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You Are A Dildo

Get it on with this 30 Day Sex Challenge! Do you have the stamina? Lynda thinks it may put you in the hospital... proceed with caution. We've got great relationship tips today, 5 questions to answer, what our Zodiac signs say, America's favorite sport, and oh yea, all the latest things going into vaginas, butts and penises. And since many have been asking for its return, Mark's got a mini Cool Stories In Music! All that and more on The Mark & Lynda Podcast.

Duration: 01:29:30

Baby, It’s Cold Outside ⛄️

Happy New Year! We're freezing cold and our pipes might be frozen, but the conversation is nice and hot today. We're all about masturbation, working out in the buff, Sex Trends for 2018, and the 10 Secrets of Happy Couples. Can you increase your semen load? Penis whitening anyone? That plus Fashion Trends and a list of men's first names that are likely to have kids this year... Matthew? One can only hope.

Duration: 01:32:41

A Very Thompson Christmas

Get ready for some tipsy Thompson family shenanigans on our annual Christmas show! The fam's all together and the Christmas Elf is with us for a couple dirty tales, plus some truly epic burps from Katie. When do you open your Christmas gifts? What happens to all the letters for Santa? What's the most common Christmas dinner in the US? We've got all those answers for you plus some Top 10 lists, a Christmas Iddy Biddy Theater featuring the RG, Katie and Bradley, and your Drunk Matt questions...

Duration: 01:04:17

Santa Porn?! 🎅🏼🍆

It's true, people love to watch porn on Christmas day and in case you're wondering where to watch it, we've got you covered with the most popular Santa porn search words. The kids are on their way and we've got sh*t to do! Today it's all about our upcoming holiday hosting plans plus more stories behind Christmas song classics, the 2 Worst Christmas Songs of All Time, 2 Great New Years Songs, the Top 10 Christmas Movie Characters, and if you're traveling for the holiday, we've got the best...

Duration: 01:29:51

A Nasty Christmas

We start off a little hungover from a past-our-bedtime holiday party last night, but we've still got a great show for you today! Mark's got On This Day in History and Skeeter's got your comments. If you're lookin' to sex up your Christmas, we've got 8 ways how. Some Coca Cola fun facts, Top 10 Best Movies of 2017, Top 10 Christmas Songs, The Greatest Christmas Album of ALL TIME, stories behind some classic holiday songs, and our special guest Nasty The Clown visits with his holiday best 🤡

Duration: 01:28:33

Who Sleeps With a Snake?! 🐍

It's the Radio God's birthday and we're joined by Andy, Gina, Mikey and Katie for a Mark In The Morning reunion! Also on today's show, Mark shares some Wedding Disasters, tells us why semen is your friend, On This Day, You Hate to Hear It, when the Osmonds got hard, and Skeeter brings us your Comments.

Duration: 01:28:27

Super Sexy Barry White

Today, Mark will Sho' You Right with a Barry White Frenzy. Barry, You Are The First, My Last, My Everything and that's why we Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Baby. Then later, some interesting info about hookers we may not have known, fun places to have sex and November fun facts. All that plus the time Alex Trebek ate pot brownies.

Duration: 00:58:23

The Birthday Turkey

As Thanksgiving looms, we introduce the Birthday Turkey. This week, sexy confessions, eating naked in Paris, toilet paper harming our butt-holes, Comments with Skeeter and some interesting things you may not have known.

Duration: 01:00:34

Some Sexy Songs For Ya

This week: The Top 10 Sexiest Songs, Comments with Skeeter, True Confessions. and sex tits, oops, tips that is. Also, the top Halloween costumes found on Porn Hub, and teenagers choose smart phones over sleep, good parenting America.

Duration: 01:06:40

Stretch Before You Fuck

This week: Mark's top 10 Halloween movies of all time, a cool clip of Vincent Price recording his part on Michael Jackson's Thriller, and Comments with Skeeter will not be forgotten. Also, need an idea for a Christmas gift? Neiman Marcus has your back. Then later, Nasty the Clown's Halloween Pickup Lines, some more sex fun facts, and what happens as soon as you die, on this, the final Halloween podcast on M&L.

Duration: 01:31:09

A Nasty Halloween

On today's show we run down the top 10 albums of all time, artists that should be inducted in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and new Bet Ya Didn't Know. Also, Halloween fun facts, young adults & threesomes, and Nasty the Clown pays us a visit.

Duration: 01:30:18

Friday the 13th with Luke Perry

A tired Mark is back from a Panthers defeat but the show must go on. Today, Friday the 13th Fun Facts, a belated birthday call to friend Luke Perry and an Elvis Bet'cha Didn't Know. All that plus On This Day in History, listener John Z calls the show and I Love Lucy Fun Facts.

Duration: 01:32:44

Remembering Tom Petty

After this past weeks' tragedies we attempt to move forward. We honor the late Tom Petty with a mini frenzy celebrating some of his greatest hits. Also, Mark's toe injury, listener comments, On This Day in History, Billboard's top 10 singles of all time, the best time of the day to have sex, and the 3 signs you should probably breakup. Then later, Japanese men cover their nipples, reasons why you should be fired from your job and is marriage on the decline?

Duration: 01:31:51

Pregnancy Power Food 👶

On this week's show:'s Top 10 1 Hit Wonders, swallowing helps you get pregnant and other sex fun facts, the latest edition of Car Wash News, and M&L are a couple of internet outlaws. Also, doing "it" in the car, listener comments, On This Day in History, and what's hidden up what? Next week: Spookiness afoot.

Duration: 01:31:30


On today's show, the top 20 Paul McCartney songs, we delve into Kevin Hart's extortion case and two separate stories of some truly disgusting women. Then later, Maggie calls in with the latest on her sex life and women watch porn more than men. How is that possible?

Duration: 01:29:08

Go See It🎈

M&L are back from LA with stories and some odd thoughts. Also on today's show, On This Day in History, listener comments, and Mark's movie recommendation of the season. Plus, M&L taste test unique chocolate, the household workout, the celebrities who lost their fortunes, and how dirty are those restaurant lemons?

Duration: 01:16:38

Football is Back!

Are you ready for some football!? Today Sam Farmer calls with his 2017 NFL preview. Also, we phone friend of the show Cody Decker to see if he is behind Mark's dick pic. Then later, a monkey in Israel has new friend, a Chinese man has something removed from somewhere and nurses were caught being naughty. All that and so much more....!

Duration: 01:29:39

Labor Day Dick Pics

We kick off this sizzling September with some "interesting" Labor Day Fun Facts and Lynda's best friend Rachel sits down to answer the Island Questions. Also, Mark gets an intimate text, Itty Bitty Theater, the health benefits of marijuana and Danny goes on an Uber rant.

Duration: 01:27:48

9 Gold Records

Did you know Mark has 10 Gold Records? Today he plays them for us, well actually, he plays 9 for us; find out why. Also, with the passing of Jay Thomas, Mark pays tribute to a fellow LA icon. Then later, the richest people in TV, the keys to success and DNCE teams up with Rod Stewart?

Duration: 01:30:19


Mark & Lynda are celebrating 35 years of marriage and so we take a look back at the year 1982. The top movies, shows, songs and other fun facts from year they said "I do." Also, you wouldn't believe who was caught drunk at work, sexting, and what's dirtier than your toilet? Happy Anniversary Mark and Lynda!

Duration: 01:25:28

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