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Episode Thirty-Five: Conservatives Make their Stand

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis discuss the Alabama special election. Was there a progressive wave? Or did conservatives go on strike?

Duration: 00:42:10

Episode Thirty-Four: The Police Murder of Daniel Shaver

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis briefly discuss Roy Moore's race in Alabama then discuss in-depth the police killing of pest control worker Daniel Shaver, the rules for use of force by police, and the danger of reflexive pro- or anti-police bias.

Duration: 00:31:49

Episode Thirty-Three: Oral Arguments

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis break down the Masterpiece Cakeshop oral arguments, contemplate Justice Kennedy’s “anti-bully” jurisprudence, discuss the most surprising moment of the argument, and make their optimistic and pessimistic predictions.

Duration: 00:45:48

Episode Thirty-Two: Of Cakes and Criminals

David and Alexandra answer the question, "Is Trump immune from an obstruction of justice charge?" They also discuss the difference between indictment and impeachment and then discuss how even member of the conservative pundit hall of fame can be wrong about the First Amendment.

Duration: 00:45:44

Episode Thirty-One: Two Rants

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis take on two terrible arguments -- addressing first a philosophy professor's case for Roy Moore and then deceptive attacks on free speech and religious liberty from the Left.

Duration: 00:46:37

Episode Thirty: The Icon Rule

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis discuss the sexual-misconduct double-standard for liberal icons, explore why politicians from both parties get a pass when titans of industry do not, and lament a terrible abortion ruling from a Texas federal court.

Duration: 00:38:55

Episode Twenty-Nine: Al Franken, the Pence Rule, and Ordered Liberty

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis explain the legal meaning of the claims against Al Franken, ask whether the modern moment will cause the culture to question the sexual revolution, and ponder the propriety of the "Pence Rule."

Duration: 00:43:45

Episode Twenty-Eight: The Free Speech Dream Team

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis talk to the Alliance Defending Freedom’s David Cortman and Kristen Waggoner, lead lawyers in two of the most important Supreme Court free speech cases in a generation, speak about their cases, their clients, and the constitutional issues at stake.

Duration: 00:37:51

Episode Twenty-Seven: Roy Moore and the Question of Due Process

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis discuss good news from the Supreme Court, describe why due process isn’t relevant to weighing the claims against Roy Moore, and Alexandra justifies her opposition to the new Lord of the Rings series coming soon from Amazon.

Duration: 00:46:23

Episode Twenty-Six: Just Say No to Forced Speech

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis discuss a vital potential Supreme Court case. Can pro-life crisis pregnancy centers be compelled to advertise free abortions? The Ninth Circuit says yes, the First Amendment should say no.

Duration: 00:40:45

Episode Twenty-Five: Thoughts and Prayers

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis discuss the church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the Left’s vicious response to Americans who offer prayers in response to mass shootings, and the impact of various so-called “common sense” gun control proposals on gun violence and civil liberties.

Duration: 00:41:53

Episode Twenty-Four: “Why Aren’t Libertarians Pro-Life?”

David and Alexandra discuss by the centrality of the right to life in the fight for liberty, and consider the question: “Why aren’t more libertarians pro-life?”

Duration: 00:41:49

Episode Twenty-Three: Indictment Day

David French and Alexandra DeSanctis break down a big day in the Russian investigation. Paul Manafort indicted, George Papadopoulos pled guilty, and Tony Podesta stepped down from his lobbying firm. What does it all mean?

Duration: 00:46:04

Episode Twenty-Two: The War on Terror

It’s a war on terror edition of the Liberty Files. David French discusses and dismisses the Niger/Benghazi comparison and the many problems with the latest court rulings against Trump’s so-called “Travel Ban.”

Duration: 00:48:47

Episode Twenty-One: Charles Cooke

NRO editor Charlie Cooke joins David French to discuss a passionate free speech debate at Kenyon College, a debate that helped illustrate the challenge to free speech on campus.

Duration: 00:47:45

Episode Eighteen: John Villasenor

David French talks to UCLA professor John Villasenor about his new survey showing that a shocking number of college students not only approve of censorship, many even approve of violence to stop “offensive” speech.

Duration: 00:38:39

Episode Eighteen: Who’s Afraid of Due Process?

Robert Shibley, the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education's Executive Director, joins David French to answer the question, "What's so controversial abut due process?"

Duration: 00:44:26

Episode Seventeen: The Return of the Religious Test

In a special edition of the Liberty Files, David French asks why Democratic senators are imposing religious tests for public office, exposes the absurdity of the SPLC's so-called "hate map," and explains how radical anti-religious thought goes mainstream.

Duration: 00:45:17

Episode Sixteen: Harvey Silverglate

David French speaks with Harvey Silverglate, FIRE co-founder and former president of the board of the Massachusetts chapter of the ACLU, about problems with the recent "free speech" event in Boston, the ACLU's inconsistencies, and the persistent free speech crisis on campus.

Duration: 00:48:19

Episode Fifteen: Two Ominous Weeks

In a special edition of The Liberty Files, David French breaks down the cultural and corporate threat to free speech online. In the aftermath of Charlottesville, corporate progressives gear up to ban "hate groups" from the web. But can they be trusted to protect the marketplace of ideas?

Duration: 00:34:48

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