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MLK's Birthday, Be Grateful and the "S--- Hole Countries

This episode of The Marc Medley Show is about how Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday is actually a "Day On" and not a day off, a continuation from my last episode about being grateful and the latest commentary from the president.

Duration: 00:34:05

Be Grateful For What You Have

This episode is another one to remind us to be grateful for what we have because it could always be worst. Check out this YouTube video.

Duration: 00:13:39

No Complaints, We're Neighbors and Fire and Fury

In this episode of the Marc Medley Show, I give my commentary on the challenge that I gave for us not to complain for the first seven-days of 2018; my experience in the latest snowstorm; and read some excerpts from the newly released book Fire and Fury by Michael Wolff.

Duration: 00:39:03

Happy 2018 And Join Me On The First 7 Days Of 2018 No Complaint Challenge

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! Wow! We've crossed over into another new year. It seems that we were just saying this when 2017 was coming in and now we are saying it for the entrance of 2018. Today's episode throws out a challenge to each of us to start the year [the first 7 days] without complaining or being negative. Let's see who is willing to take me up on my challenge.

Duration: 00:15:35

Learn Something New Every Day

"Learn Something New Every Day" is a phrase that I tell people quite frequently. When I say that, I don't mean it has to be something monumental or something profound as it could be an extremely small fact or concept that you did not know. We all ought to strive to learn something new every day regardless of how big or small the idea may be. We ought not ever stop learning. We never become too old to learn and none of us know it all or are experts at everything.

Duration: 00:15:05

Let's Treat Each Other Like It's December All Year 'Round

Have you ever noticed how in December during the holiday season, the disposition of most folks change? People are nicer to each other. They smile more. They greet each other and do small gestures like holding the door for each other more than throughout the rest of the year. Why can't we do that all year 'round? I'm convinced the world would be a nicer place if we did.

Duration: 00:14:41

Yes Mr. Ball A Thank You Was In Order

While I can be very critical of the actions of our current president, in this instance I happen to side with him. Not that I am condoning his childish responses on Twitter concerning the matter; however, I can understand where he is coming from. Truth be told, I would hope that Mr. Trump did not make the effort to free the young men from the Chinese prison just for praise, but out of truly being concerned for their well being as U.S.Citizens. I have traveled outside of the U.S. on multiple...

Duration: 00:07:34

Happy Thanksgiving 2017!

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It's one of my favorites because of what the day stands for and that is giving thanks and being grateful for what we have. There are so many who do not have even what we have and if some could trade places with us, they would do so in a heartbeat. So let's focus on what we do have instead of always focusing on what we don't have. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Duration: 00:15:05

Pattern Interrupt


Duration: 00:15:00

Our "Good Old Days" Are Right Now

Have you ever been talking to someone and said the words "Those were the good old days?" This episode of the Marc Medley show helps us to understand that the days we are in right now will be seen as "the good old days" years from now. It is incumbent upon us to be grateful for every day and not take anything or anyone for granted.

Duration: 00:14:52

Life Is A Song Worth Singing! Why Don't You Sing It?

This episode of the Marc Medley Show is one about experiences, observations, and reflections. It is about doing things we are passionate about and being grateful for life, health, and strength.

Duration: 00:37:02

Why I am Not A Fan Of Halloween

In this episode of The Marc Medley Show, I explain my thoughts and opinions concerning Halloween. The views and opinions are my own and I am not necessarily looking for agreement.

Duration: 00:26:06

Are You Willing To Extend The Same Grace and Mercy That You Would Like For Someone To Extend To You?

It's amazing to me how quick some people are to seek punishment for someone whom he/she feels has done something to them, yet when the tables are turned or they have now offended someone, they seek forgiveness, compassion, and mercy. There is a biblical story in Matthew 18 that illustrates what I this episode is about extremely well. Take a listen.

Duration: 00:15:00

Love Yourself

If you don't love yourself, what makes you think anyone else will? If you don't love and value you, why would others? A healthy self-esteem is a must and ought to be encouraged. This episode does just that; encourages you to love yourself, not in a cocky or arrogant way but in a manner that will help you to help yourself in order for you to help others.

Duration: 00:15:00

R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find Out What That Means To Me

It seems we are living in a time where the appearance of sorriness, slackness, slothfulness, laziness, and a downright I don't care attitude is in fashion. It seems we are truly anti-establishment. We see this in our clothing choices, the manner in which we wear our clothes (sagging), our attitudes, our behaviors our conversations and words choices and our ultimate decisions. Many of these in my view are anything but respectful to ourselves, others or authority. Tune in and find out what...

Duration: 00:15:21

Our Government Is Supposed To Serve The People, Not Rule The People

As an American, do you feel our government is serving us or ruling over us? Our government is supposed to serve the people and not rule the people according to the Constitution.

Duration: 00:15:06

We Need To Stop Trying to Control Other People

We need to live and let live. We cannot control someone else yet we are always trying to do so. Learn how this episode connects with the Take A Knee protest and the removal of statues in states and cities.

Duration: 00:15:00

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