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Brian Herberger

Brian is an educator who wrote the young adult novel, Miss E. Brian began his career in the Washington DC area, teaching middle schoolers. He continues to work in a DC area school district to help educators make the best use of technology. We talk about his book, Miss E., and the impact it made on my mind. Brian's next book, Cross Country is due this Spring.

Duration: 01:14:21

Valerie Masai-Aspaas

Val is also known as "Valociraptor", she is the first professional woman MMA fighter to hail from our Western New York region.

Duration: 01:50:22

Psilocybin Trip 2017

Inspired by testimony and evidence supplied by Tim Ferris, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan, Terrance McKenna, Kilindi Iyi, and Anthony Bourdain, Denis embarks on a psychedelic trip to discover the void.

Duration: 01:31:25

Phil Stutz

Phil wrote this about himself 15 years ago... "I've been a psychiatrist for over 25 years. From the outside, it looks like a quiet, almost serene, profession. But it's never felt like that to me. My days are prolonged battles. And the fight isn't directly with my patients. They're in pain. They want to get better. The fight is with an invisible force that dominates them. A force with an other-worldly power to destroy their happiness." "The idea of tools were, in essence, really weapons used...

Duration: 01:02:26

Abby Spindelman

Abby created Intimacy Alive, where she offers coaching in relationships and intimacy. She is also a yoga instructor. We talked about her transition from interior design industry employee in NYC to business owner in Buffalo.

Duration: 01:41:08

Omeri Monroe

Omeri writes and performs his own songs. He strives to learn, collaborate, absorb, and inspire. Omeri grew up listening to the solid gold soul sounds playing on his godmother's radio every day. Omeri performs two of his songs, "Let's Go", and "You're My Medicine"... prepare to groove ya'll. From an early age he developed independence and ability to provide for himself. As far as I'm concerned, he's a natural-born leader.

Duration: 01:21:35

Joshua Curry-Bascome

Josh works with people who are homeless and have severe mental disorders and addictions. He helps them find stable housing and he does it with a rare strength of mind and body. Josh loves philosophy and uncovering challenging thinkers whose buried ideas are as volatile as they are revolutionary. He's also the most quietly ferocious dude I know in our Jiu Jitsu academy.

Duration: 01:36:44

Erik Light

Erik Light discovers interesting people doing interesting things. Then he conceptualizes, writes, directs, shoots, and edits a reality web series with them. The process to bring one concept to life takes loads of personal sacrifice and years of his life. He's having a blast, and he's learned a ton about how to prevent a creative dream from being snuffed out by the naysayers.

Duration: 01:42:14

Stephen Godchaux

Stephen has written for a dozen television shows, including Roseanne and Spin City. He was the Executive Producer and head writer of the acclaimed series Dead Like Me on Showtime. He has written television pilots for CBS, NBC, Fox, ABC, FX, TNT and USA. He was nominated for a Writers Guild Award for Best Original Television Movie for his film “Charlotte,” part of the film anthology Five on Lifetime. He is adapting Walker Percy’s celebrated novel “The Moviegoer,” winner of the 1962 National...

Duration: 01:30:39

Angela Myles Beeching

A self-described, recovering cellist... Angela wrote the book on how to create a career in music, and she works directly with composers, giving them tools to get unstuck, take risks, and face the hard questions only art can answer.

Duration: 01:36:11

Josh Moran

Josh is The Barefoot Dog Trainer. He is also one of the Philosophers and Madmen who trains Jiu Jitsu at BUMA. We talk about how he became a full time dog trainer and the ways we all discover behavior that "just works", and how natural it is for us to misjudge and misplace the meaning of behavior.

Duration: 01:24:09

Margo de Beijer-Meijer

Margo is a life coach and ADHD coach at Meijer & de Beijer in Amsterdam. We talk about how The Tools lit a fire under our midlife asses, what it ultimately takes to switch to an entirely different career in your forties, and the medicine Margo herself uses and shares with her growing client base.

Duration: 01:41:43

Is this show for you?

In this introductory episode, we look through the lenses of curiosity, psychotherapy, music, psychedelics, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Sexual Harassment, Marriage, Transgender, Midlife Crisis, and the impending loss of all our jobs and major industries. The question... Is this really the show for you?

Duration: 00:41:36