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Some strategies to deal with life as it keeps coming at you - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP 44

Most people are hoping for greener pastures. There is some idea that eventually life will smooth out, money will flow easily, and we eventually achieve balance, ease and freedom, but what happens when life doesn’t seem to stop coming at you. How do we navigate business, when our life seems to keep getting in the way? From Laura and I’s experience, life never stops coming at you, so to succeed and find liberation we have to learn to embrace it. This episode is all about how to handle your...


Focusing on the ONE thing to streamline your business for success - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP 43

I believe it is really important to focus on ONE thing. In today’s world, most business owners are doing multiple things, businesses, ventures, projects and because of this, they are diminishing their impact and income. Focusing on multiple things means it will be even harder to achieve freedom and fulfilment. Laura and I explore what it means to focus on ONE thing. We dive into how important it is to know what your one thing is and to stay in your lane. This is a powerful episode you don’t...


Marketing & sales: the truth about how they really impact your business - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP 42

Today, we are finally diving into the topics of marketing and sales. We spend a lot of time talking about the inner aspects of succeeding in business, but we can’t talk about liberation in business without addressing two key components to success: marketing and sales. Most business owners are obsessed with marketing, whether it is avoiding it, spending all their time doing it or just worrying about it. We talk about the difference between marketing and sales and why focusing on marketing...


Why we need to re-balance the books from giving to receiving - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP 41

Too many women are constantly giving to others, moving around other’s needs, and sacrificing their well being for the well being of others. We need to re-balance the books on giving and receiving. This is a really relevant and vulnerable topic for me right now and I share some of my experiences and realisations as I am integrating this in my own life. Someone actually told me that I need to learn to take more than I give and this was a very uncomfortable idea for me, so i decided to bring...


Aligning our business with our strengths and gifts (i.e. our essential self) - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP40

This week we wanted to pull on a previous thread. We had a request to talk a little bit more about how to align our businesses with our essential selves. This is a core topic in the work that I do because the more alignment we create with our natural gifts and strengths, the more ease, balance and success we can create in our business. Of course, before we can align our business with our authentic self, we have to know what that self looks like.…not the one we have been for others, or the...


Why women have to stop moving for anyone but themselves - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP39

Women for centuries have been moving out of their own alignment, out of their own gifts and intuition, in order to accommodate others and to succeed in a very patriarchal world. I have definitely seen this as a theme in business. So many women are exhausting themselves trying to run their business out of alignment with themselves. I decided a long time ago that I was done moving for anyone else, but recently it is something I have been thinking about a lot more. This is really the core of...


Subtracting rather than adding to our lives this year - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP38

So as we move into the new year, everyone is thinking about goals and resolutions, and it is a great time to do that, but today we wanted to look at it from a different viewpoint. Most people look at what else they want to create, adding another layer of to-dos to their already busy plate. We wanted to look at how you could frame your goals and resolutions from what you can subtract out of your life this year. What could you let go of, disengage from and erase from your life that would...


Redefining balance so we can navigate our life and business more effectively - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP37

We wanted to dive into the juicy topic of balance. There is so much talk, both positive and negative around work/life balance. Everyone is either trying to achieve more balance in their lives or rejecting the idea of balance completely. I actually think it is time to re-define what balance for ourselves. Imbalance leads to exhaustion, overwhelm and struggle. So today, Laura and I are talking about how to find more balance. We also veer into the topic of the masculine and feminine and some...


Beyond time management: how we can shift our perception of time - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP36

Today, we are tackling the topic of time. This is not just a tongue twister, but one of the biggest issues that women in business are struggling with. I don’t know a single person that feels like they have enough time. There is a lot of talk about time management, but we also wanted to explore our perception around time. How do we shift the way we see time? How do we get back on top of our time? This is a great episode as we approach the holidays and the end of year. For more resources and...


Looking at business from a feminine lens Part 2 - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP35

Last week we dove into the topic of looking at business from a feminine lens. We felt that there was so much more to discuss, so we are tackling part 2 today. The business world is dominated by a masculine lens. The practices, structures and philosophies are all masculine. I have seen women contort themselves to fit into these structures instead of feeling like they can operate their business in a way that is more authentic to themselves. What does operating in a feminine way even mean,...


Looking at business from a feminine lens Part 1 - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP34

Let’s be honest, the business world is dominated by a masculine lens. The practices, structures and philosophies are all masculine. I have seen women contort themselves to fit into these structures instead of feeling like they can operate their business in a way that is authentic to themselves. So today, we are exploring what it is like to look at business through a feminine lens. This is Part 1 and we will offer a Part 2 next week. This is a big topic, but one that is important for our...


When your life partner is not backing you up in your business - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP33

I see a lot of women struggling with their life partners around their business. What do we do when our partners are not backing us up in our business? We can try to create alignment as much as possible, but when that doesn’t work, what do we do? We talk about this topic from all sides because honestly, having a business is a family affair. We also talk about how important it is to stay in integrity with yourself and trust yourself even when your partner is pulling you in a different...


Busting business myths and fairy tales so you can really achieve success - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP32

Myths and fairy tales about how to succeed in business are rampant in the marketing world and in social media. Today, we are bringing to light the mythical creatures that roam in the business forest so you can avoid these beasts and create a sustainable and successful business. Some of the fairy tale stories we cover are overnight success, passive income and oh how easy it is to succeed in business. Sadly, we have all bought into the fairy tales at one time or another. What we really want...


Mother’s guilt or carer’s guilt: how we find the balance between all of things we love - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP31

As women, we are often juggling different care roles and as mother’s we have a particular challenge with navigating motherhood and business. Today we wanted to talk about mother’s guilt or carer’s guilt and the way we can often feel torn by not having enough time or energy to give to everyone and everything we care about. As business owners, most of us love our businesses, but we also love our family, hobbies or the parts of lives that pull us in a different direction. We talk about some...


Keeping up the momentum in your business as we approach the end of the year - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP30

It is that time of year when so many business owners start losing momentum as they move into the holidays, so today we wanted to talk about some perspectives and strategies on how to keep your momentum moving in your business through the holidays so you can start off the new year right. What happens with so many business owners is they start slowing down now and lose attention and energy moving into the holidays and by the time they are back in their business in the new year it takes ages...


Stabilising your business by stripping back to the essentials - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP29

It is so important to stabilise your business before you focus on growth. In this episode, I am talking about stabilising your business by stripping it back to the basics. In my experience, too many women are trying to grow or scale an unstable business. Ultimately, this doesn’t work, so either they don’t end up growing their business or their business falls like a house of cards. We talk about what it looks like and feels like to have a stable business. Our talk leads into some great...


Why profit comes before impact - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP27

In today’s episode, we wanted to pull a thread on another one of our episodes around money. We have talked about investing in your business and valuing yourself, but today we wanted to talk about profit and specifically why profit comes before impact. Many women including myself are focused on impact. We want to change the world, support others and really contribute to the lives around us. We often struggle to tie in the importance of profit to our impact equation. Women can do some much...


Managing your energy when business is intense - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP27

How well do you manage your energy? In today’s episode, we are looking at how to manage your energy at the same time you are trying to manage a business, because let’s be honest, sometimes running a business is intense and we feel exhausted. Laura and I talk about the difference between the times we just feel tired because we are busy, but everything is great, and other times when exhaustion is a sign that something in our business isn’t working. I believe energy is our most precious...


Embracing imperfection, failure and skill-building - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP26

Today, we wanted to talk about perfectionism and really look at it from two points of view: How we as business owners get stuck in perfectionism when we are trying to serve our clients and also how we expect perfectionism with our own mentors and the people in our lives who support our journey. We as business owners can get stuck in the loop of trying to be perfect and give our all to our clients, but we are human and sometimes we make mistakes. So what do we do when we make a mistake as a...


Competition, collaboration and why we have to own our power - The Liberation Lab Podcast EP25

We thought it was time to talk about competition and collaboration. When women are still struggling for equality in the world, why are we keeping each other and ourselves down with competition and comparison? We rip off the surface idea that competition is a shameful thing and talk about why all women can hit these feelings from time to time. We actually explore WHY feelings of competitiveness, jealousy and insecurity can come up, and what we can do to navigate them in our business and...


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