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The Liberation Project: A Movement for Manhood is an honest, in your face podcast that challenges the social and cultural norms that define today’s man. Through witty banter and provocative conversations we’re redefining masculinity. We’re finding a balance somewhere in between the classic caveman and the limp-wristed doormat of today’s generation. Tune in and learn what it is to be a confident, powerful, loving leader that people trust and admire. If you’re ready for the challenge of being a “real man,” you’re ready to join The Liberation Project.




The Liberation Project, 1805 Hilltop Dr Suite #207, Redding, CA, 96002, United States


The Seven Relationship Killers

Relationships are hard. A lot don't survive. However, most relationships that fall apart have similar characteristics. By identifying them, and removing them, we can have vastly improved relationships! In this episode, we talk about seven of relationship's "poison pills."

Duration: 00:48:14

The Power of Compassion

Compassion may be the most underrated emotional health tool. It has the capacity to improve our relationships, free us emotionally, and set us on a collision course for the lives we want. In this episode, we break down compassion and how to apply it!

Duration: 00:45:26

Humanizing Hollywood

Have you ever wondered what Hollywood is really like from an insider? In this episode, Pierson Fode, two time Emmy nominated actor, shares with us his insiders perspective of Los Angeles. You'll hear the good, the bad, and the ugly from someone inside the industry. You won't want to miss this candid interview!

Duration: 01:21:01

Becoming Someone Who Stands Out from the Crowd

In this episode, we interview one of our all-time favorite clients. She epitomizes someone who took ownership of her life, and was willing to do what it took to create the life she wanted! We wanted to understand her process, and how she was able to differentiate herself from so many other people! We uncover some pretty phenomenal secrets!

Duration: 01:00:05

Navigating Different Seasons of Life

Does life feel hard? Or are you in a difficult season? In this episode, we discuss the different seasons we face in life, and how our handling of them determines if we are happy or unhappy. If we can discern our current season, we can enjoy the fruits and ride out the storms! You can learn how in this episode.

Duration: 00:42:55

How to Become Bully-Proof

Bullying seems to be an epidemic. Whether it's a kid in school, or a boss or co-worker, it seems like bullying is everywhere. We're waking up to to the pain of bullying, but are we addressing the root causes? In this episode, we dive into bullying and explain where bullying comes from...and hopefully, how to stop it!

Duration: 00:46:18

The Epidemic of Loneliness

It's more and more common. The feeling of loneliness. Even when we are surrounded by people we can feel like we aren't really connecting. In this episode, we discuss the root causes of loneliness, and more importantly, what to do about it.

Duration: 00:48:35

Becoming a Liberated Man

What does it take to be a "Liberated Man"? In this episode, we highlight stories from our recent conference that exemplify how to become a powerful man. We share insights and observations about men on the journey of becoming free and emotionally healthy.

Duration: 00:49:40

Blair's Breakup

We've all been hurt by a romantic relationship, or lack thereof. In this episode, the guy's discuss Blair's recent breakup. It's a vulnerable conversation about the importance of love, and what happens when it hurts.

Duration: 00:48:37

Releasing Your Inner Soldier

All of us have a soldier within us...someone that is willing to fight for what we believe in, and protect those we love. In this episode, we talk with a Marine (Josh Cearbaugh) about his experiences in the armed services, and adjusting to life after service.

Duration: 00:52:19

The Struggle With Suicide

Suicide seems to be prevalent. More and more people are either contemplating suicide, or attempting it. Are these people alone? Or is this something that is far more common than most people admit. In this episode, we share our struggles with suicidal thoughts, and a few encouragements for those people struggling and those who love them.

Duration: 00:57:33

Leaving Your Mark on the World

Do you know you're meant for influence? Are you confident that you're supposed to make a difference, but don't know how? In this episode, we discuss people who have created lasting changes, and the strategies that allow people to fulfill their potential.

Duration: 00:26:47

Ten Things That Make Us Miserable...and How to Avoid Them

Sometimes a good life isn't about what we do or have...but what we don't include in our lives! In this ridiculous episode, we dissect some of the most poisonous, confusing, or just energy-draining things that we shouldn't keep in our lives. Join us to learn what to discard and to become "misery-proof" (That's a word now. Yes, it is. Don't argue).

Duration: 00:40:28

Letting Go of Regret

Do you have any regrets? Of course. We all do. We might regret a business decision or the way a relationship ended. We might regret not taking more risks, or not having decided to "save money" a little earlier in life. Regardless of where you have regret, it's important to learn how to let it emotionally go, and move forward with your life. Otherwise, regrets can choke out intimacy, zest for life, and willingness to engage meaningfully in our work. This week, we share how to let regret go!

Duration: 00:42:37

The Questions You Probably Need to Be Asking

In this lighthearted episode, Justin and Blair fire "important" questions at one another. You'll probably laugh, you might get a little surprised...but you'll definitely have some good questions to ask yourself and someone you care about!

Duration: 00:45:31

Saying Yes to Life!

Often creating a great life comes down to the simple ability to say "yes"! Life has a way of dragging us along, swallowing up opportunities and causing us to say no...when we really want to say yes! In this episode, we discuss the importance of creating moments, going on adventures, and embracing all that life has to offer.

Duration: 00:25:12

Life Tips from a Superbowl Champion

For many young men, playing in the NFL is a dream come true. The fame, fortune, and opportunities you could have by doing something you love so much is something few young men ever experience. In this candid interview with former Seattle Seahawks long snapper, Clint Gresham, we take an inside look at the life of an NFL player who was part of a Super Bowl winning team. What we find out is that winning isn’t everything. Success is riddled with ups and downs, victories and defeats, tears of...

Duration: 01:04:29

The Price of Success

Success is elusive for most. All of our definitions differ, but we're all trying to attain something. For some, it's internal. For others, it's accomplishment or financial abundance. In this episode, we share what it really cost to create and sustain success.

Duration: 00:53:16

The Rise of the Old-School Gentleman

Is the age of gentleman gone? It's been challenged, but is it dead? In this episode, we discuss whether being a gentleman is a good, or a bad thing. You won't want to miss this episode.

Duration: 00:44:40

The Freedom in Surrendering

Surrendering is typically considered weak or passive. But is it? Is there a form of surrendering that actually brings freedom and empowerment? In this episode, we share how surrendering is actually key to a happy life and healthy relationships.

Duration: 00:43:25

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