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Editor's Note #15

An Editor's Note about Time and Space! Run Time: 1:12:33 Upcoming Schedule: We cover two primary categories of topics in this episode: TIME and SPACE! Also, at the very end of this month, we're launching a Patreon! Help us keep making The Letters Page, and be a part of the podcast yourself! We'll be putting more information here as we get closer to March. Next week is Iron Legacy and other alternate realities! It's going to be a lot of ups and downs...


Episode 56 - Miss Information

Lots of Fake News in this episode. Where is it all coming from? Show Notes: Run Time: 1:42:15 Let's go back to the 50s! This episode starts with story from very early on, and then works its way up through the end, slowly but surely. After fifteenish minutes of establishing backstory and world stuff and some goofs, we get into the villainous stuff. Then, we spend a bunch of time in the aughts! I don't want to spoil too much in the show notes - you'll just have to listen to find out...


Episode 55 - Parse

Parse has keen arrows, but a far more keen eye! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:30:53 We don't spend any time dillying or dallying in this episode! In fact, this may be most "content per minute" episode we've ever done - just jam-packed with the story of Parse through the years of Sentinel Comics! We start off in the 80s, including a bunch of information on how various titles are being treated then, laying the groundwork for Parse's origin. Just after the 6 minute mark, we mention that the...


Episode 54 - Supernatural Settings

The most settings ever covered in one episode! Show Notes: Run Time: 2:11:34 This episode is all about the weird and magical environments from the world of Sentinel Comics! An important note: There are a few spoilers in this episode for the story of the issues included in the Sentinel Comics RPG Starter Kit. If you want to avoid a minor spoiler, skip from 1:31:20 to 1:32:04. From 1:43:45 to just before 1:48, we do get into a few more notable story spoilers, so listen at your own peril....


Episode 53 - The Operative

She's a smoooooth operator! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:12:59 New intro on today's episode! Trevor's trying out something different! What do you think? Tweet at us and let us know: @SCLettersPage After some light silliness, we get right into her not-very-light backstory. We reference two other episodes a few times in this episode: the Mister Fixer episode, and The Chairman episode. They're both important to this one, so worth giving a quick listen to, though we do rehash a lot of the...


Editor's Note #14

The first Editor's Note of 2018! Run Time: 56:49 Upcoming Schedule: Topics of today's Editor's Note: And the promised photos: [photos] With the posting of this episode, you have less than 24 hours to get in any questions about The Operative! Ask your questions about her and the above upcoming schedule characters and topics!


Episode 52 - Time Travel Settings

All of the wibbly-wobbly places! Times? Both! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:01:25 In this episode, we cover the particularly time-travel related environments from the world of Sentinel Comics: For each of those locations (times?!), we first give an overview, and then use your questions to dig deeper into the stories of that setting. Next week, we'll be talking all about The Operative, so get your questions in now!


Episode 51 - Greazer

You didn't even know that you wanted an episode on an intergalactic bounty hunter, and yet, here we are! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:23:43 In the first five minutes, we devolve into roleplaying as our own characters, so that sets the tone for this entire episode. You're welcome? After that, we get to Hero in the Arena #1, the true first appearance of Greazer. But the bulk of today's overview segment is the discussion of the book "Greazer", which we go over page-by-page of the first few...


Episode 50 - Sky-Scraper

An episode that towers head and shoulders above all others! Or does it stand as an ant among giants? Only you can tell! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:20:17 We start off by confessing our sins and solving a notable problem... or at least hinting to that problem's solution. But that allows us to move forward with Portja Kip-Pro's story! (Which we start by pointing out a problem raised by the Kaargra Warfang episode, and then solving it. We're problem solvers!) But then we're back on...


Welcome to 2018!

Happy New Year! Starting off this new year with a quick 2017 retrospective! First thing first, we're pushing the schedule we announced last week back by one week in order to take a chunk of time to reset and reconcile all of the tangled webs we have weaved. Woven. Woved. Anyway! The upcoming schedule now looks like this! Thank you all for being such a big part of what we do here. We're excited to do even more for and with you here in 2018.


Editor's Note #13

Another thrilling Editor's Note! This one has a Special Guest! We're pretty excited. You'll just have to listen to find out who it is! Run Time: 1:03:28 Upcoming Schedule: Topics of today's Editor's Note: See you next year!


Episode 49 - Kaargra Warfang and the Bloodsworn Colosseum

To celebrate Boxing Day, let's talk about the fighters in the cosmic arena! (Yes, yes, we know that Boxing Day has nothing to do with the pugilistic sport of boxing.) Show Notes: Run Time: 1:07:06 After only a couple minutes of jawing about the holidays, your intrepid hosts get right into the history of the Bloodsworn Colosseum in the pages of Sentinel Comics. Around the twelve minute mark, we finally tell an integral part of the Tony Taurus story. Then, on to more and different...


Episode 48 - Cosmic Settings

Let's talk about all manner of places in the Sentinel Comics galaxy! Show Notes: Run Time: 145:33 In today's episode, we cover a few notable Cosmic Settings: With only going over four environments in this episode, we have enough time to really get into each of them. We go through them in the above order, answering your great questions on each setting as we cover that environment. The cosmic place we talk about the least this week is the Bloodsworn Colosseum, which is the topic of next...


Episode 47 - Cosmic Contest

A Contest of Cosmic proportions! Show Notes: Run Time: 2:46:41 Whole lotta story going on today! Who will win? Only time will tell! I mean, actually, we're gonna tell you. In this episode. The show notes today would be pretty spoilerific, so I'm just going to give some useful timestamps here. The whole thing is story, so just listen to it! After a few minutes of banter and overview, we cover what all of the tiers and brackets contain, and then get right into going through each of...


Episode 46 - Captain Cosmic & Infinitor

We're back with an episode about brothers! Show Notes: Run Time: 2:14:22 It's been a month since we last recorded and we're thrilled to be back! We are also very excited about the release of the Starter Kit for Sentinel Comics: the Roleplaying Game! So many thrilling things. Also! This episode goes live the morning of Tuesday, December 5th. The deadline for getting your Cosmic Contest entries to us is tomorrow, Wednesday, December 6th! Very exciting. Let's get into the...


Editor's Note #12

An editor's note! About Things! So many things. Run Time: 1:11:18 Upcoming Schedule: Topics of today's Editor's Note: Don't forget, the deadline for getting your Cosmic Contest entries in is Wednesday, December 6th!


Episode 45 - Biomancer

A creepy podcast about a creepy fellow, indeed! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:04:32 "We make things up and then are surprised when you like them." We start off with the first appearance of Biomancer in Sentinel Comics, and then get into the deeper truth behind who Biomancer really was. The truth is out there! And it's in this episode, too. We cover Biomancer's overview in under fifteen minutes. It's your questions (starting about 14 minutes in) that bring out all the really interesting...


Episode 44 - Blood Magic

An episode on the vital essence of most living things in Sentinel Comics! Show Notes: Run Time: 1:25:30 (A quick note on run times - I've been asked to stop listing the minutes in just minutes for episodes that take over an hour, thus the new format! Just to be entirely clear, the first number is the number of hours, the central number is number of minutes beyond that hour, and the last number is the number of seconds beyond those minutes.) The overview portion of today's episode...


Episode 43 - Urban Settings

This is our very first settings episode, in which we talk about environments and locations from the world of Sentinel Comics! Show Notes: Run Time: 113:16 In today's episode, we cover Urban Settings such as: We start off by doing a quick rundown of each of these locations, and then we get into your questions! The Q&A portion of the episode begins about seven minutes into the episode. In the Megalopolis section, we answer a couple questions about banners seen in that fair city in the...


Episode 42 - Spite

Of all the villains we've talked about so far, this one is possibly the most evil. Show Notes: Run Time: 113:40 To reiterate what we mention in content warning at the very start of the episode, you might not want to listen to this episode with your kids. Or, at least, pre-screen this episode for content. Spite's pretty awful. In this episode, we reference both The Wraith's episode and GloomWeaver's episode. They're both pretty important to what's going on here, so you should probably...


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