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These days, it seems like between the left and the right, there is a voice that has been lost, drowned out. Lets amplify it.

These days, it seems like between the left and the right, there is a voice that has been lost, drowned out. Lets amplify it.
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These days, it seems like between the left and the right, there is a voice that has been lost, drowned out. Lets amplify it.




12/15/17 - A Change, Elizabeth Warren, Keaton

Today Brandon talks about the change coming to America, and how to prepare our children for it, along with the Trump tweets with Elizabeth Warren, and Keaton Jones.

Duration: 00:48:24

12/10/17 - Sara Huckabee Sanders, Texas State Police, Mcdonalds

Today Brandon is joined by Shelly! They talk about all the issues with the Sara Sanders trend on Twitter, The View, and some more Newsweek misconception.

Duration: 00:46:05

12/9/17 - Baker V Gay Couple, Al Franken, Jerusalem

Today Brandon talks about Baker V. Gay Couple, Al Franken, Jerusalem, and much more! Tweet at us using #MyLostVoice

Duration: 00:35:34

12/6/17 - Pelosi, The View, Viagra

It's the end of the WORLD! Nancy Pelosi educates us on just how bad this tax plan really is, and how it will be THE DESTRUCTION OF EARTH! Brandon Also rants about "The View" and Viagra having a "big" issue.

Duration: 00:37:37

12/5/17 - Sickness, Hypocrisy, Newsweek

Brandon's sick today, but finds a way to rant on about a few things, including Newsweek, the hypocrisy from the left, and more! #MyLostVoice

Duration: 00:35:48

12/1/17 - Kate Steinle, Gender Spectrum, Merry Christmas

Today Brandon talks about the recent verdict in the Kate Steinle trial, along with ranting about political correctness and the gender spectrum. Tweet at us using the #MyLostVoice

Duration: 00:50:44

11/30/17 - Net Neutrality, North Korea, Bye Keith!

Today Brandon discusses Net Neutrality, and the community around it, North Korea and the defector that escaped, the Seminole Heights Serial Killer, and much more! Tweet at us using #MyLostVoice

Duration: 00:44:28

11/22/17 - DON'T HUG GRANDPA, Zimbabwe, Thanksgiving

Whatever you do, just don't hug grandpa on Thanksgiving. Brandon tells you why not, according to TGS. He talks Mugabe and Zimbabwe, and wishes you and everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Duration: 00:45:24

11/20/17 - Teacher Misconduct, Citizen Of the Year, WWII Veteran

Today, Brandon talks about the large amount of misconduct between teachers and students, along with GQs Citizen of the Year pick and much more!

Duration: 00:35:08

11/15/17 - We Will Not Divide Us, Socialists, More Moore

Upon some major technical difficulties, this show got cut short. Brandon talked about a major issue in america today, bigger than every other issue you've heard of. We also talked about some more contradictory socialists, and much, much more.

Duration: 00:36:55

11/14/17 - Roy Moore, Hannity, Bill Nye

Today Brandon talks about the situation on Twitter and his debate over the Roy Moore situation that blew up, Hannity and Media Matters, and Bill Nye and his "science" show.

Duration: 00:53:48

11/9/17 - Who are you? , Al Green, "Terrorist"

Today Brandon discusses the questions we should ask our kids in the future, and ways we could possibly fix the mess we created. He talks about Al Green trying to impeach trump, some lady trying to shoplift at Walmart, and the definition of terrorism

Duration: 00:52:53

11/7/17 - Politics with Texas, Moving forward, Rand Paul, Hot dogs

This was a hard episode to record. We didn't record yesterday partially because we didn't have all the facts but also because it was (and still is) a really hard subject to talk about.

Duration: 00:36:44

11/3/17 - ANTIFA, Bin Laden, And Vegas Conspiracy

Today Brandon talks about the incoming ANTIFA threat on Saturday, some new, IMPORTANT information on Bin Laden, and the lack of information about Vegas. He's also sick, so that's that

Duration: 00:50:30

11/2/17 - Fake News, Bleach, and Bitcoin!

Today Brandon talks about the real issue behind fake news and the loss of innocent until proven guilty. He also talks about the strange things happening with bleach, and Bitcoin and other crypto-investments!

Duration: 00:47:14

11/1/17 THIS is not about politics... #PrayForNYC

A bit flustered about what happened yesterday. We recorded the episode kind of short notice, and had to put together a new show for today. Brandon talks about how we should move forward and not make this a political issue.

Duration: 00:33:53

10/31 - Alone, Uranium1, Churches, Google

Brandon hosted the podcast alone today, and talked about the UraniumOne deal, and countered a NewsWeek article on it. He talked about a church in Virginia and the threat that Google poses.

Duration: 00:39:34


Today we introduce ourselves and get settled in for the long run. We talk about an issue with guardian laws that is becoming a real problem, and joke around about President trumps tweets a bit :D

Duration: 00:50:34