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The Life of a Gentleman is a podcast designed for menswear enthusiasts which focuses on having listeners gain more respect and confidence with lessons in life, etiquette, & personal style. Journey through your own life of becoming a gentleman (or woman) with your hosts Richard, Charles, & Denis Styles.






Know The Alpha Female & How To Travel To The City Of Brotherly Love: Episode 57

During this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, Richard spends his time learning about the Alpha Female and traveling to Philadelphia. He is first joined by C.C. Lyons, author of Alpha Females Unleashed: From The Boardroom To The Bedroom. C.C. educates listeners on the characteristics of an Alpha Female and how to approach one. She also explains how Alpha Females Unleashed was created and why it’s important. Richard is then joined in studio by co-host Darius as they discuss their trip to...

Duration: 00:36:49

Raise Your Confidence Level & Learn 5 Business Etiquette Tips: Episode 56

Richard is first joined by co-host Darius as they address the problem of being too shy when selling a brand or product. They both agree that confidence in your brand and business is important when trying to gain sales. Darius shares a story of how he had to put himself out there in order to raise awareness about his business. Richard even makes the point to mention the fine line between confidence and arrogance since one is better received than the other. Then, Devoreaux Walton of the...

Duration: 00:34:14

Take Proper Care of Your Possessions & Your Brand Is More Than Free Clothes: Episode 55

During this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, the main focus is possessions. As gentleman, we should be able to care for our items as well as the items of others. Our newly appointed co-host, Darius, joins Richard to discuss the importance of being responsible for your things, whether it’s your home or your car. Since the condition of our possessions is a reflection of us, both Richard and Darius provide tips to aid gentlemen on taking better care of those possessions. Then, Akil (aka...

Duration: 00:39:24

Keep Your 2017 Resolution & Know Your Suit Construction (Again): Episode 54


Duration: 00:44:09

The 10 Things Every Gentleman Should Have: Episode 53

*different format* 10 Things Every Gentleman Should Have *30 min straight might feel long–next time take “quick breaks”* *can turn them into contests* Denis sounds prepared! 1. Tailor 2. 1 Well Tailored Suit 3. Weekend/Overnight Bag 4. Shoe Horn 5. Great Barber 6. Grill 7. Good quality wallet 8. Book 9. Eyewear/Sunglasses 10. Moisterizer

Duration: 00:33:45

Learn to Stop Making Excuses & Change Your Perspective: Episode 52

This episode of The Life Of A Gentleman is focused on personal development in hopes to encourage listeners to get through difficulties by changing perspectives. Richard is first joined by Darius as they explain the downside to making excuses. As they both share personal stories of times where they’ve had hurdles, Richard and Darius mention how they overcame them. Darius also gives advice on how to take action instead of complaining. To further instill this point, Marcedes Fuller returns to...

Duration: 00:38:51

Enhance Your Personal Presentation With Eminent Style Customs: Episode 51

This episode of The Life Of A Gentleman is focused on personal presentation and having eminent style. Richard is once again joined by Darius as they discuss the importance of personal presentation. Since first impressions are vital, they each give tips that encourage looking your best no matter where you’re going. Richard and Darius also share personal stories of when their presentations were not up to par. Then, Richard interviews special guest Mike Taylor (of Eminent Style Customs) to...

Duration: 00:36:56

Remain A Gentleman Through Challenges & Turn Your Passion Into Business: Episode 50

This episode of The Life Of A Gentleman is focused on being a gentleman during life challenges and turning passion into profit. Richard is once again joined by Darius, as they discuss how to “not lose your cool” as a gentleman. Darius gives various tips, such as taking a time out and remembering victories, to endure challenges and remain a gentleman. Then, Akil (also known as Dapper Advisor) speaks with Richard about how his fashion blog has inspired his own online store. They both speak...

Duration: 00:34:40

Know the Importance of Your Brand & Different Types of Suits: Episode 49

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, the topics focus on brand building and various types of suits to purchase. Richard is first joined by his good friend Darius as they discuss rap artist Ice Cube’s new basketball league The Big 3. Both gentlemen explain the importance of planning and organizing in order for a brand to be successful. Also, they each examine the pros and cons of having investors providing capital to a brand. Then, Nicholas (also known as The Suburban Gent) joins...

Duration: 00:35:21

Learn How to Deal With Life Changes & the In’s and Out’s of Blogging: Episode 48

On this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, the focus is staying motivated during life transitions and starting a fashion blog. Previous guest, Marcedes Fuller, joins Richard to discuss 3 steps to embrace and deal with certain low points of our lives. While it is easier said than done, Marcedes finds it important to stay motivated regardless of what life decides to throw our way. Then, longtime contributor Denis Styles and fashion blogger Raheim Moore explain the importance of starting a...

Duration: 00:35:34

Focus On Your Image & Wear the Right Swimsuit: Episode 47

This episode of The Life of a Gentleman takes our listeners on a journey to having a positive image as well as getting ready for summer. Richard is first joined by Devoreaux Walton of The Poise Pursuit, which is a etiquette and image consulting firm. Being that having a college degree and certifications may not set one apart from the crowd, she discusses the importance of having a positive image. Devoreaux also shares a coupon code which will save listeners 15% off The Poise Pursuit...

Duration: 00:36:05

Step Up Your Personal Style & Give Credit Where It’s Due: Episode 46

On this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, the focus is centered around fashion and giving/receiving compliments. Richard is first joined by Akil (Dapper Advisor) and they discuss the difference between fashion and style. Akil mentions that style is a personal representation while fashion is the trend. He also speaks about his opportunity to attend Pitti Uomo in Italy as a result of branding through his website. Then, Richard speaks to his partner in crime, Darius, about rap artist Master...

Duration: 00:33:44

Take Care of Your Beard, What’s In the Box (July 2017), & Dressing for Job Interviews: Episode 45

During this episode of The Life Of A Gentleman, our host Richard speaks with Tyler of DUBS Mustache Wax. Tyler expresses how he has transitioned from being a fan of the grooming brand into their spokesperson. He also explains the types of grooming products offered by DUBS and how they are different from current brands. Then, Richard continues the new segment “What’s In The Box?” where he reveals the accessories featured in the Harrison Blake monthly subscription box. He also shares how to...

Duration: 00:45:22

Creatively Build Your Brand While “Dressing Up” Your Jeans: Episode 44

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, our host Richard is once again joined by serial entrepreneur Darius. Being sports fans, they discuss the recent marketing tactic of LaVar Ball and how it positively impacts his business. While it may be seen as unconventional, there are various ways to receive press that can broaden a consumer base. Both Richard and Darius analyze the pros and cons of creatively building a brand. Then, Denis Styles talks to Richard about styling your jeans...

Duration: 00:38:06

Create Your Own Side Business & Professional Website: Episode 43

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, our theme is focused on some business principles. While there are still aspects of lifestyle and fashion included, our host Richard wants to encourage all listeners to take the next step in starting a business and website. He is first joined by Darius, a serial entrepreneur and old friend of his. Darius and Richard discuss starting a side business in order to fuel your passion and produce extra income. They each give tips on creating and...

Duration: 00:30:33

Wear Spread Collar Shirts, Be an Example for the Youth, & Know Your Suit Construction: Episode 42

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Denis Styles where they discuss various types of shirt collars, including the extra spread collar. They both give their insight on maintaining the collar and Denis informs listeners how to style an extra spread collar shirt. Then, Marcus Strother of the Men & Women’s Leadership Academy updates Richard on a new book his students are publishing. Marcus also speaks on how he continues to be an example and inspire his...

Duration: 00:48:57

Wear Your No-Show Socks, Harrison Blake Accessories, & Randy Jackson Eyewear: Episode 41

On this episode of The Life of a Gentleman,” Richard is first joined by Xiaoshan who is the creator and founder of Cooper & Jin socks. Xiaoshan gives his perspective on selling no-show socks and also his future business plans. Then, a new segment ‘What’s in the Box?’ is introduced by Diandra Marie. Diandra teases the new subscription boxes of Harrison Blake Apparel and gives her insight on how to style the accessories. Lastly, Denis Styles gives Richard details on Randy Jackson Eyewear and...

Duration: 00:34:52

Wear Sneakers with Your Suit while Life Coaching & having Cookout Etiquette: Episode 39

On today’s episode of The Life of a Gentleman, our host Richard is first joined by Denis Styles as they educate the listeners on how to style a suit with sneakers. Denis describes the type of suit this look will work for as well as how to have it tailored to create the perfect look. Then, our special guest Marcedes Fuller, gives insight on being a life coach and how he was inspired at a young age. Marcedes also informs Richard about the completion of his book and what motivated him to...

Duration: 00:40:15

Guide the Youth, Be a Gentleman at All Times, & Get a New Haircut: Episode 38

On this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, our host Richard is first joined by Marcus Strother of the Men’s & Women’s Leadership Academy. They discuss the challenges young men and women face as they’re growing up and how adults can keep them headed in the right direction. To further explore being a gentleman, Tamron Baker gives his insight on how he exemplifies the Gentleman’s Code as a college student. As an added bonus, Tamron even shares a few style tips that will make your outfit...

Duration: 00:36:48

Build Your Personal Brand, Pick Out Your Own Clothes, & Try a Third Place Cocktail: Episode 37

During this episode of The Life of a Gentleman, Richard is first joined by Dajon Hopkins who is a photographer and manages our Instagram account. Both gentlemen give their insight on building a personal brand via social media and how to keep it professional to attract more followers. Then, Diandra Marie joins the show once again for the segment Survey Says. This time, the focus is for men to feel more comfortable stepping outside of their comfort zones when it comes to personal style....

Duration: 00:38:14

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