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01-25-18 Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock and Tim Picciott

Get Tomorrow’s news today with Tim Picciott as he breaks down the dangers in the stock and bond market. If you have bonds in your retirement account this is a show you won’t want to miss. Tim explains concepts such as interest rate risk and duration risk and explains the biggest issue facing the economy that no one seems to care about. Recorded on 1.25.18 while the stock market was at all time highs, Tim’s warnings could prove to be very prophetic. The first 20 mins are so deal with Trump...


Episode 14 - Sheriff Richard Mack

Today on the podcast we are honored to have Sheriff Richard Mack. The Sheriff is running for congress on a Libertarian Constitutional platform as a Republican. The election is Feb 27th and he needs our help. We hope you enjoy this wide ranging discussion and if you care about your rights and freedoms I’d highly encourage you to like, share and donate to the Sheriff.


Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock and Tim Picciott

In this special edition of the “Declare your Independence with Ernest Hancock” show Tim and Ernie delve into the Fisa Memo. If you are running short on time you can get the full boil down in the first three minutes.


Episode 13

In this wide ranging talk at the Arizona Breakfast club, Tim lays the foundation for why America’s pension system will fail. Tim also talks about the biggest risks retiree’s face in retirement and how many of those same risks exist in the pension system as well. With more and more Baby Boomers withdrawing their retirement funds each and everyday to live off, sequence of return risk poses a massive risk, not only to their own retirements but their pensions as well. In 2008 the oldest baby...


Episode 12 - The Trump Effect and Why Good News is Bad News

This was from a speech I gave at March 10-7-17 at the Arizona Breakfast club on “The Trump Effect, and why Good news is bad news” I also touch on one of the greatest risk retirees face which is sequence of return risk. Many of these same problems still exist today and in fact many of them are much larger than when I initially gave this talk due to people who identify as republican feeling much more optimistic. Even though I was a huge cheer leader for the POTUS, I knew that his election...


Episode 11 - Bitcoin v bitcoin cash

Bitcoin v bitcoin cash Transcript: [00:00:42] So this is the libertarian adviser podcast. Right now we’re going to talk about bitcoin vers bitcoin cash has been a hot subject the news lately. Yesterday a coin base the largest U.S. exchange decided to add Peercoin cash to their lineups. Right now you can get a Bitcoin bitcoin cash Ethereum and lite coins through coin base which is the largest U.S. exchange. Now that news, was at dinner yesterday talking about bitcoin cash with one of...


Episode 10 - Doug Casey, Ernest Hancock and Tim Picciott

We are very excited and honored to have Doug Casey on the podcast and for 2 FULL HOURS! In this podcast Tim and Ernie interview Doug Casey from the studios of Freedoms Phoenix . In this wide ranging and in depth interview, Doug shares his thoughts on Crypto, the economy, spirituality, the singularity, IPOing’ the Saloman islands and much more. We also discuss Doug’s latest novel’s “Drug Lord” and “Speculator” both of which can be found at Bio: Doug Casey is a...


Bitcoin / Crypto’s How much to invest, should you invest, how to invest etc.

In this episode of the Libertarian Advisor podcast we cover the bitcoin mania taking the world by storm. In the past few weeks the amount of interest in bitcoin has absolutely exploded. Tim discusses why he’s excited about Crypto’s while giving a brief background of his blockchain investing experience. Tim also goes over how to buy and sell bitcoin, how to buy alt coins and what exchanges to use to buy alt coins. We also cover how to store bitcoin and what “Cold Storage”...


Episode 8 - Comparing Bitcoin / Crypto Currencies to the US Dollar

In this podcast we discuss Nobel Prize Winner Joseph Stiglitz’s claim that bitcoin ought to be outlawed. We then compare the fraud that is the global monetary system using (visual capitalists infographics) to Bitcoin. Finally we get into some of the basic misconceptions people have when it comes to the price of crypto currencies relative to one another while providing some very useful crypto currency websites.


Episode 7 - Adam Kokesh

Todays guest is Adam Kokesh. Adam is a Freedom activist and Iraq war vet. Adam has been a very outspoken critic of the Iraq war and the US military industrial complex. Adam is currently running for President as a candidate for the Libertarian Party, while simultaneously running a platform to not be your president. In this podcast Adam talks about how he became an activist, how the Taxation is Theft tour went, the delegate strategy that he is laying the ground work for; what not for...


Crypto’s and Conspiracies 1 - What the Fork is going on. What is Bitcoin, Why did bitcoin fork and is it a bubble?

In this Episode of The Libertarian Advisor Podcast Tim introduces a new category to the podcast entitled Crypto’s and Conspiracies. Tim is joined by fellow entrepreneur, Ironman triathlete and truth seeker Matt Mckean to discuss all things crypto related. Some of the topics we discuss include: Is Bitcoin a bubble, The impending global financial crisis, Why central banks are a scam, What is Bitcoin, How is Bitcoin mined, Why did Bitcoin Fork, transaction fee’s, and does the Bilderberg...


Episode 5 - The Real Russian Collusion Story

We get into how the real Russian collusion story involves, Hillary, Podesta and Mueller.


Episode 4 - Health Care , Trump, Rino’s and Solutions

In this podcast we talk about the politics surrounding the health care debate. We also discuss one very important issue at the end that no one is addressing.


Episode 3 - Rothschild Central Banking and Macron

In this episode we talk about the new French President Macron and his ties to the Rothschild Banking Dynasty.


Episode 2 - Trump’s Tax Plan Broken Down

In this episode we talk about Trumps tax plan and how that would effect people as well as companies.


Episode 1 - Historic Trump Victory Broken Down

In this episode we talk about the historic Trump victory and cover the left’s reaction as well as things the FED could do to derail Trump.