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S1E17 | Homesickness, hope, and why good art respects your imagination (with Kevin Heider!)

Singer/songwriter and family man Kevin Heider is no stranger to Love Good. In this episode, he joins host Jimmy Mitchell at his childhood home in Dayton, OH to chat about the power of imagination and the need for more subtlety in modern art and music. As usual with Kevin, the conversation turns quickly to Bruce Springsteen, The Counting Crows, and other musical giants who have influenced his career. Beforehand, Jimmy enjoys the usual next-level conversation with co-host Janaya Trudel as...


S1E16 | Advanced technology: just because we can, should we? (plus Jacqui Treco in Europe!)

Our host Jimmy Mitchell is officially in Europe! And nothing could have surprised him more than running into old friend and singer/songwriter Jacqui Treco while on a brief trip to The Netherlands. Jacqui co-headlined our extensive summer tour across the States only a few years ago. She's now living it up in Europe writing songs every day and living in castles. What a dream. As always, Jimmy chats with co-host Janaya Trudel beforehand. This week, they talk about the role of advanced...


S1E15 | Aussie alert: how to raise your standard for media with the one and only Matt Fradd.

Host Jimmy Mitchell reconnects with old friend Matt Fradd, hardly able to contain his laughter amidst a profound conversation about mercy, great literature, and why we all need a little more sophistication in our life. To sum it up, Jimmy says, “The media you consume is the media you become. The world would be a very different place if we were all just one degree more intentional with our media choices.” Beforehand, Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel chat about integrating desire (rather than...


S1E14 | What do the Backstreet Boys & Pope Francis have in common? Marie Miller.

Host Jimmy Mitchell sits down with singer/songwriter Marie Miller this week to talk about growing up in a Virginian vineyard, sharing a stage with Pope Francis, and how true identity lies not in what we do but who we are (and especially whose we are). Beforehand, Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel chat about crisis and its power to bring about growth and positive change, a timely conversation given last week's tragedy in south Florida. Also (spoiler alert!) there's more than just FREE MUSIC...


S1E13 | Dave Barnes, Singles Awareness Day, and The Universal Desire for Love

In one of our favorite episodes yet, Jimmy sits down with Dave Barnes to talk about blue-collar Christianity, Nashville’s ecosystem of humility, and the joy of living who you are. With hits recorded by everyone from Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw to Hunter Hayes and Reba McEntire, he’s one of Nashville’s most beloved songwriters. Beforehand, Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel chat about singles awareness day (dang Cupid!) and the great mystery of love that grips every human heart. Subscribe now...


S1E12 | Jenny And Tyler

Welcome to the Love Good Podcast! In this episode, Jimmy sits down with singer/songwriting duo (and married couple!) Jenny & Tyler to talk about child-like humility, the joys and dramas of family life, and the desire we all have for home that is never quieted in this life. Their 6-month-old daughter Mary joins us in the studio and offers many sweet nothings along the way. Beforehand, Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel chat about the importance of littleness and what it really means to be...


S1E11 | Tom Young

In this episode, Jimmy chats with singer/songwriter Tom Young about the power of captivating people with beauty and later unfolding the truth that goes along with it. Tom is an old friend and has several singles on iTunes that have blown us away in recent months. Beforehand, Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel talk about boredom as a gateway into wonder and encounter. Subscribe now so you never miss an episode, and get ready to build a better culture with Love Good. . . . TIRED OF MAINSTREAM...


S1E10 | Nick Fabian

Nick Fabian is no stranger to Love Good. His debut EP released exclusively to our patrons in early 2016. Today on the podcast he premieres "Love Is Everlasting", his first new single in almost two years. Host Jimmy Mitchell sits down with Nick to catch all the latest, including Netflix recommendations, health habits, and how St. Augustine changed his life. Also beforehand, Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel discuss why Bono is right about modern music being girly. To say the least, this is an...


S1E9 | Kevin McGoldrick

Listen through the end of the episode to learn how you (and all your friends) can become Love Good patrons absolutely FREE. Today, Jimmy chats with Fr. Kevin McGoldrick about every artist's need to create, the joy of accompanying young people, and the universal desire we all have for mercy. He’s a school chaplain with a blues soul, as much inspired by Polish saints as he is influenced by John Mayer. Beforehand, Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel dig into the ideas of encounter, intimacy, and...


S1E8 | Michelle Mandico

Welcome to the first episode of 2018! Today, Jimmy invites Michelle Mandico into the Love Good studio to chat about the gift of honesty, the excitement around her latest new single release, and their common love for snow skiing. We debut (for your ears only!) the title track from her forthcoming album “Ptarmigan,” a song that won’t release on iTunes (with accompanying lyric video) until January 26th. Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel sit down beforehand to talk about why Love Good invests in...


S1E7 | Kris Allen

What kind of music, books, and films are American Idol finalists enjoying these days? In this episode, Jimmy sits down with Kris Allen to talk about life, culture, and how he rides the line as a man of great artistry and deep faith. He's not only the winner of the eighth season of American Idol; he's a cultural influencer. Beforehand, Jimmy and Janaya unpack the "via media" and how we can all be a bridge between the church and culture. The episode concludes with Jimmy announcing a coupon...


S1E6 | Ryan Adorjan

What does it mean to live with true freedom? In this episode, Jimmy sits down with Deacon Ryan Adorjan to talk about life outside snowy Chicago, why he often listens to The Oh Hellos on repeat, and what it really means to pursue authentic freedom. Ryan is one of our regular contributing bloggers and a profound thought leader. Beforehand, Jimmy and Janaya dig into what it means to “follow your heart” and understand the power of a word. Grab your coffee, press play on your commute, and get...


S1E5 | Mike Mangione

What does it mean to build culture? Is this even possible? In this episode, Jimmy sits down with Americana folk artist Mike Mangione to talk about cheese curds, culture, and what it really means to be human. Mike is one of the featured artists in our exclusive shipment to Love Good patrons this winter, and we love everything he’s about. Beforehand, Jimmy and Janaya dig into the definition of culture and why it’s so important to share life in common with others. We also have a special guest...


S1E4 | Leah Darrow

Have you ever wanted to sit down with one of America’s Next Top Models? We just did. This week, Jimmy talks about all things “beauty” with Leah Darrow, a former model and current speaker, author, and fellow believer in the power of beauty. Leah shares key moments from her own life story and how her understanding of beauty has transformed through the years. As usual, Jimmy and Janaya sit down beforehand to tackle the philosophy of beauty and its role in their own lives. Plug your phone into...


S1E3 | Luke Smallbone of For King & Country

This week, our host Jimmy Mitchell sits down with Luke Smallbone of For King & Country. Luke shares about his own redemption through suffering, his non-negotiable priority of family amidst chart-topping success, and why he thinks music is key to building a better culture. This is an interview you're not going to want to miss. Beforehand, Jimmy and co-host Janaya Trudel discuss the Love Good Standard and how you can raise the bar for media (and everyday choices) in your own life. Press play...


S1E2 | Katherine Cimorelli

Accompaniment. What does it look like to walk alongside others on their journey through life? Join Jimmy Mitchell as he sits down with Katherine Cimorelli (of the internationally-acclaimed band Cimorelli) to discuss mentorship, poetry, and finding creative inspiration forty thousand feet above sea level. Jimmy also digs deep with season co-host Janaya Trudel about the art of accompaniment in their lives as artists and mentors of young people. Throw on your headphones for today's workout or...


Pilot | Janaya Trudel

Build the culture you’ve always imagined. Wait. What does that even mean? In this season premiere, Jimmy Mitchell shares some exciting news (spoiler: there’s free music involved!) and unpacks the Love Good story, discussing the vision of the movement and how Love Good transitioned from a one-man show into a team of culture warriors across the world. Jimmy also talks with Janaya Trudel, singer/songwriter from Saskatchewan, about beauty’s undeniable impact on culture and the importance of...


Interview Archives | Audrey Assad (Part II)

Part Two of Jimmy Mitchell's interview with Audrey Assad. She shares stories behind songs on her brand new album "Inheritance", the joys and struggles of family life, and the need for authenticity in order to be fully human and alive.


Interview Archives | Audrey Assad (Part I)

Jimmy Mitchell interviews Audrey Assad about her brand new full length album "Inheritance". In Part I, Audrey talks pop music, prayer, and her own dark night of the soul.


Interview Archives | Rebecca Roubion

Jimmy Mitchell interviews Rebecca Roubion about her brand new full length album "Sleepless Nights". Rebecca talks through her New Orleans heritage, the mission behind her art, and stories behind the new songs.


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