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Reset - 2 - John Young

Reset episode #2 With John E Boy

Duration: 01:35:27

To Eat or Not to Eat - 014 - Solo

On this episode of TLC Cole Rambles about Nutrition. He also catches the audience up on Discipline December. Basic knowledge in Nutrition is to be found here.

Duration: 00:42:37

Discipline - 013 - Solo

On this episode of TLC, Cole Talks about starting Discipline December and Discipline in general. The importance of training yourself to obey rules that one can set up for his/herself. Be sure to contact him by email

Duration: 00:50:08

Have it All - Andrew Fletcher (Fletchy2Fat) - 012

On this episode of TLC, Cole sits down with up and coming hip hop artist Fletchy2Fat AKA Andrew Fletcher. Andrew is a great human being who makes exceptional Hip Hop music. His music video and song for Have it All will be available on Soundcloud and Youtube on Thanksgiving. The song will be placed on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music in the weeks to come!

Duration: 01:33:18

Depression, Roots, and Overcoming - 011 - Jackson Lott

On this episode of TLC Cole sits down with his Younger brother, Jackson Lott. Jackson is an aspiring Chef and Musician. He discusses his battles with depressive demons and sadness. Causation of issues, or the Roots of problems, is also a heavily discussed topic.

Duration: 01:42:03

Yin and Yang - 010 Logan Carroll

On this episode of The Lott Cast, Cole sits down with long-time friend Logan Carroll. Logan is an entrepreneur and a very intelligent person. He craves progress and has many interests in this life. Topics vary, but include things like money, balance, and music.

Duration: 01:10:32

Reset - Sports Talk - August 8, 2017

Cole Lott, John Young, Andrew Fletcher, Jackson Lott, and Christian Roberts sit down to discuss the current world of sports. Big discussion about Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor, Jon Jones, Mighty Mouse, the UFC in general, Kobe or Lebron, NBA news, NBA team speculations, NFL News, Suspension rumors, and team evaluation.

Duration: 02:20:47

What Makes You Tick? - Episode 009 - James Burtchaell

I sit down with rapper James Burtchaell. James discusses his drive and what pushes him to rap. We cover influence in our own lives and how much influence music has on society. We discuss reading, wisdom, and what it means to listen. Everyone enjoy! Be sure to review, rate, and subscribe on all platforms.

Duration: 02:03:12

008 Spencer Fossier from NOLA Float Tanks

On this episode of the podcast I sit down with the owner of NOLA Float Tanks, Spencer Fossier. Spencer is a huge proponent of floating and meditation. He is extremely chill, and has been really generous to me as TLC's first sponsor. Be sure to check out his business at We talked heavily about a book that I'm reading, so if you want to order that I'll put the link right here for you.

Duration: 01:42:46

007 Parker Ball

Cole sits down with a close friend, Parker Ball, for a great, broad, deep discussion across many topics. The main topics covered are Social Media, Meaning in filmography, and social political barriers. Parker is Forensic Chemistry major at the University of Mississippi, and a movie buff.

Duration: 02:25:59

005 Promise Lemoine

On this episode of TLC I sat down with my girlfriend and life-partner Promise Lemoine. Promise is an aspiring psychologist and plans to pursue her passion at The University of Southern Mississippi this fall. I hope you guys enjoy our broad discussion!

Duration: 01:02:16

The Lott Cast - 004 Cordell Eastland (Chaka) - 6:2:17, 3.28 AM

This episode of The Lott Cast I sat down with a close friend and former teammate of mine, Cordell Eastland aka Chaka. Chaka is currently the coach of a travel baseball team, and works delivering cabinets and granite counter tops. I brought him on mainly because he is an open book. I believe fully in truth, and being an honest and genuine person. Cordell also has in entering perspective on things, and it was fantastic to be able to sit down with him for this episode.

Duration: 01:51:08

The Lott Cast - 003 Matthew Gioia - 6:2:17, 3.10 AM

On this episode of The Lott Cast I sit down with my friend Matthew Gioia. Matt is a member of the Southern Miss Golden Eagles Band where he plays the saxophone. He is a very intelligent man with a passion for music, drugs, and conversation. It was a pleasure to sit and talk to such a bright young man.

Duration: 01:51:32

The Lott Cast - 002 Andrew Fletcher

Coincidentally another young aspiring rapper features on this episode of The Lott Cast with me! Andrew Fletcher AKA Fletchy.2.Fat is one of my closest friends throughout the years. He is a clever individual with big dreams and an even bigger stomach! All jokes aside, I love this guy and hope you enjoy our conversation. Subscribe if you're enjoying the show and send all feedback through my Twitter @TheLottCast or my Email

Duration: 01:27:08

The Lott Cast - 001 Isaiah Ginn

Due to losing the first episode recorded on my phone, Episode one of The Lott Cast is a beautiful conversation I had with Isaiah Ginn. Isaiah is a great friend of mine. He is an aspiring rapper and will be playing soccer at MGCCC this fall. I hope you guys enjoy. Any comments, complaints, or suggestions you have can be take via twitter or email. @TheLottCast -

Duration: 01:51:35

The Lott Cast - Episode 000 - Introduction

The Lott Cast - Episode 000 - Introduction by Cole Lott

Duration: 00:18:00