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The Lovely Lunations Stellar Astrology Podcast is a bi-weekly broadcast that gifts you with the awareness that lets you be the master of your destiny. Dedicated to illuminating the astral energies of the times by exploring the New and Full Moons, Lovely Lunations features guided meditations, imagery and interviews to help you garner the latest insights and cosmic life lessons.




Ep. 11 ☼ Seriously Considering the Full Moon in Gemini Manifestation

Namaste, I’m Aaron Luminous, the Mystic & Guide of Cosmic Consulting & Co., and I’ll be your guide for this illuminating, celestial journey into astrological revelation. This podcast is a culmination transmission for the Tuesday, December 13, Gemini Full Moon, which takes place at approximately 7:05 PM EST.

Duration: 00:33:45

Ep. 10 ☼ Envisioning Happiness - Lunar Eclipse And Harvest Pisces Full Moon Manifestation

I’m Aaron Fried, Mystic Astrologer and Consultant of Guided Sacredly, and I’ll be your guide for this cosmic and illuminating journey into astrological consciousness. This podcast is an Intentionalization and Transmission for the Friday, September 16th Pisces Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, which takes place at approximately 3:05 PM EST

Duration: 00:43:58

Ep. 9 ☼ Softening the Soul - Independence Day Cancer New Moon Actualization

A powerful actualization & conception for sanctified ritual, mending the soul, healing ceremony & connecting with Mother Nature & family history, ancestry, and roots. Transforming cultural and familial conditioning.

Duration: 01:02:13

Ep. 4 ☼ MYSTERIOUS Full Moon In Scorpio on 4/22/16

☼ The Lovely Lunations Stellar Astrology Podcast Ep. 4 ☼ The MYSTERIOUS Scorpio Full Moon Manifestation (63 min) Hosted by Mystic Astrologer, Aaron Fried The culmination of Spring cleaning energy. The destruction of stagnation. Transmutation of previously stuck or inert emotional material. Grace met by profound presence. Stabilizing desires. Plunging into deep closeness. Sudden polarized breaking apart or sticking together. Provocative attraction. Emotional catharsis. Alchemicalization of...

Duration: 01:03:12

Ep. 3 ☼ POWERFUL New Moon In Aries on 4/7/16

☼ The Lovely Lunations Stellar Astrology Podcast Ep. 3 ☼ The POWERFUL Aries New Moon Initiation! (46 min) Hosted by Metaphysical Medicine Astrologer, Aaron Fried Forging new pathways to your goal, continuing from the culmination of last Lovely Lunations ep.2 - Libra Lunar Eclipse. Being the important and distinct individual that you were born to be is the order of the day. Declaring your place in the universe holds the key. Shine your light EVERYWHERE and hold nothing back. A radical...

Duration: 00:46:37

Ep. 2 ☼ Lunar Eclipse in Libra on 3/20/16

☼ The Lovely Lunations Stellar Astrology Podcast Ep. 2 ☼ Manifesting the March 23, 2016 Lunar Eclipse in Libra (50 min) Hosted by Yogi Aaron Fried The illumined mind blazing new trails. New clarity and objectivity. Fierceness appeased by devotion. The tug-o-war between impulsive lust and unconditional love. During this highly polarized and alluring Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse, a harmonizing of primal ruminations brings conciliation and the calm repose to be yourself and command your own...

Duration: 00:50:44