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126 - Practical Ways to Make Small, Incremental Improvements

The show is back, and we have a new co-host! But what are we going to be talking about? Incremental improvements, lean systems, and agile methodologies! But why? We start this episode by talking about why incremental improvements are so important. It’s easy to get caught up what’s the latest and greatest fad in productivity, but in reality, it’s those small 1% improvements that end up moving the needle and creating real lasting improvements in productivity. There’s not a lot of people who...

Duration: 00:21:50

The Big Comeback! Celebrating Two Years

There’s no better way to celebrate two years of making it snappy… Then to re-lauch the show! it’s been six-months since we’ve been on hiatus and TWO YEARS since we first launched at midnight on Christmas Day of 2015. It’s been a really interesting year and I’m super-excited to kick off the podcast and keep it going for good! Out team has been in reflection mode: we’ve taking time to think about how to make this podcast great, how to keep it sustainable, and give you what you want to listen...

Duration: 00:26:21

124 - Announcing Our New Co-Host!!!

It’s been a little over 30 days since our last check-in and we listened to you Snappy Nation! You completed our poll when we asked you what you were looking for from our podcast and you told us what you wanted. Your overwhelming response was that you wanted to learn more about tools to help you get more productive and strategies for implementing them at work. We are sooooo pleased to announce your new co-host, she’s been on the show before and is a fantastic fit for where We’ll keep this...

Duration: 00:06:59

123 - Check-In: What's Snappening w/The Messengers?

It's been 60-days since Nick Snapp went on his hiatus but there were too many cool things going on to stay quiet for the full 90-days: The Messengers: Podcast Documentary goes LIVE in iTunes at midnight 8/23! Preorder for $5.99 (Nick's in it for at least 30-secs)! Claire Diaz-Ortiz is offering her free Success Mentor Summit! 100+ world-class mentors reveal their biggest secrets to leveling up your success. Grab your ticket to the FREE Success Mentor Summit!...

Duration: 00:11:01

122 - The Gauntlet Throwing Hiatus - Is This the End? (Feat. Ralph & Carol Lynn Rivera)

Is this the end of Make it Snappy? We've been preparing for what’s in store for the future and the big reveal for what to expect (if?) and when we return! Is this the end of Make it Snappy? I’ve been podcasting for over 18 months and this episode unpacks my lessons learned from the tremendous experience. We’re taking 90 days off to regroup and comeback stronger than ever, so what will this look like for The Make it Snappy Productivity Show? You’ll find out if you listen all the way to the...

Duration: 00:29:52

121 - From Six Figures to Seven (and Vice Versa, w/Dave Mooring)

If you’ve ever thought about what it takes to go from a 6 to 7-figure business… It would help to have someone who’s been on the inside, of both sides, right? My guest this week, Dave Mooring has done just that. Dave and I dive into the mindset of both types of founders and his experience working over 18 years in marketing, management and customer service in the startup world. Dave is the founder and President of BurlapSky, Inc., a digital marketing consultancy, and, an...

Duration: 00:50:28

118 - Automate Anything with Bots (Special Guest Seth Louey)

Did you know you can automate almost anything with these things called “bots?” Make it Snappy guest Seth Louey is on the cutting edge and is showing us how to do it. Seth is the CEO and Co-Founder of, connecting humans to bots. He’s a lifetime entrepreneur and the 2016 Product Hunt Maker of the Year Nominee. Seth’s an everyday hustler and an inspirational human being. He’s one of the most giving, down-to-earth guests I’ve had on the show and I truly enjoyed our...

Duration: 00:51:59

117 - Practical Tips on Showing Up 100% (with Josh Cheetham)

What does it take to show up 100% in all areas of your life? It first takes a mindset shift. Then, a good look in the mirror. My guest today, Josh Cheetham will give us some really cool insight on how to show up 100% in everything you do by learning how to be your true self. Like what you hear? How about supporting the show? Anything helps…as little as $1 per month and you get a ton of cool perks. To learn more: Would you be interested in grabbing our...

Duration: 00:41:08

115 - How to Save an Unproductive Content Creator (w/Brian Musial)

Do you create content? Any kind of content at all? If so, you really want get the most out of all your hard work! Storyboarding is your answer. My guest today is Brian Musial, a true renaissance man, a jack of all trades who’s mastered the art of storytelling through video. Now, he’s helping people tell better stories whether they’re blogging, podcasting, posting on social media or writing a landing page…Brian will get you where you need to go. I love what Brian brings to the table, in...

Duration: 00:31:20

114 - New Month, New Consistency, New Gauntlet Throwing

Have you ever had the gauntlet throw down on you? My good friends and fellow-podcasters Ralph and Carol Lynn Rivera of the Carbon Based Business Units podcast threw it down and gave me a business challenge…I responded to their challenge and raised them my own challenge! It’s like dueling podcasts or something. We’re also making a cool little announcement. Be sure to listen for the full story... Like what you hear? How about supporting the show? Anything helps…as little as $1 per month and...

Duration: 00:08:32

113 - A Super-Easy Delegation Tool That Actually Works (Solo-pisode)

I have the tool you need…A Google Sheet will simplify all your problems with delegating tasks. It will help you stay organized and delegate tasks to you Virtual Assistant or to your team exceedingly well and I'm giving it to you... This is a little “how-to” solo-pisode that I’m really excited to have you listen to…I’ve been talking to A LOT of online entrepreneurs lately, especially with all the influence I’ve had from Jeff J Hunter and there are A LOT of you, entrepreneur or corporate,...

Duration: 00:37:34

112 - Big Ideas with a Side of Pancakes (w/ Arseny Kostenko)

Maybe you have a big idea…maybe you need to turn your big idea into a plan and you don’t know how? My guest this week can help you…his name is Arseny Kostenko and not only is he a self-proclaimed pancake enthusiast! He’s also an expert in turning your big ideas into actionable steps. There are a lot of people out there, you may be one of them, who just don’t know how to put together action plans that work and Arseny not only helps put these plans together but he eliminates the WASTE in the...

Duration: 00:35:13

111 - Growing Your Platform & Rockstar Days (w/ Dr. Rob Garcia)

Looking for some rock-solid hacks to grow your audience and platform? Dr. Rob Garcia is a high school dropout turned PhD and he’s the owner of SHIFT Advanced Life Design magazine. Dr. Rob spends his time teaching people how to maximize their gifts and become experts in their field. I brought Dr. Rob on because he’s passionate about helping people grow their platforms. He has an impressive background in media and some really great hacks to better leverage media opportunities. He also talks...

Duration: 00:40:40

110 - What Should I Be Working On, Really? (w/Jeff J Hunter)

Have you ever felt a little stuck? Like you’re not working on the right things? If there’s ever been anyone I’ve known in my life who knows how to spend your time working on only the 10% of things that actually matter it’s Jeff J Hunter. He’s the founder of the 9010 Life program, because it’s not 80/20 anymore, it’s actually 9010, where 90% of the things we do, we shouldn’t actually be doing…we’re not best suited for these things and J teaches us how to develop a 9010 mindset. He also...

Duration: 00:47:28

109 - Beauty in the Beta Test

Have you ever had one of those weeks? The launch of the second beta test group for my Real Accountable platform was filled with dramatic missteps. Yet, we made it! What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger and there is plenty to learn from here. If you dig productivity and you want some real hacks on how to launch a startup, you’ll learn quickly from my mistakes this week! So are you ready for some REAL accountability? Why does accountability not work in the early stages of Entrepreneurship?...

Duration: 00:25:21

108 - How to Leverage LIVE Events

How can you make the most out of a live event you’re attending? This episode is jam-packed with tips from the pros. It includes a snippets from my experience at the best live event I’ve ever attended, Podfest Multimedia Expo and my lessons learned not only from Podfest, but on how to deal with a storm of adversity the week before launching a product. Are you ready for some REAL accountability? Why does accountability not work in the early stages of Entrepreneurship? Because you need an...

Duration: 00:46:41

107 - Trials & Tribulations of the Beta Launch

Launching a beta test comes along with a very unique set of challenges. If you want to learn about what it's like to be in the fray, listen to this episode of how Nick is launching the Real Accountable platform and how he is (or is not) doing it productively. There are ton of productivity nuggets in here that you can learn from listening to his story and experience. So are you ready for some REAL accountability? Why does accountability not work in the early stages of Entrepreneurship?...

Duration: 00:30:38

106 - A Mind for Productivity (with Mike Vardy)

A clear head provides endless opportunities for productivity… My guest and friend Mike Vardy is a clear testimony of how to get more done and reduce stress by thinking and planning differently. Mike’s the founder of He’s appeared in the pages of SUCCESS magazine, the Huff Post, Lifehacker, and many more. He’s a published author, speaker and one of the first productivity podcasters to broadcast his message to help people stop “doing” productive and start “being...

Duration: 01:09:37

105 - How Not to Start a Business Productively

This is my story for you to learn how not to start your business. It has a happy ending though, hopefully, because it’s happening real time. The Make it Snappy Productivity Show is transforming into a documentary of how productive or unproductive I can be at building something out of nothing. It’s my real-time journey for you to follow along. We’re building a $2-5MM company, from scratch, and I want you there with me every step of the way. This was the hardest episode...

Duration: 00:34:43

104 - The Art & Science of Failing Fast (with Tom Sylvester)

Dr. “Let it Flow” Clem Harrod and I decided to do a co-interview today with our guest, serial entrepreneur, husband, father and computer scientist, Mr. Tom Sylvester. Tom’s the founder of, among several other businesses, including a real estate firm and wine/liquor store, that he and his wife Ariana own and operate out of the Rochester, New York area. Serial Startups is a community for people that want to start one or more businesses to achieve their goals and secure...

Duration: 00:48:17

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