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#38 5 Mistakes Therapists Make When First Starting Out with Gael Wood

Gael Wood shares with us the 5 most common mistakes that therapists make when they are first starting out in business. And I have to admit I STILL make some of these even after 12 years in business! This episode is full of helpful tips and we go off track with loads of massage-specific business & marketing advice. This is a MUST listen for anyone running their own massage practice!! You can find Gael over at: Grab you FREE Marketing Summit Pass (starting Mar 16!) at:...


#37 Ranking higher on Google using Local SEO tactics with Tim Cooper

Today we talk about how to increase your Google ranking for FREE using Local Search tactics. Expert Tim Cooper talk us through: - How he went from struggling therapist and to fully booked within 90 days - How to rank higher on Google locally - Why it's important to get into the "3 pack" - The simple, free tactics you can use to promote your business Setup, check and update your Google My Business page here: You can find out more about Tim and his work at:...


#36 Lessons from Clinic: Weapons..what to do?!

We had a client bring a knife into an appt this I share with you my thoughts as this has never happened before!! Get your FREE Global Wellness Professionals Summit pass at: ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes:...


#35 When to expand & problems with overbooking

When should you expand your clinic? And what are the problems if you don't? Today I talk about Overbooking - what is it, what are the symptoms, when can it happen and when should you be expanding your clinic. --> Also you get can your free access pass to the Global Wellness Marketing Summit at ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe...


#33 Goal Setting for 2018 - Workbook included

FREE GOAL SETTING WORKBOOK! In today's episode I take you through the goal setting exercise I use for the clinic to help create clear action points to get us new patients, improve retention and build a kick-ass clinic! Listen along to the episode and download the workbook that goes with the episode here: --------------------- —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast:


#33 - Lessons From Clinic - Billing Cycles & checking yourself

Today I share with you a discussion I had with a client about billing cycles. I had NEVER really considered it before but this is huge it you not rebooking clients on a regular basis. She also gave me a reality check about my practice....there is ALWAYS more you can do to reflect on your practice and business skills. Never stop learning!! ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe to the...


#32 - Lessons learnt from 2017

In (raw!) detail I go over the lessons I've learnt from 2017. Be prepared to hear me break down in today's episode - you get a glimpse into why it's so important to me help other therapists and clinic owners. I wish you ALL the best for 2018 and look forward to hearing your progress throughout the year! Vicki xx ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes:...


#31 - Why Running Workshops is Great for Business (and How to Go About It) with Chet Morjaria

Today we speak with Chet Morjaria from Strength Education about why running workshops is great for business (and how to go about it). This is one of our longest episodes yet because Chet is so experienced as a speaker, and with running workshops it's packed full of advice for you. - Learn how to develop your concept for a workshop - Understand how to create an outstanding workshop experience for your attendees - Discover Chet's top tip for filling workshops (and yes it's not what you...


#30 - Lessons from Clinic - Dealing with a patient complaint!

The newly named "Lessons From Clinic" episode - a look behind the scenes of what is going on at our clinic, how I'm feeling about work, inspiration and motivation! Today's episode I talk through a patient complaint we've received (which was completely my fault!) and what I've done to not only deal with this complaint, but improve our customer service and turn it into a team building episode. These things do happen BUT never should happen more than once! ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at...


Ep 29

Ep 29 by Vicki Marsh


#28 How we got 118 new patients in 1 day - Part 4 Running the week

#28 How we got 118 new patients in 1 day - Part 4 Running the week by Vicki Marsh


#27 How we got 118 new patients in 1 day - Part 3 Paid Marketing

#27 How we got 118 new patients in 1 day - Part 3 Paid Marketing by Vicki Marsh


#25 How we got 118 new patients in 1 day! Part 1 - Planning & Concept

Part 1 of a 4 part series on our HeadStart Health Open Clinic Week where we got 118 new patients booked in on one day AND worked with more patients in one week than we normally see in a month. Part 1: Planning and Concept Today I talk about WHY you might want to run an open clinic day/week, what to consider you want to get out of it, long vs short sell, when to schedule the week and why we work with other therapists and clinics for events like this. Next week Part 2: Marketing! ———————————...


#24 How Much Do You Want It? Lessons from the Gym

How are you are prepared to work to be successful? After a gruelling 5km row I realised it's all a choice - just how much do you want it? With plenty of other failing small business owners what is going to make you different? ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes:...


#23 Holidays: How to prepare for time away from work

As I'm about to head off for my summer holidays I share with you our tips on how to prepare for a stress free time away from clinic. Simple strategies for ensuring your patients know what is going, managing cashflow and guaranteeing you don't get a nasty surprise when you get back! ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast: —>Subscribe to the Podcast in iTunes:...


#22 What it's 'really' like working with elite athletes with Cassandra Gramozi

Today we talk everything about working with elite athletes with Cassandra Gramozi, from the North London School of Sports Massage. Cassandra has worked with elite athletes throughout her career and she shares her insider knowledge with us on the episode. In particular, she has some great advice for anyone wanting to work in elite sport and how best to place yourself for getting experience (and paid work) in this sector. Hugely valuable advice from an extremely experienced massage therapist...


#21 Lessons From The Gym

Today we're doing something a little different....Lessons from the Gym. These episodes are recorded on iPhone headphones post-workout to share with you the tips, techniques and lesson from the gym that we can take into our business. I hope to use these sessions to share with you ways to work on your mindset, attitude and approach towards your clinic and your business!! ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing Podcast:...


#19: 5 Tips to create eye-catching marketing with Anya Jouli

Today we talk with Graphic Designer Anja Jouli, to find out her top tips on creating eye-catching designs for your marketing. We go over: 1: Choosing visual elements 2: Brand consistency 3: Less is more (Spark Post - ) 4: Good quality stock images ( 5: User feedback As a podcast listener get your 30% off branding review with Anja contact her at anna.jouli (at) ——————————— —>Join us on Facebook at The MT Business & Marketing...


#18 5 Common FB Ads Mistakes & how to fix them

Download your FREE Facebook Ads Mistakes ebook at: In today's episode I go over the top 5 mistakes we see therapists making when they create FB ads. And most importantly how to fix them! Facebook can be extremely lucrative in getting new patients into your clinic if used correctly. But marketing on Facebook can also be very expensive if you don't get it right! Avoid the top 5 mistakes all therapists make when advertising on Facebook and start...


#17: Groupon: Everything you need to know

An epic episode with EVERYTHING you need to know about running a successful Groupon campaign! This episode comes with a 15 page FREE eBook & Checklist which you can download at: Groupon is hard work, for sure - but there are some very simple things you can do to ensure you run a successful, and profitable campaign Download your Groupon Checklist at:...


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