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>A Podcast For Magicians That's About Magiicians and Hosted By A Magician.

>A Podcast For Magicians That's About Magiicians and Hosted By A Magician.
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>A Podcast For Magicians That's About Magiicians and Hosted By A Magician.




412: Doug Isenberg on Internet Law

GigaLaw creator, Doug Isenberg, Attorney At Law, was a presenter at the recent MagiFest in Columbus, Ohio who talked about the importance of having respect for intellectual property and adhering to copyright laws. Piracy of magic ideas and products has been an ongoing topic on The Magic Word Podcast over the past five years and it's time we talk with an expert in the field who tells what we can do to stop it or at least how we can try. Moreover, he talks about patents and the importance of...


411: Luke Dancy In Front And Behind The Camera

Luke Dancy may not be a familiar name...for now. But that is about to change. Luke worked behind the scenes with Criss Angel for seven years as a consultant and helping direct through the camera for some of Criss' TV shows. Luke now works for Murphy's Magic Supplies and hosts a regular vlog that is posted on Murphy's YouTube channel and their Facebook page. Luke hosted my "At The Table" lecture taping (which will be due out later this Fall) as well as those of many others.He has had a...


410 - Carisa Hendrix - Getting Uncomfortable

Caria Hendrix is a magician who is on the rise. Oh, also, she happens to be a woman. She is one of the new breed who I believe is one of the "Stars of Tomorrow" as she pursues her dreams on stage. Most young people I see today seem to be involved in close-up and entertaining small groups of people, but few true entertainers are comfortable on stage in front of a large audience. Carisa is one of that rare breed. She suggests that we should step out of our comfort zone and try new things...


409: Walter "Zaney" Blaney - Surprise 90th Birthday Party

This week we have a unique podcast. Join along with The Magic Word as we attend a Surprise Party (or rather Surpri"Z"e Party with the "Z" for "Zaney") held a week after his actual February 11th birthday. This was hosted in the home of one of his three daughters, Shannon, who lives across the street from Walter. Walter's eyesight is not what it used to be and he has to nearly be right up on you before he can recognize you. We had a few surprises for the guests, too, including the...


Martin Cox at 2018 Blackpool Convention

A big "THANK YOU" goes out to Martin Cox who sent in his report from the largest magic convention in the world, Blackpool Magic Convention in Blackpool, England. In this Un-Numbered, Special Edition, he roams around the Winter Garden through the Dealer's Hall and elsewhere grabbing some conversations with dealers, registrants, organizers and talent. This gives you a pretty good feel of what went on during this event. Download this podcast in an MP3 file by Clicking Here and...


408: Richard Turner Q&A on "Dealt"

Following a recent screening of "Dealt", a documentary on the life of legendary card mechanic/magician Richard Turner, we conducted a Question and Answer session via Skype over the big screen in the theater. Richard gave us some insight into the making and production of this fascinating film. "Dealt" has not been widely released despite its critical international acclaim. If you have not yet viewed the documentary, then you will be pleased to learn that the producers have released the...


407: Rudy Coby - Around the World on Four Legs

Rudy Coby has made a career out of having an extra pair of legs.. Not only has it taken him around the world, but they have garnered him several major television appearances plus opened doors for him to meet and work with some pretty cool friends. In this podcast, Rudy talks about some of his performance experiences but also his association with Jeff McBride and rock star, Marilyn Manson. He also chats at length about his appearances for the Academy of Magical Arts, the Magic...


406: MagiCuba with Jon Stetson and John Rose

We are at the beginning of the magic convention season having had a great kickoff in Columbus, Ohio with the MagiFest. There are many conventions occurring around the glove that will attract thousands of attendees including Blackpool, MAGIC Live! and FISM. And there are other notable conventions that will be hosted that have long, rich heritages of being fun. But there is one convention that is planned for late 2018 that will be notable because of its unique location...Havana, Cuba. In...


405: Magi-Fest 2018 - Day Three

Day Three Schedule: 9:30 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.Kids Show Magic with Mario Marchese We say this every year, and we’ll say it again. Do not miss this unique event. We invite 200 young children to attend a magic show by the incredible Mario Marchese, who has appeared on numerous times on national television. Immediately following his innovative kids show, the kids are dismissed and Mario will speak to you about his unique approach to kids magic, which includes electronic magic the likes of which...


404: Magi-Fest 2018 - Day Two

Day Two Schedule: 10:00 am - 11:30 a.m. Friday Session Doug Isenberg: Doug is an internationally recognized lawyer, and he will discuss intellectual property as it applies to magic. The Memory Arts: Sarah and David Trustman will show us how to vastly improve our memories, and specifically how to memorize a deck of cards. Rick Smith Jr.: A Guinness World Record Holder for card throwing, and the undisputed world expert on the subject. He’ll speak to us about his storied career throwing...


402: A Brief History of Magic on the Internet with Jim Sisti

Jim Sisti, better known as the creator, publisher and editor of the former periodical, "The Magic Menu" and business partners with Richard Osterlind, is our guest today. This week, Jim Sisti and Scott Wells talk about magic on the internet from its beginnings with the Bulletin Board System to the current state of magic on YouTube, blogs and podcasts as well as brick-and-mortar versus online magic shops, piracy, and a peek into the future of what we might expect and where it is...


401: David Berglas - International Man of Mystery, Part Two

This week we present the second installment of our two-part podcast with David Berglas. Last week we talked about his work on British television and this week we talk about his career in the film industry and people he worked with and knew. Also, David has a profound sense of "giving back" to our community. He is a supporter of the Capetown (South Africa) College of Magic. He is the founder of the "David Berglas International Award of Magic" which has been presented to Uri Geller, David...


400: David Berglas - International Man of Mystery

David Berglas has an affect on me. Okay, that is corny. But it is true that he has influenced and inspired more magicians and mentalists in the world than can be counted. Not only has he changed how we look at magic, David Berglas has significantly changed magic on television. The BBC called him the “Godfather of TV Magic”. Born in 1926, Berglas escaped to Britain from Nazi Germany at age 11. He first became interested in Magic in his 20’s and studied psychotherapy at university before...


399: Anthony Owen - Behind The Scenes

Anthony Owen, M.I.M.C. with Gold Star, definitely has the credits to his name as a producer, director, and creator of magic shows on stage and television. He has won numerous awards from BAFTA, the Royal Television Society and Rose D’or for his work. He has directed all of Derren Brown's BBC television shows since 2000 and worked with Dynamo, David Copperfield, and many other top internationally acclaimed magicians. Along with John Lenahan, Anthony has co-produced Monday Night Magic, the...


398: Bill Palmer - Renaissance Man

Author, Creator, Musician, Magician, Collector, and Multi-Lingual "bon vivant" Bill Palmer is an all-around nice guy who is more than just a little knowledgeable on nearly every topic. Hence the reason that I refer to him as a Renaissance Man and not just from his 25 years of appearing as Merlin the Magician at the RenFest and Scarborough Faire. Bill was also the translator of German to English of magic books by Punx, Borodin and Ted Lesley. Many of you know Bill Palmer's name from being...


396: Another Murray Christmas

It’s that time of year. It’s holiday magic as we return for our annual visit with Murray Sawchuck in Las Vegas. I like to chat with Murray to find out how he has evolved and grown plus get updates on what’s happening on the Vegas scene. I think it will be an interesting comparison to look back over the years to see how a professional magician has evolved and achieved success in this business. Each year Murray has changed casino venues, changed his act (from CD’s to comedy), married and...


395: Andre Kole and Company

According to Genii's "Magicpedia", Andre Kole is an American magician and inventor of magical effects. He is also a committed Christian and is a public speaker for the evangelical group Campus Crusade for Christ International. But more than than, I know him as a friend and creative genius. He has received numerous awards in and outside of the magic community. One such accolade I remember him receiving was the "Guest of Honor" when the I.B.M. hosted its annual national convention in...


394: David Charvet - History Comes Alive

David Charvet is a noted historian of our art and well-known for his uncanny portrayal of the late Harry Blackstone, Jr. David is not only a performer and historian, but an author of several books including biographies of Alexander, Willard the Wizard, Emil Jarrow and others. He has trouped with Stan Kramien and worked with many of the greats in magic showbiz. You can hear David's scholarly talk about Willard the Wizard that he gave to a select group at the recent T.A.O.M. convention by...


393: Justin Flom - Social Media Sensation

Justin Flom started his career with a seven year stint in Branson, Missouri and losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. But not discouraged, and thanks to the prompting of Shawn Farqhuar to go from large to small (that is, illusions to close-up), Justin posted a video of the "Soldiers Deck of Cards" that went viral (with over 5MM views and counting) and led to his many appearances on "The Ellen Show" and a variety of other chat shows then to his association on "Wizard Wars" to his current...


387: Orson Bean - It Began With A Fir Tree

The cover of a 1960 comedy album showed Orson Bean holding a "Fir Tree" (made from rolled-up newspaper) which started the search. While in the Los Angeles, California area, I learned that Orson Bean had an interest in magic and even belonged to the Academy of Magical Arts. In a fortunate turn of events, The Magic Word Podcast was able to visit the home of legendary actor and comedian, Orson Bean, and his lovely wife (and talented actor in her own right), Alley Mills. What started out as a...


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