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Marvel Fatigue

Baron von Stormhaven and Jim Jesus talk Thor Ragnarock and the Marvel movies and comics over some beer (an energy drink for Jim because he can’t drink tonight even though he was the one who did a party foul.) Also touch on a little libertarian stuff. Steve Miller-Miller’s Aprons. Ask him on Twitter: NOT … Continue reading Marvel Fatigue →

Duration: 01:52:36

Non-Aggress The Cook

Steve Miller-Miller joins Jim Jesus and make fun of everything per usual. Steve goes on School Sucks gets Facebook jailed for trying to sell his awesome aprons. Jim can’t use his Louis CK looks to pick up girls anymore because of the Hollywood Bloodbath. A time traveler was late to a gig Steve opened for. … Continue reading Non-Aggress The Cook →

Duration: 01:17:55


Matt “t3hsauce” Prichard and Jim Jesus talk all about Donna Brazile dropping the dime on Hilldog for Bernie, Right-Wing Authoritarianism, the Alt-Right’s decent into obscurity, Satanism, and what Ancappistan looks like. RIP t3hsauce on YouTube. NOT The Lolberts: YouTube Version of NOT The Lolberts. Steve Miller-Miller’s Aprons. Ask him on Twitter: Need … Continue...

Duration: 01:01:48

The System

David Lukeheart from ZGY podcast and Jim Jesus talk about Darren Brown’s ‘The System.’ It’s a system that guarantees to predict a winner in horse racing every time with 100% accuracy. Why “The System” can be used to explain lots of seemingly accurate predictions and results of all kinds of things and how to do … Continue reading The System →

Duration: 01:26:43

Topless Rasta Car Wash: KNOW THE FAX!

Jeremy H-Bomb of The Freedom Feens and Seeds of Liberty joins Jim Jesus to talk about his legal situation and his plans to GTFO of New Yorkistan. We read THE BEST NEWS ARTICLE OF 2017, and rant about movies too. Don’t watch The Matrix, go see John Wick instead. Seeds of Liberty Podcast: Jim’s appearance … Continue reading Topless Rasta Car Wash: KNOW THE FAX! →

Duration: 01:17:32

What is Gay Face?

Steve Miller-Miller join Jim Jesus FINALLY announce a winner to the review contest. Where has Tony Stiles gone? NPR and Kokesh’s ex are spooked AF. Million Juggalo March. Molyneux‘s book not getting good reviews. Sports betting and the pseudo-ancap Vegas Golden Knights and a very short ASK A SUMOSEXUAL! Sign this very important petition to … Continue reading What is Gay Face? →

Duration: 01:07:24

4th Wave Meninism

Baron von Stormhaven and Jim Jesus have a few Firestone Walkers and White Castle tempera. Talking about 4th Wave Meninism, the problems with Jordan Peterson, how Sovrn Tech is a garbage podcast (listen here,) and how The Emoji Movie is the film adaptation of The Ego and Its Own. Sign this very important petition to … Continue reading 4th Wave Meninism →

Duration: 01:33:23

Krokodil Tears

Alt-Post-Right Jeremy Henggeler and Trans-Nazi-Kin Jim Jesus read off the contest entries for Steve Miller-Miller (Anarcho-Sumoclyst) to decide and announce next week. Then we get into the Unite The Right Rally in Charlottesville, Cantwell didn’t cry he was snorting meth, people’s descent into Nazism, political LARPing, “libertarian fascist”…. just a lot of Nazi ass bullshit. … Continue reading Krokodil Tears →

Duration: 01:25:27

That’s My Hot Sauce, I Don’t Know You!

David Lukehart from the Zombies, Governments, and You Podcast joins Jim Jesus to cover the state of YouTube ancaps/libertarians, and it’s bleek. What is Nazism? How Southwest Airlines blow. And then we troll Brian Sovryn. Zombies, Governments, and You Podcast: Brian Sovryn’s Patreon: Room 4 Freedom Need Kratom? Get Kraken Need … Continue reading That’s My Hot Sauce, I...

Duration: 01:09:15

The GWAR of Ska

David Lukehart from the Zombies, Governments, and You Podcast talks about the great (but slightly dated) documentary Beer Wars and how the government in collusion with big beer is throwing hurdles at small craft brewers who actually make beer that tastes good. How that same system is ruining marijuana in Las Vegas just in time … Continue reading The GWAR of Ska →

Duration: 01:22:34

Not Out Of The Woods Yet

James Babb reporting live from his mobile studio in Maine joins Jim Jesus and they do a very epic Dear Babby. Then they talk about NJ Weedman, CNN blackmail, FreedomFest, cryptocurrencies, “legal” weed, RVing, camping, Porcfest, and some guy who may have a drinking problem in Vegas. Room 4 Freedom Need Kratom? Get Kracken … Continue reading Not Out Of The Woods Yet →

Duration: 01:10:38

Drunken Movie Review: Transformers: The Last Knight

Baron von Stormhaven and Jim Jesus crack open a pony keg of homebrew and review the 5th installment of the Michael Bay travesty series “The Last Knight” Sintopia: Room 4 Freedom Need Kratom? Get Kracken Need anything else? Buy Amazon

Duration: 01:25:36

Drugs Are Good

Newly minted Lolbert Lisa DeLasho and I chat about flat eathers, doing drugs, and snowflakery, but I repeat myself. Nutritional Anarchy: Room 4 Freedom Need Kratom? Get Kracken Need anything else? Buy Amazon

Duration: 01:33:30

Spooky Movie Hell Dream

James Weeks II (a.k.a. “Hero To All”) And Jim Jesus talk about ruining the LP for a better tomorrow, comic books and comic book movies, The Great Meme War, Mimi Soltysik’s Stank Meme Cache, spooky ass lolberts, and some Stirner stuff and the best way to understand him even with crappy translations. Mimi Soltysik’s Stank … Continue reading Spooky Movie Hell Dream →

Duration: 01:37:23


Jim Jesus has no co-host this time because it’s episode 50. Every 25th episode Jim does a solo refutation of the libertarian grigri. This time he goes hard in the paint against the anti-GMO crowd and Monsanto haters. Regular show tomorrow with James Weeks! Resources: Genetic Literacy Project Miles Power: His Videos on … Continue reading Anarcho-Monsatanist →

Duration: 02:04:22

The En Aye Pee is a Zed and Two Naughts

MK Lords and Jim Jesus talk for THREE FUCKING HOURS WHAT THE FUCK and finally get around to addressing their problems with the NAP, and like Libertarian mood swings, and like libertinism, and like degeneracy, and like Ayn Rand, and like Prefered pronouns, and like ContraPoints, and like Laci Green getting Red Pilled, Pride Festivals, drugs and drug mysticism, and like literally … Continue reading The En Aye Pee is a Zed and Two Naughts →

Duration: 03:05:37

Low-Scoville Unit Scientism

David Lukeheart from Zombies Government and You Podcast and Jim Jesus talk about the Manchester bombing, pop stars that are tolerable, Hot Ones, low-Scoville unit cucks, Bill Nye, scientism and high-modernism, Brasilitis, The Book of Mormon musical, cashing Monero outside, if tasteless jokes can stop the war machine? Getting in on elementary school trends, spiking … Continue reading Low-Scoville Unit Scientism →

Duration: 01:13:03

What Elephant?

Jeremy Whatever and Jim Jesus talk about ♩♪♫Richard Spencer♫♩♪ denying the Holodomor genocide, how the “right” has never been about free-markets and when they are it’s a uniquely new world phenomenon, Jacque Fresco who started The Venus Project and inspired The Zeitgeist Movement dies but all he did was rephrase Marxism, good bad movies, music, vaccines, … Continue reading What Elephant? →

Duration: 01:34:04

Marketing Stoic Yak Meat on Alexa

Opening video How To Start by Gary Vaynerchuk Nick Hazelton the former Anarcho-Yakitalist and Jim Jesus talk about influencer and Alexa marketing, day trading attention, yak farm update, worms (the bad kind,) Stoicism, and ethics. School Sucks – The Philosophy of Stoicism (With Bill Buppert) Stoic Mettle Podcast Room 4 Freedom...

Duration: 01:08:13

The NAP is Literally Slavery

MK Lords womansplains to Jim Jesus about Jim Jesus about feminism, and why Jim won’t ever call himself a feminist because akchewally everyone has privileges and disadvantages (some better and worse than others,) SJWs/anti-SJWs are ruining everything, how to troll libertarians, how taxation is theft not rape or slavery, how campaign Trump isn’t as bad … Continue reading The NAP is Literally Slavery →

Duration: 01:27:38

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