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Comedy show featuring guests, everyday life, impressions, community and charities.

Comedy show featuring guests, everyday life, impressions, community and charities.
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Comedy show featuring guests, everyday life, impressions, community and charities.








Logan Stover Show Ep: 30 Thanksgiving Special Whats Trending and This or That - Thanksgiving vs Christmas

It's our Thanksgiving Special Episode! First, the guys talk about what's weird news has been trending. McDonalds burglaries, Navy pilots drawing dangles in the sky and racoons getting stuck in the sewers in Maryland. Next the guys have a Thanksgiving edition of 'This or That', Thanksgiving vs Christmas. Which holiday is better? You decide! Logan tries to prove that Santa, reindeer and his elves beat out on Matt's Turkey, gravy and stuffing.

Duration: 00:38:27

Logan Stover Show Ep:29 Comedian Michael Batman Rhodes

The show welcomes stand up comedian Michael "Batman" Rhodes! Join the guys as they talk to Batman about how he got into stand up comedy, his work ethic, his Batman nickname and more! Don't miss rapid fire questions where you can really get to know Michael and what he really thinks about pokemon, star wars, and monkeys!

Duration: 00:42:53

Logan Stover Show Ep: 28 Unexplained mysteries: Ghosts, murders and more

It's episode 28 and the guys talk about unexplained mysteries. Logan and Matt have always been fans of the show Ancient Aliens, and love the unexplained. Listen in as they talk about some of their favorites. From unexplained murders to unexplained devices, the guys cover it all!

Duration: 00:42:00

Logan Stover Show Ep: 27 Halloween episode with Disney ghost stories and WTF Amazon

It's a Halloween special episode! The guys talk about their favorite Halloween memories, and Matt tells some spooky ghost stories about Disneyland and Los Angeles. Will Logan ever go back to Disneyland? We'll have to see! What's better than WTF Amazon? WTF Amazon Halloween edition! The guys find some interesting products with a Halloween twist!

Duration: 00:27:50

Logan Stover Show Ep 26: Matt's Kid Book Reviews, Logan's Kids Book and Trivia Challenge

It's a special 3 segment show! Kids edition! Matt talks about his awkward trip to Barnes and Noble to buy a kids book. Then he gives us his review on the book, "Hallow Weiner". Logan admits that he has actually written a kids book over 9 years ago and never told anyone! He reads it for the first time to the public! Matt challenges Logan to a trivia challenge for nickels! Can Logan win big money? Tune in to find out!

Duration: 01:01:45

Logan Stover Show Ep: 25 Awkward First Date Questions and What Would You Like to Learn About

It's our 25th Episode! Have you ever been on a first date and had someone ask you some awkward questions? We have a list and take them for a test drive. Some will make you laugh and some will make you think. Can Matt pass the first date test? Do you wish that you could learn more about something? Sometimes just talking about it can help! Logan and Matt talk about what things they wish that they could learn more about. Don't miss a moment as they admit what they wish they could learn more...

Duration: 00:49:47

Logan Stover Show Ep: 24 Cash-Cast Trivia Challenge and This or that Red vs Blue

It's time for a new segment, Cash-Cast! It's like podcast, and Cash Cab... you know? Anyway, Logan tries to stump Matt in this trivia challenge. If Matt wins, he can win one whole dollar! Ready for another segment of everyone's favorite 'This or That'? They guys debate the color Red vs The color Blue. Which will be victorious? Let us apologize in advance.

Duration: 00:47:07

Logan Stover Show Ep 23 What's Happening in Florida & What Grinds My Gears Disney edition

More stories from the great weird state of Florida and Logan's rant on Disney people First, Matt give us more fun stories from the state of Florida in "Hey Matt, what's happenin' in Florida"? From a man with magical powers to a dog that can shoot guns, don't miss any of Matt's news stories from the weird state of Florida! It's time for the first segment of "What grinds my gears", Disney edition! In this blatant rip off from Family guy Logan talks about the different types of people he...

Duration: 00:42:10

Logan Stover Show Ep 22 WTF Amazon and Dad Jokes

Episode 22 They guys unveil 12 new weird products that they found on Amazon. Everything from a Jeff Goldblum shower curtain to a Cat DJ with a pizza on the turntables. Don't miss a second of our fan's favorite segment WTF Amazon! Logan is a big fan of dad jokes, and he tells his favorites in an attempt to break Matt. Listen in and see if Logan can make Matt laugh with all of these head shaking jokes that only your Dad could love... and Logan.

Duration: 00:44:54

Logan Stover Show Ep: 21 Would you rather and Did you know?

Join the guys as they launch two new segments! Would you rather is a fun segment where you are forced to make the decision between 2 hard to chose options. Listen in and see what you would chose. Did you know is a great segment where Logan reads off 100 random facts about anything and everything. Did you know that glaciers are made up of penguin pee? Or that 'pants' used to be considered a bad word? Learn more as the guys laugh and learn 100 random facts!

Duration: 00:49:10

Logan Stover Show Ep:20 Giveaways and memories of our first 20 episodes

It's our 20th Episode! Join the guys as they look back on their favorite episodes and segments from the show so far. You'll love to hear what their favorites were and the stories behind the scenes. The show is giving away prizes! We will be giving away prizes from items featured on our WTF Amazon segments. Listen in to see how you can win one of our 3 great prizes!

Duration: 00:38:19

Logan Stover Show: Where has Logan worked? What's happening in Florida?

The guys launch a new segment and new game "Where has Logan Worked?!?" Logan has held many jobs as a teenager/ young adult and Matt has to guess right to win. If he doesn't he ends up having to do the rest of the show on Teddy the rocking horse! It's time for another segment of "Hey Matt, what's happening in Florida?" One of funniest segments where Matt tells real stories from the state of Florida that you won't believe are true!

Duration: 00:48:45

Logan Stover Show Episode 19: Game of Thrones Finale and Travel/ Fitness Challenges

Join Matt and Logan as they unveil their new Challenges! Matt talks about his travel challenge and Logan Talks about his fitness challenge. Join them in both challenges to challenge yourself! It's time for the Game of Thrones Finale! The guys (and Sarah) talk about episode 6 and cover the finale! Don't miss a second as the show talks about their favorite parts from Game of Thrones!

Duration: 00:59:45

Ep: 17 Walk for water charity recap & Game of Thrones Episode 5

Join Logan and Matt as they recap the show's first charity event The Walk for Water. So many thank you's to all of those that supported the event. The guys talk Game of Thrones! This week they cover Episode 5 of season 7. What are your thoughts? Join us as they talk about their favorite show!

Duration: 00:51:07

Ep:16 The Logan Stover Show Game of Thrones and Facebook vs Instagram

It's time for another recap of Game of Thrones! The guys talk about Season 7 Episode 4. Listen in as the guys cover all the details and give their theories! Who's up for another round of "This or That"? We are! The guys debate the question that all millenials wonder.... which is better Facebook or Instagram. Logan takes the side of Facebook and Matt takes on Instagram. Don't miss a second of the debate that the world wants to hear!

Duration: 00:48:31

Ep: 15 Logan Stover Show Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3, Guys Camping Trip Recap

Join the guys as they welcome Logan's wife Sarah into the studio! She joins them as they recap the shenanigans of what was the guys camping trip. Kan Jam, middle fingers, and more Kan Jam! Sarah and the guys also discuss what was Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode #3. Don't miss what Logan, Matt and Sarah have to say about the episode. Don't forget that the show will be discussing every episode of Game of Thrones this season!

Duration: 01:07:19

Ep. 14: Logan Stover Show WTF Amazon & Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2

It's time for another segment of WTF? Amazon! Join as the guys unveil their newest picks of weird items they found on Don't forget to head over to for pictures and links to all their items! The time has come, FOR GAME OF THRONES! The show will recap every episode of season seven .... beginning with episode 2. The guys want to make sure they don't spoil anything, so they make sure you have time to watch. Debate game of thrones theories with the guys from...

Duration: 02:18:04

Logan Stover Show Ep: 13 Julie Franz the Poke granny talks Pokemon Go, Pokemon and about her grandson's battle with Leukemia

Join us as we talk to Julie Franz aka "The Poke Granny". Julie is an avid Pokemon Go player. Listen in as Julie talks about her Pokemon Go adventures, how she started playing, and about the book she wrote about playing Pokemon. Julie also talks about her grandson Carter and his ongoing battle with cancer. You will definitely be moved when you hear the story about his battle. Logan makes the official announcement for our second community event! Don't miss a second of what is sure to be...

Duration: 00:47:16

Ep: 12 : Donuts vs. Bagels Debate, Crazy Stories from people in Florida

Join the guys for another round of This or That: Donuts vs. Bagels. You decide which is better. The guys debate which they believe is the best. In the second half, the show debuts a new segment: What's Happening in Florida? In this segment, Matt tells all of us about the crazy happenings in the state of Florida. From a baby that pulls a gun from their toy chest, to a man breaking into a grocery store for milk and a blanket. Don't miss a second of all the crazy stories.

Duration: 00:20:24

Ep 11: David Lumb in Studio: Freelance Journalist/ Comic Book Guru

The show welcomes David Lumb into the studio. David is an accomplished journalist who has written for Playboy, Popular Mechanics and many others. Dave talks about the future of virtual reality in gaming and in visual media. Listen as David turns the tables on the guys and begins to interview them. It's a fun twist of roles as the guys talk about the camping trip and much more!

Duration: 01:25:31

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