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Little Toe & Frankie 2 - 14 - 18 With The Couldn't Be Happiers

We had a great Valentines Day with the Couldn't Be Happiers live in the WAME Downtown Statesville Studio. This duo of Jodi Hildebran and Jordan Lee can really entertain, play and sing, look for them in the Triad area of North Carolina and hopefully soon in Statesville.


Little Toe & Frankie 2 - 7 - 18 With Whiskey Foxtrot

Awesome is the only way to describe Whiskey Foxtrot, Seth Williams and Sam Foster are extremely talented and all around good guys. We can't wait to have these guys back in the WAME Studio with us. Be sure and look for Whiskey Foxtrot on tour starting in April 2018.


Little Toe & Frankie 1 - 31 - 18 With Zack Bowes & The Rhythm Bros.

We had a big show with Zack Bowes & The Rhythm Bros. last night in the WAME Downtown Statesville Studio. These guys rock be sure and look for them around Statesville you won't be disappointed.


Little Toe & Frankie 1 - 17 - 18 With The Horsemen

We had a wonderful time last night with The Horsemen, Rodney, Adam and Dennis always do a great job and are very talented, we hate that Brice couldn't make it but hopefully next time. Be sure and check these guys playing out around Statesville you won't be disappointed.


Little Toe & Frankie 1 - 10 - 18 With Moses Jones

We had a great show with Moses Jones live in the WAME studio. The sound was great and these guys really bring the Dirty Southern Soul. Look for Moses Jones new album this spring and we want to wish them luck in Memphis TN, for the International Blues Competition. Be sure and like their Facebook page and share this post with all your friends.


Little Toe & Frankie 1 - 3 - 18 With The Moore Brothers Band

We had a great show with The Moore Brothers Band last night, it was cold outside but it was hot in the WAME studio because these young fellas can really play. They are from the Hickory NC area and we expect big things from these guys in the near future. Be on the lookout for them on UNCTV in February.


Little Toe & Frankie 12 - 20 - 17 With Colin Allured and Cabarrus Brewing Co.

What a fun night hosting Colin Allured and Cabarrus Brewing. Colin is an amazing musician from the Winston Salem area and a all around nice guy. Be sure and check him out on Facebook and hopefully he will be playing in the Statesville area soon. We also had Steve, Jason and Kelsey from Cabarrus Brewing join us from Concord, they brought some amazing beers, and Frankie and Little Toe said "That is more fun than we have had on the show in a long time" We hope to have...


Little Toe & Frankie 12 - 13 - 17 With Will Jones

Little Toe & Frankie 12 - 13 - 17 With Will Jones by WAME 92.9 FM, The Little Toe and Frankie Show


Little Toe & Frankie 12 - 6 - 17 With David Musiclover Gibson and Wine Maestro

David Musiclover Gibson was amazing last night on The Little Toe and Frankie Show in the WAME studio, his blend of Rock, Jazz, Funk, and Americana was unbelievable to listen to, and awesome to watch, especially since he played all the instruments and did the vocals. David is extremely talented and we hope to see him soon playing in some of our local establishments Liz Petree and Jason Petree from Wine Maestro also joined us for some winter beer tastings, they brought eight beers that they...


Little Toe & Frankie 11 - 29 - 17 With The Peculiars

The Little Toe and Frankie Show was rocking last night. The Peculiars were in the WAME Studio and they are peculiar, and talented, and very fun. We had a great time with Adam, Matt, Rob and Ross. Be on the lookout around Statesville for these guys, you don't want to miss one of their shows.


Little Toe & Frankie 11 - 22 - 17 On Location at Broad Street Burger Co.

We were live on location at Broad Street Burger Co. in beautiful Downtown Statesville. Come see us at Broad Street the forth Wednesday of every month for request night! Or listen on WAME 92.9FM or watch us on Facebook Live.


Little Toe & Frankie 11 - 15 - 17 With Matt Walsh

We were very fortunate to have Matt Walsh with us in the WAME Studio last night, he is unbelievably talented and his band Chris and Raymond were great too. Be sure and check out Matt's new album out this Friday 11/17/17 "Life After Rock-N-Roll" available on, support local music and buy it directly from the artist.


Little Toe & Frankie 11 - 8 - 17 With Sammy Lee

We had a fabulous show last night, Sammy Lee joined us in the WAME studio all the way from Williamsburg, VA. This guy is beyond talented, and on top of that he's just a nice fella. Be sure and listen and share this show with your friends, and you can see Sammy Lee Tonight at Broad Street Burger Co.(11/9/17) and Friday night at D'laneys (11/20/17) in Beautiful Downtown Statesville.


Little Toe & Frankie 11 - 1 - 17 With The Bloodworth Project

What an amazing show with The Bloodworth Project live in the WAME studio last night. These guys really get down. If you want to book these guys around Statesville let us know and we will get you their contact info. Definitely worth a listen.


Little Toe & Frankie 10 - 18 - 17 With The Goodnight Brothers Band

Awesome is the only way to describe The Goodnight Brothers Band, and they were kind enough to join us in the WAME studio last night for a wonderful show. We can't wait to get these guys playing more frequently in the Statesville area. They are working on an album and should have that out early next year. Be on the lookout folks.


Little Toe & Frankie 10 - 11 - 17

Frankie and Little Toe were in the studio by ourselves this week and had a great time. We played some great tunes and conversation. Listen and you may here some local musicians like Dennis Brinson and some regional bands such as Striking Copper.


Little Toe & Frankie 10 - 4 - 17 With The Broad Pickups

It was a great show this past Wednesday with The Broad Pickups live in the studio. These guys can really put on a show, things tend to get weird and that's the way we like it. Love was in the air!


Little Toe & Frankie 9 - 20 - 17 With Striking Copper

We are so grateful to Striking Copper for driving all the way from Wilmington NC to join us at the WAME Studio last night. They are a great band and we really enjoyed having them in the studio. Striking Copper will be playing at this years Carolina Jubilee, September 29th and 30th at Vanhoy Farms Family Campground in Union Grove NC. You can also pickup their album "Mirror" on ITunes, spotify or where ever you get your music.


LT&F Kruger Brothers 9 - 18 - 17

We were very lucky to have the Kruger Brothers in the WAME studio with us this past Monday to talk about Carolina In The Fall Music and Food Festival happening this weekend Sept 22 and 23 in Downtown Wilkesboro NC. The guys are incredibly kind and talented and it was a joy to get to talk to them and listen to them play live in the studio. Hopefully they will join us again sometime.


Little Toe & Frankie 9 - 13 - 17 Previewing Full Bloom Film Festival

It's the first time in about Six months we haven't had a live band in the studio. That meant Little Toe and Frankie got to catch up on their banter and really enjoy each others company (That Sounds Weird) but it was a really fun show. David Bradley and John Kopplemeyer with Full Bloom Film Festival stopped by to talk about this weekends event in Downtown Statesville.


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