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TLM Week 17 Year In Review And Fake Draft Flashback

It's been a fun season and it's time to take a look back at all the things that went right (or wrong) for your Fantasy Football team. Kurtis and Ryan break down 2016, give a WAY too early preview of 2017, and look back on their "fake drafts" from May. Send in your questions and thoughts on the year that was in Fantasy Football at

Duration: 00:47:11

TLM Week 16 Championship Christmas Show

The jolliest bunch of Fantasy Football experts are back for a Championship Week podcast! Kurtis & Ryan break down all of Week 16. Remember - most games are on Christmas Eve. Plus, breaking news off the injury report. And who is the flex option that could WIN your league's championship? It's a must-listen!

Duration: 01:20:42


Kurtis is still out and about getting his Christmas shopping done, but Ryan is here to give you a no nonsense preview of a few of your championship games. Now he has a machine gun...Ho. Ho. Ho.

Duration: 00:13:32

TLM WEEK 14 Champs & Chumps

Kurtis and Ryan break down an UGLY week for QB's and a great week for LeVeon Bell. Plus our Week 14 "Champs & Chumps," an update on Melvin Gordon, Matt Forte, and how to make the playoffs work for you the rest of the way.

Duration: 00:53:09

TLM Week 14 Kurtis TNF Preview And Breaking News

Kurtis is flying solo on this podcast and has his suspicions about Ryan's whereabouts. He'll break down the Thursday Night game between the Chiefs & Raiders, updates on Julio, AJ Green, Sammy Watkins, Mark Ingram, and more! Download TLM for free on iTunes and stream every podcast at

Duration: 00:17:55

TLM Week 14 Waiver Wire

The Playoffs are here! Is your roster ready? It will be after this week's Waiver Wire show. Ryan and Kurtis break down who may still be left & why you shouldn't give up on Kaepnerick just yet!

Duration: 00:44:25

TLM WEEK 13 Champs & Chumps

Kurtis and Ryan recap Week 13 with their "Champs & Chumps," plus the Lunch Bets take a SERIOUS turn! We're headed towards the playoffs! Find TLM on Facebook, Twitter, and at

Duration: 00:48:21

TLM Week 13 Preview Breaking News And Bets

Kurtis and Ryan are back with an extra-long podcast! They'll break down Week 13 of the NFL season as you make your final push for the playoffs. It's a can't miss episode including breaking news, injury reports, and FIVE lunch bets. Hit 'em up with your questions right now at

Duration: 01:32:33

TLM Week 13 TNF Preview & Breaking News

Kurtis Allen is FINALLY back and rejoins Ryan Leskis just in time for Gronk's season to come to an end. Also, updates on AJ Green, Diggs, Dez, Cutler, and a bunch of RB's. Plus a full breakdown of the Thursday Night Game between the Cowboys & Vikings.

Duration: 00:26:04

TLM - Waivers Week 12 with Special Guest Tim Taylor

I brought along a special guest this week as Kurtis is all cozy on his cough with a warm beverage in an over sized mug. Tim Taylor from the Morning Mix on Mix 94.5 pops in....and we just happen to be playing each other this weekend in our long standing 12 team ppr keeper league.

Duration: 01:06:04

TLM - 13 MORE!

Ryan gets into the dungeon solo, and his only guest is .... beer. The rest of your Sunday clashes are covered.

Duration: 00:27:39

TLM Turkey With Doug / Thanksgiving Matchups

Well...Kurtis is gone for the holiday, and Ryan has *16* games to tackle solo. So, he brought in his buddy Doug from down the hall to keep him company. They talk turkey in between Ryan breaking down the 3 Thursday match-ups.

Duration: 00:29:06

TLM Week 12 Waiver Wire

It's time to fill up on all the teams's time to go through the wire!

Duration: 00:43:00

TLM Week 11 Preview And Split Cast

What happens when Ryan and Kurtis record 2 separate podcasts and combine them into 1? Pure madness! Well, maybe not madness. But they do give you their individual takes on Week 11 on who you should start and sit. Email the guys your questsions at and on Facebook & Twitter.

Duration: 01:11:09

TLM Week 11 Thursday Night Preview

Kurtis and Ryan recap the Waiver Wire adds for the week, preview the huge Thursday night game between the Saints and Panthers, breakdown a few other Week 11 games, and Ryan gives you his best Negan impression. Send them your questions or comments now!

Duration: 01:06:56

TLM Week 11 Waiver Wire

Are you stocking up for the playoffs or looking to spoil someone's chances? The season is NEVER over. Do you drop Alshon? Are Watkins and Abdullah in play?

Duration: 00:45:45

TLM Week 10 Recap Champs & Chumps

Breaking news on Alshon Jeffery - he's OUT for 4 games after violating the league's substance abuse policy for PED's. We'll discuss. Plus, we recap all of Week 10 and give our weekly "Champs & Chumps" awards. Kurtis vents his frustrations at the Bears and Ryan does some serious rapping.

Duration: 01:05:58

TLM Week 10 Preview And Breaking News

2 of the best running back battles of the year. If you don't own David Johnson in one of the biggest slam dunks in history of fantasy, where do you go for RB? Plus another lunch bet, and some interesting WR plays.

Duration: 01:25:17

TLM Week 10 TNF Preview

It's a historic podcast! No, not because of the presidential election. But because Kurtis and Ryan are dropping all sorts of historical and dated references! They're also dropping knowledge about Week 10 and the Thursday night game between the Ravens & Browns. Plus a breakdown of some of Sunday's games, Waiver Wire recap, and breaking news.

Duration: 01:09:25

TLM Week 10 Waiver Wire Adds

There may not be many "league winners" out there, but still some quality meat on the bone. Plus, a couple stashes that may prove quite beneficial going into the playoffs.

Duration: 01:03:48

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