trump Tower Story; NYt: Ex-Trump Legal Spokesman To Tell Mueller About Hicks' Call; Hope Hicks' Lawyer Denies NYT Report On...


Sources: President Trump, During December Meeting, Asked Deputy AG Rosenstein If He Was "On My Team"; FBI Expresses "Grave Concerns" About "Material Omissions Of Fact" In GOP Memo;

FBI Chief Clashes With Trump Over Release Of GOP Memo; Sources: Trump Asked Rosenstein If He Was "On My Team"; WH Chief Of Staff: Memo To Be Release "Pretty Quick"; One Dead After Train Carrying GOP Members Hits Truck; GOP's Trey Gowdy Not Running For Re-Election; CNN Exclusive: FBI Agent Who Sent Texts Mocking Trump Co-Wrote Draft Letter Reopening Clinton Email Probe;


Schumer Hits WH: "Dereliction Of Duty" On Russia Sanctions; CIA DIR: "Of Course" Russia Will Try To Interfere In Midterms;

Trump To Emphasize Unity In Tonight's Speech; Trump Aims For Unity Tonight In Midst Of Parisian Battle; In His State Of The Union, Nixon Brought Up Watergate; WH: Trump Has Not Seen Or Been Briefed On Nunes Memo; Ryan Defends Rosenstein's Job At Justice Dept; Wray Hints Watchdog Report Played Role In McCabe's Exit; Wash Post: Inspector General Reviewing Whether McCabe Was Slow To Act During Clinton Email Probe; Christie:Trump Shouldn't Sit Down With Mueller; Ryan: Actions Of FBI Must Be...


WH: Trump Not Involved in Decision On McCabe's Exit; Surprise As FBI Deputy Director Steps Down Immediately; House Intel CMTE Could Vote Soon On Nunes Memo;

Source: McCabe's Early Departure A "Surprise" To FBI; Source: McCabe Was "Removed"As #2 At FBI; Source: McCabe Told This Morning TO Step Down; Rep. Gaetz: McCabe Exit A Good "Step Forward"; Rep Gaetz: Dems Shouldn't Try To Block Nunes Memo; GOP Pushed Conspiracy Theory Around FBI Text Messages; Gaetz: FBI Texts Do Show Bias Against Trump; Comey Reopening Clinton Investigation TO Help Himself; Fact Checking The President's Climate Change Claims; NASA Wouldn't Provide CNN With Climate Change...


CNN: Trump Tried To Fire Special Counsel Mueller In June; Sen Warner: Trump Is "Not Above The Law"; Don McGhan A Key Player In Multiple WH Controversies; Conan Travels To Haiti After Trump's Explosive Comment;

Source: WH Counsel Refused TO Order Muellers's Firing; Trump, WH Aides Denied Mueller Reporting At The Time; Trump Denise Reports He Tired To Fire Mueller; Is Trump Trying To End Special Counsel Mueller's Probe?; Warner: If Trump Fired Mueller It Would Cross "Red Line"; Warner: Trump's Actions Demonstrate "Something To Hide"; Warner: Intel CMTE Talking To Witnesses, Gathering Info; Warner: "History Will Judge" How This Moment Is Handled; UN AMB Nikki Haley: Affair Rumors "Absolutely Not...


GOP Peddles "Secret Society" Theory; Now Says Text Was A Joke;DOJ Watchdog Says It Had Recovered Missing FBI Texts; "Secret Society" Text Included Putin Gag Gift Reference; Trump Said He'd Take The Heat, But Then Backed Away;

Trump "Looking Forward" To Mueller Team Interview; WH: 20+ Staffers Talk With Muller's Team, Congress; Trump "Absolutely" Willing To Testify Under Oath; Judiciary Chairman Plans To Release Don Jr. Transcript; Trump: Missing FBI Texts Are "Prime Time"; DOJ: Releasing Nunes' FISA Memo Would Be Reckless'; Trump: I couldn't Care Less About Russians With My Campaign; Dem Opioid Commission Member: Our Work Is A "Sham"; Breitbart Calls trump "Amnesty Don" After DACA Comments; First Lady Skipping...


RNC Chair: Trump Asking McCabe's Vote Is "Getting To Know" Him; Congress Reviewing Texts Sent Between FBI Officials; NCAA Investigating MSU For Its Role In Sex Abuse Scandal;

One Year Ago Today: Flynn Lied During FBI Meeting; Sources: Mueller Interested In Questioning Trump On Comey, Flynn; WAPO: Muller Seeking To Interview Trump In Coming Weeks; Selective Outrage Over Questions Of Justice System Interference; CNN: Mueller Set To Question Bannon On Flynn & Comey; CNN: CIA Director Pompeo Interviewed By Mueller Team; WH On What Trump Means By "No Collusion" With Russia; Wash Post: Trump Asked Comey's Replacement Who He Voted For; Source: Trump Inclined To...


James Comey & Jeff Sessions Questioned In Russia Probe; Wash Post: Mueller Seeking To Question Trump In Coming Weeks; Ross: Story That Trump Is Unhappy With Me Is "Obsolete"

WH Briefing After News Mueller Team Talked To Comey, Sessions; Comey, Sessions interviews By Mueller Team; Trump has Repeatedly Blasted FBI On Twitter; Sources: FBI Director Chris Wray Threatened To Quit; CNN Poll: 78% Say Trump Should Testify If Asked By Mueller; Trump: Missing FBI Texts One Of Biggest Stories "In A Long Time"; White House: Trump "Loves" Secy Ross And His Performance; Report: Trump Slams Commerce Secy For Falling Asleep In Meetings; More White House Shakeups Coming In...


Senate Strikes Deal To Fund Govt For Three Weeks; Senate Has Votes To Pass Bill To Reopen Government;

Any Moment: Senate To Hold Its Final Vote To Reopen Govt; Senate Reached Compromise To End Government Shutdown; WH Won't Say If Trump Supports Citizenship For Dreamers; WH: President Met With Six GOP Senators On Immigration; Right Now: Senate Voting To End Government Shut Down ; Senate Passes Bill To Reopen Government, House Vote Next;


New CNN Polls As Government Nears Shutdown; Cornyn: Procedural Teat Vote Could Come "Sometime This Afternoon Or Early Morning"; Government Heading For Shutdown Without Funding Deal; CDC Warns Shutdown Will Impact Ability To Fight The Flu; Documentary Look

New CNN Poll: If Shutdown, Who;s To Blame? 21% Say Trump, 26% GOP, 31% Democrats; Schumer On Trump Meeting: "We Made Some Progress; Kellyanne Conway: This Is What Leadership Looks Like; Trump In 2013 On Shutdown: President Needs To Lead; U.S. Govt Shuts Down At Midnight Without Deal; New CNN Poll: Congressional Approval At 18%; Schumer In 2013: Shutdown Is Like Being Held Hostage; Federal Government On Brink Of Shutdown; CDC: At Least 30 Children Have Died From Flu; Conway: Trump "Rarely...


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