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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.

The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.
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The Lead with Jake Tapper will draw not only on Tapper’s deep knowledge of politics and national issues, but also seek to examine and advance stories across a wide range of topics that demonstrate his own curiosities and interests. Compelling headlines will come from around the country and the globe, from politics to money, sports to popular culture, based on news drivers of the day.






Trump signs spending bill despite veto threat; Critics fear Bolton hire signals hawkish turn; Ex-Playmate & actress describe affairs with Trump; First lady's office silent on ex-Playmate's interview; Students to rally nationwide against gun violence

Dow nosedives again to end turbulent week; Trump airs grievances at WH event; Trump scolds Dems over DACA program he ended; CNN: role of new Trump lawyer Digenova still in flux; Trump: "we had no choice" but to sign spending bill; Democrats sound alarm over John Bolton's hiring; Bannon: if Kelly leaves, chief of staff role may go away; Bolton's had hawkish views on North Korea, Iran, Russia; Source: Bolton promised Trump he "wouldn't start any wars"; Trump names third national security...


DOW plummets on fears of Trump's trade plan; Trump's lead lawyer in Russia investigation quits; Pres. Trump responds on Twitter to Biden's verbal jabs; Source: Trump meets with Bolton, possible McMaster replacement

Trump's lead lawyer in Russia probe, John Dowd, resigns; Trump: "I would like to" testify before Mueller in Russia probe; CNN: 4 attorney's reject Trump offer to join legal team; Trump's lead lawyer in Russia investigation quits; CNN: Mueller identifies 4 topics to discuss with Trump; Trump's advice to 25-year-old self: "don't run for president"; House Intel GOP end collusion probe; Dems vow to continue; Zuckerberg to CNN: "I'm happy to testify"; Facebook facing questions over data security;...


CNN: Trump furious over leak of warning he got about Putin; Facebook CEO Zuckerberg breaks silence on data scandal; Allegations from 3 women cast shadow over Trump; Sen. King: election hacking "most serious threat" to US; ABC: McCabe investigated Sessions

WaPo: Trump didn't bring up spy poisoning despite advice; Sen. Collins: Trump should not comment on Mueller probe; Former CIA director: I think Trump is afraid of Putin; Trump defends his "congrats" to Putin; Trump: "Getting along with Putin is a good thing"; 75m+ people impacted by nor'easter, heavy snow; Zuckerberg: Facebook made mistakes with data firm; Stormy Daniels tweets about alleged affair with Trump; Judge rules reality star's case against Trump can proceed; Playboy Playmate sues...


Polygraph: porn star truthful about unprotected sex with Trump; McCain slams Trump for congratulating Putin on re-election; Data firm brags about winning 2016 campaign for Trump; Unexploded device found in FedEx facility outside Austin

Ex-Playboy model sues company that didn't publish her Trump story; Stormy Daniels passed lie detector test about affair; Trump faces claims by three women of affairs or assault; Trump loses bid to dismiss apprentice contestant lawsuit; Ex-Playboy model who alleged Trump affair sues; WH won't say whether Putin's re-election was "free and fair"; Trump: I congratulated Putin on electoral victory; WH: "don't believe" election meddling came up in Trump-Putin call; McCain slams Trump for...


Trump rages against Mueller & Russia probe; Trump hires lawyer who claims FBI & DOJ framed Trump; Facebook orders "comprehensive audit" of Trump 2016 data firm; Trump rages against special counsel Mueller; Kushner co. accused of lying in docs

Trump calls out Mueller by name for first time; Gowdy: If you have an innocent client, "act like it"; Graham warns Trump firing Mueller could end his presidency; GOP's Corker warns of Senate "upheaval" if Trump fires Mueller; Trump to hire lawyer who pushed theory DOJ framed Trump; New Trump lawyer in Jan: "brazen plot" by FBI to frame Trump; WH: There are no conversations about removing Mueller; Members of GOP warn Trump against firing Mueller; Trump suggests death penalty for some drug...


WH: "no immediate personnel changes at this time"; Sources: Trump ready to replace national security advisor; CNN changes rating of 17 House races in direction of Dems; Lawyer: Stormy Daniels physically threatened to stay silent; Russia promises to retali

WH: Trump has the ability to change his cabinet; Source: Trump enjoying staff speculation, relishes in conflict; GOP Sen. Flake: McMaster a "stabilizing force" in WH; Trump tells GOP primary challenger to drop out of Senate race; Lawyer: threat wasn't by "some wingnut out of the blue"; Stormy's lawyer: 6 more women claim affairs with Trump; Kremlin: we will expand number of "blacklisted" Americans; UK police launch murder probe into businessman's death; UK: "overwhelmingly likely" Putin...


Mayor: 1 dead, 6 hospitalized, 8 cars trapped in collapse; Mueller subpoenas Trump organization in Russia probe; NYT: Mueller subpoenas Trump's Russia business records; Trump sanctions Russia as tensions mount over spy poisoning; Officials give update on

Mueller subpoenas Trump org, asks for documents; Any moment: police update on deadly bridge collapse; U.S. slaps new sanctions on Russia for election meddling; 19 people, 5 entities targeted in sanctions against Russia; Trump: Russia likely behind spy poisoning in U.K.; Sen. Menendez: Putin only understands strength; Trump admits he made up info in Trudeau meeting; Mueller demand's Trump's business records with Russia; Officials: 8 hospitalized, 8 cars trapped in collapse; Trump rips South...


Trump signals wider senior staff shake-up soon; PA Democrat Conor Lamb poised for stunning upset; Sen. Flake calls for Republican challenger to Trump; CNN: Trump has grown irritated with VA chief Shulkin; Haley calls spy poisoning "Russia's crime"; Lavish

WH confirms Larry Kudlow accepts econ job; Sources: WH staff on edge over potential departures; Ryan: both candidates in PA "ran as conservatives"; Trump hires Larry Kudlow, who vocally opposed tariffs; White House says PA Dem "embraced" Trump's policies; Trump in Oct. on cabinet: "finest group" ever assembled; Sessions considering whether to fire ex-deputy FBI Director McCabe; PA Dem claims victory in district Trump won by 20 points; Emails show Ben, Candy Carson selected $31,000 dining...


Trump fires Secretary of State; CIA Chief to replace him; Trump: House Intel "left no doubt" there was no collusion; Trump views options for his "big, beautiful wall"; Saccone: the left hates Trump, America and God; Trump officials face new questions over

Trump in December about Tillerson leaving: "fake news"; Tillerson doesn't thank Trump in remarks after firing; Source: Kelly told Tillerson Friday he would be replaced; Rex Tillerson learned of his firing by Trump's tweet; State official: Tillerson "unaware" why he was fired; Tillerson: last day as Secretary of State will be March 31; Tillerson: handing off duties by midnight; Flashback: Tillerson wouldn't deny calling Trump a "moron"; Longtime Trump aide fired over financial crime...


Police: three package bombs related, 2 people killed; President's gun proposal at odds with past promises; Education Secy struggles to explain policies in interview; May: "highly likely" Russia to blame for ex-spy poisoning; House Intelligence Committee t

Trump steps back past bravado on gun control; White House: We can't just write things down and make them law; WH: Age restrictions on guns not Trump's "primary focus"; Trump defends WH gun proposals that back off new age limit; WH: Trump not "backing away" from earlier gun proposals; Sources: WH officials dismayed by Devos' stumble on TV; Some Salisbury citizens warned to wash clothes, belongings; Trump: My lawyers have proven there was no collusion; Putin: Meddling could have been done by...


Trump Stuns World By Accepting Kim Jong Un's Invite; Trump's Meeting with Kim Jong Un: Opportunity or Trap?; Risch: Deaths from War with N. Korea Would Be "Catastrophic"; Trump Lawyer Used Trump Org Email in Stormy Daniels Deal; Florida Law Raises Firearm

WH Repeatedly Says "Concrete" Steps Needed for Meeting; WH: Need "Concrete & Verifiable Actions" Before NK Talks; Tillerson: Trump Made N. Korea Decision Himself; NK Meeting Announced Amid Tariffs, Stormy Daniels Saga; WH: U.S. Making "Zero Concessions" Before NK Talks; WH: Sanctions Put "Tremendous Amount of Pressure" on NK; U.S. Intel: N. Korea May Be Capable of Hitting U.S. in 2018; North Korea Test-Fired 23 Missiles in 2017; WH: No Talks Until N. Korea Matches Actions to Words; WH:...


Trump signs new tariffs, raising trade war fears; Source: Trump "very unhappy" with Sanders' Stormy response; Speaker Ryan: "Haven't put a second of thought" into scandal; Manafort pleads not guilty to tax, money laundering charges; Officials: 21 people t

Trump: "Open" to lifting tariffs on case-by-case basis; Trump temporarily exempts Canada, Mexico from tariffs; WH admits non-disclosure deal with porn star did exist; Actress' Atty: "Absurd" to say Trump unaware of payoff; Pelosi: Trump's policies more concerning than personal life; GOP Rep. Sanford: "Hush money is a big deal"; WH Press Secy: Trump "Won" arbitration against Daniels; Source: Trump "Very Unhappy" with Sanders' Stormy response; Actress' Atty: "Absurd" to say Trump unaware of...


Lawsuit: Trump's Lawyer Forced Porn Star to Keep Quiet; Staff Leaving the Trump Administration in Record Numbers; Trump Denies Chaos: "I Like Conflict... I Like Watching It"; International "Man of Mystery" Cooperating with Mueller; Justice Dept Sues Calif

WH: Sanders: Not Aware If Trump Knew of Porn Star Payment; Trump Won Arbitration Case Against Porn Star; Porn Star's Attorney: Trump Knew of $130,000 Payment; It's Not Just How Many Have Left Trump Admin, But Why; Schumer: White House Is "Hollowed Out"; Trump Says: "Everybody Wants to Work at the White House"; Cohn's Departure Adds to WH Chaos Concerns; CNN: Feud with Trump Over Tariffs Was "Last Straw" For Cohn; Who Is the British Spy Behind Trump-Russia Dossier?; New Yorker: Russians...


Trump News Conference as N Korea Signals Hope for Talks; Trump: I Think N Korea's Overtures are Sincere; Trump on Russian Meddling: We'll "Counteract" It; Trump: Russia had no Impact on our Votes; Mayor Resigns Amid Sex Scandal, Theft Plea

BLOCK A Trump News Conference as N Korea Signals Hope for Talks; Trump: Everybody Wants to Work in the White House; Trump on WH Tension: I Like Conflict; Trump Holds Joint News Conference with Swedish PM; Trump: Russians had no Impact on our Votes; Trump: We Will Counteract Russian Meddling in 2018; Trump: Tariffs will be Applied in "Very Loving Way"; Trump: I Think N Korea's Overtures are Sincere; Trump: "Possible Progress" in Talks with North Korea; Trump: N Korean Leaders "Seem to be...


Ex-Trump Aide Subpoenaed, Says He Won't Testify; Sources: WH Officials Watched Nunberg Interview, Called Comments "Bizarre" & "Nuts" ; Russian "Sex Coach" Offers Trump Secrets for Asylum; No Action on Guns Almost 3 Weeks After School Massacre; Nation of

WH: Nunberg Is Wrong That Mueller Has Something on Trump; Nunberg: "I'm Not Going to the Grand Jury"; Nunberg: Mueller Team Asked About My Relationship with Trump; Nunberg; "I'm Not Cooperating, Arrest Me"; Nunberg: Not True Trump Knew Nothing of Trump Tower Meeting; Russian "Sex Coach" Says She Has Key Info in Russia Probe; Sen Manchin: "Action on Guns Is "Up to President Trump"; GOP Senator Thad Cochran of Mississippi to Retire April 1; Dem Rep Doesn't Denounce Farrakhan's Anti-Semitic Rant


Trump Whirlwind: Staff Drama, Trade Wars, Russia Probe; Kelly Defends Himself in Wake of Rob Porter Scandal; FBI Counterintel Investigating Ivanka Trump Business Deal; Putin Claims New Missile Cannot Be Intercepted by U.S.; Sources: WH Weighing Preemptive

Trump Ally: This Week Is "Different...Something Is Very Wrong"; NYT: Trump Asked Kelly to Remove Kushner, Ivanka Trump; Trump Friend: Hicks' Departure Will Send Trump Into "Tailspin"; Kelly: I Had "Nothing to Even Consider Resigning" Over; NRA Meets with Trump, Says He "Doesn't Want Gun Control"; Sen Intel to Hold Security Clearance Reform Hearing; Putin Unveils New Weapons Systems Days Before Election; WH: Russia's Been Developing Destabilizing Weapons For Years; Sources: WH Weighing...


DOW Closes Down 400+ Points after Trump Announces Tariffs; Fmr. Trump Aide Says Mueller Asked About Hicks Denials; WAPO: Trump Derided Sessions as "Mr. Magoo" in Private; CA Agents Using Rare System to Hunt for Illegal Guns; Trump: WH Will Roll Out Opioid

BLOCK A DOW Closes Down 400+ Points after Trump Announces Tariffs; NYT: Kushner's Business Got $500M in Loans after WH Meetings; White House Struggles with One Crisis after Another; Trump Announces Intent to Impose Tariffs on Aluminum, Steel; Kelly Jokes About White House Job: "God Punished me, I Guess"; NYT: Kushner's Family got Half a Billion in Loans after WH Chats; Scaramucci: "Morale is Terrible" at White House; Scaramucci Refers to John Kelly as "General Jackass" BLOCK B Fmr. Trump...


Trump Pushes For "Comprehensive" Gun Bill; Jared Kushner Stripped of Top Secret Clearance; White House Communications Director Hope Hicks to Resign

Rep. Deutch: "You Can Get This Done, Mr. President"; Trump: "You Have to Fix Mental Illness"; Attorney General Pushes Back at Trump After New Insult; Kushner's Interim Clearance Significantly Downgraded; 2016 Trump: Carelessness with Classified Info "Disqualifying"; Wash Post: Officials From At Least 4 Countries Privately Discussed Ways They Could Manipulate Kushner; CNN: Kushner Feeling Under Fire from Colleagues; NY Times: Hope Hicks to Resign WH in Coming Weeks


Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance; Trump Silent on Questions about Kushner's Downgraded Clearance; U.S. Cyber Chief: Russians Haven't Paid Price for Meddling; Sheriff says he got 23 Calls about Shooter's Family, but Records Show a

BLOCK A Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance BLOCK B Trump Silent on Questions about Kushner's Downgraded Clearance; NSA: Trump Hasn't Directed Us to Disrupt Russian Threats; Sources: Jared Kushner Loses Top-Secret Security Clearance; Source: FBI Expected to Wrap Up Kushner Background Check within a Month; WH Communications Director Hope Hicks Testifies on Hill; House Intel Reps: Hope Hicks Won't Answer Some Questions; Carter Page: More Interference by the U.S. than...


Trump Met With NRA Leaders, Spoke With Ryan On Guns; Trump: It's Okay To Fight The NRA Sometimes

Trump On Massacre: "I'd Run In There," Even Unarmed; Gov Inslee To Trump:"less Tweeting...More Listening"; WH: Trump Supports "Concept" Of Raising Fun-Buying Age Limit; Congress Returns Facing Growing Calls To Tighten Gun Laws;CNN Poll: 70% Favor Stricter Gun Laws; Trump Campaign Sends Fundraising Pic Of Parkland Survivor; Ex-Deputy Defends His Actions During Shooting; Wounded Student: "I'm So Grateful To Be Here"; Sheriff Faces Mounting Calls To Step Down; Republicans Draw Line At Probing...


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