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The Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast is a show dedicated to the outdoors. We cover a wide range of hunting, fishing and outdoor topics. Every show we try to keep out listeners up to date on the latest in outdoor news, tips and tactics, and of course, throw in our very own brand of humor.

The Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast is a show dedicated to the outdoors. We cover a wide range of hunting, fishing and outdoor topics. Every show we try to keep out listeners up to date on the latest in outdoor news, tips and tactics, and of course, throw in our very own brand of humor.
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The Mark Grupe Outdoors Podcast is a show dedicated to the outdoors. We cover a wide range of hunting, fishing and outdoor topics. Every show we try to keep out listeners up to date on the latest in outdoor news, tips and tactics, and of course, throw in our very own brand of humor.




Ep. 21- Dog Training & Social Media W/ Dennis Hayre

Dennis Hayre is an expert dog trainer and owner of Dennis Hayre Kennels. We get to see him doing what he does best around here at the ranch, so we decided we'd get him in the studio to pick his brain. We cover alot of ground in this show, and talk about how much you should be training your dog in the offseason, if force fetching is really necessary, what kind of dogs Dennis prefers, and about social media, among many other things. Make sure you give this show a listen, and give Dennis a...


Ep. 20- Waterfowl & Bass Fishing w/ Scott Feist

We spent a couple mornings last week snow goose hunting with Scott Feist of Feisty Fish Guide Service, and we knew we wanted to talk with him on the podcast. Based here in the central valley Scott guides for ducks, geese, striped bass, salmon, and hogs. We talked to Scott about his waterfowl techniques, his retriever Striker, and how he fishes for striper. There is a ton of awesome information in this podcast, so make sure you give it a listen, and then give Scott a call to go hunting or...


Ep. 19- Brent Nobles of Fur, Fins & Feathers Taxidermy

Today we have a man on our show who has seen and picked over 11,000 birds this season. That individual is Brent Nobles, the owner of Fur, Fins, Feathers Taxidermy. Brent specializes in wild game meat processing and taxidermy. We're talking with him about his operation, his taxidermy work, and getting some tips on how you can handle your own game for the best results after your harvest. We hope you enjoy the...


Ep. 18- Outdoor Video Production with Caleb Copeland

On todays show we are talking to our good friend Caleb Copeland. Caleb is an all around outdoor media producer extraordinaire. He has worked on shows such as Foxworthy Outdoors, The Crush with Lee and Tiffany, and The Habit among many other projects. He is also the host of The Redneck Tech Podcast. We are talking about his background in the industry, his favorite gear is, as well as getting some tips and advice for anyone wanting to film their hunts or break into the industry themselves!...


Ep. 17- Ryan Sherbondy- Champion Duck Caller

Ryan Sherbondy is a highly talented competition duck caller based right in our backyard. He won his first competition at age 11, and turned around to win the California state Junior division competition at the age of 13. This year he competed in the adult division, winning the California competition, giving him the opportunity to compete in the World Championship Duck Calling Competition in Stuttgart, Arkansas. We had Ryan on the show today to talk with him about his competition...


Ep. 16- Jake Thompson of Danger Close Outdoors

You guys better have your notepads open and your pencils sharpened for this show, we're going to be dropping some knowledge on you. We're talking with our good friend Jake Thompson of Danger Close Outdoors about high momentum archery setups. Jake and his company specialize in helping people increase their lethality in the field using high momentum archery equipment. We have been taking Jake's advice for the past year and have found great success in his approach, and we think you will too....


Ep. 15- Marie Kargbo- A Story of Survival

We usually talk about hunting, but today we decided to deviate a little from that theme to talk with someone who has an incredible story to tell. Marie Kargbo grew up in the country of Sierra Leone in the 80's, and was in Freetown at the height of the Sierra Leone Civil War in the 90's. Marie was eventually able to escape to a refugee camp, and then made her way here to the United States. Her story is one of resilience, perseverance, bravery and faith in the midst of terror. We urge you to...


Ep. 13- Colorado Elk Hunt Rundown

If you didn't already know, we came home with an awesome Colorado bull elk from our bowhunting trip to the beautiful state of Colorado. We are super happy about our harvest, and we wanted to share the story of our hunt with you guys. Every hunt is not only an opportunity for success, but an opportunity to learn and grow as a hunter, so we sprinkled in some things that we learned on this hunt into the episode as well. Enjoy, and happy hunting! Find us Online! Web:...


Ep. 13- Brett Marciasini- Hunting in British Columbia

It is that time of year again. Fall is in the air, and we don't need to tell you what that means. We are kicking off our return to civilization by talking to our friend Brett Marciasini about his recent hunt in British Columbia. He just returned from 10 days of hunting up there, and has an awesome story to tell! We also wanted to bring attention to a recent gun bill in California. California Assembly Bill 7 is currently sitting on Jerry Brown's desk, so we will be briefly diving into what...


Ep. 12- One Thing

What is one thing that you can do to improve the quality, and success, of your hunts? We are tackling that question on todays show. We are going to give you some easy to implement tips that will help you enjoy your hunts more, and be more effective in the field. We have tips on everything from waterfowling and dove hunting, to fitness and big game hunting. We also touch on the recent Detwiler fire that came so close to our Mariposa, California ranch, and talk briefly about the role fires...


Ep. 11- Jeff Tucker "Darkness" Show Interview

Today we are bringing you an interview with our friend Jeff Tucker. He recently finished filming for the new Discovery Channel show called "Darkness". The show sets participants loose alone in a cave, pitting them against the elements and complete darkness in a struggle of survival. This extreme challenge has only been made possible recently due to advancements in camera technologies, allowing the experience to be filmed with no visual light from, and minimal contact from the crew. We have...


Ep. 10- Hunting Season Prep: Tips from Industry Pros

We can almost smell hunting season in the air! With deer and elk seasons quickly approaching, we wanted to give you guys some tips on how to prepare for your season. We are going to cover physical and mental prep for a trip, how to make sure your bow is ready to go, how to find a good hunting area, and how to take care of your animal when it is down. We will also be answering a question we see a lot on Facebook: "Why are pig hunts so expensive?". Don't miss this episode, and make sure you...


Ep. 9- Political Withdrawal

We continue our discussion about the broken state of political discourse today. With rumors of the Golden State Warriors not attending the traditional Whitehouse visit after their win, and with Elon Musk resigning from one of Donald Trump's advisory boards, there seems to be a trend of withdrawal lately. Does this help or hurt the cause these individuals are trying to promote? We explore this along with a roundup of outdoor news stories, and answer some of your questions from Facebook!...


Ep. 6- Harry Bunfill of XFowler Duck Blinds

Our very own "Nerd Behind the Computer" Ryer is filling in for Mark today with our good friend Harry Bunfill of XFowler Duck Blinds. We have been hunting out of XFowler blinds with Harry for the past couple of years, and we are excited to have him on the show. Harry is a good friend, and a blast to talk to. We're discussing beer, blinds and everything in between. If you are already missing waterfowl season, then this episode is a must listen! Stay tuned for an awesome show. To find out...


Ep. 5- Reaching Out

We have a bit of a shorter episode for you guys today. Earlier this week we got a chance to hunt with our friend David Hartrick. David was diagnosed with ALS, and he is currently trying to raise funds for a tracked wheelchair so that he, and others with similar conditions, can go enjoy the great outdoors. Our conversations with David and his brother Gary earlier this week really touched us, and inspired us to talk about the importance of reaching out a helping hand to those who need it....