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Episode #63 - Archie Bunker - Batman - Movie marathons - The Mandarin - The Muppets - G.I. Joe - Bloodline - Kelly Marie Tran.

This Week: Would ‘All In The Family’ work in this day and age? Christian Bale’s Batman voice. Movie marathons. The Mandarin. The Muppets. G.I. Joe. Bloodline. Kelly Marie Tran’s fandom and fans. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #62 - Tommy Wiseau - Mark Hammill - Terminator Reboot - Black Panther - Netflix Cheating.

This Week: Tommy Wiseau is coming to Tampa and we want to interview him. Mark Hamill gets his star on the Walk Of Fame. A Terminator reboot and how we would do it better. Dave finally saw the Black Panther and Netflix cheating. (Matt tells you to shut the show off at 46 minutes if you haven’t seen Black Panther… Don’t it only lasts like 8 mintues and we talk about other shit after.) And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #61 - Puppies! - Joss Whedon - Cobra Kai - Uncle Drew - Reboot! - WB, let us fix your sh*t.

This week: We introduce Estelle the show dog. Are they talking about DC movies again? YEESH! (Joss Whedon is stepping down from Batgirl) The Cobra Kai youtube show! Uncle Drew…the movie? (and should you make commercials into movies?) Dave has some STRONG opinions on the Reboot reboot. Would Matt direct a Last Starfight remake? And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #60 - Black Panther - Disney or Pixar - Disney and Universal - Savior Squad - Sherlock - Jeffrey Tambor

This week: Matt saw Black Panther. Who made it, Disney or Pixar? Drankin in Disney and Universal. We are proud members of the Savior Squad!! (and what the hell that is) Dave caught up on Sherlock and The Jeffrey Tambor allegations and fallout. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!”


Episode #59 - Coverfield - Tommy Wiseau as the Joker - Michael Bay’s “Lobo?” - “Venom” trailer - THAT Quincy Jones Interview

This week: The new Cloverfield on Netflix that dropped. Tommy Wiseau REALLY wants to be the Joker. Is the world ready for Michael Bay’s “Lobo?” A “Venom” trailer without Venom and HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE WHAT QUINCY JONES SAID?!?!?! It was “remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!” *winky face*


Episode #58 - People pissed on the net - Set Safety - Ruined Childhoods - Deepfakes - Dana Carvey

This week: Everything is better with a live audience. “What’s everybody pissed on of the interweb this week.” Quentin Tarantion and set safety. Ruined childhoods. Deepfakes - how they work and what the hell they are and MATT FREAKS THE HELL OUT. “Too Funny To Fail” the rise and fall of the Dana Carvey show AND remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #57 - Short Seasons - The Punisher - The Cannon Group - Final Fantasy Music Live - Reba - Remakes

This week:We talk about shortened seasons. Matt FINALLY watched The Punisher. We wade into the Comics Vs Graphic Novels debate. A nostalgia trip reminiscing about The Cannon Group. Final Fantasy Music Live WITH the original composer. Reba!!!!!! Remakes AND remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #56 - Our victory over the plague - THERE IS NO FRIENDS REUNION MOVIE - Dundee Trailer - Solo - Rian Johnson’s Twitter Clapback - The Liam Nessonses - GTA - Grace and Frankie

This week: We CRUSH THE DREAMS OF FRIENDS FANS! What we think of the Dundee trailer. The lack of the Solo trailer. Rian Johnson is good at the Twitters. Liam Nesson is funnyAF and how much Dave loves Grance and Frankie. +Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #55 - Hot Toddies - Dave Loved Girls Trip - 90s ish and Bruno Mars - The Van Dyke brothers - Animaniacs coming back- Happy

Matt and Dave…and YOU. We start the show off about Hot Toddies. How much Dave Loved Girls Trip! The retro 90s ish that’s coming back and that SWEET Bruno Mars/ Cardi-B video. RIP Jerry Van Dyke and how amazing it is that Dick Van Dyke is still crushing it. Animaniacs coming back on Hulu and how brutally brutal and badass “Happy” (SYFY) with Christopher Meloni is. Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #54 - The Greatest Showman - Our Zac Attack - Hollywood Shitbags In America - Top movies of 2017

MERRY NEW YEAR!! This week, we talk about what we thought of Hugh Jackman’s “The Greatest Showman” Our unadulterated crush on Zac Efron. Another installment of Hollywood Shitbags in America and our TOP movies of 2017! Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #53 - Fox and Disney Endgame - AND OMFG STAR WARS Episode 8: THE LAST JEDI (We start our spoiler review at 42:00)

Happy holidays, everyone!!! This week we chat about the final hurdles of the Fox and Disney buyout and we unpack our review of THE LAST JEDI!! (nitpicky in-depth poilers start at 42:00) Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!!


Episode #52 - JUMANJI Reviewed -The Disaster Artist Reviewed - Fox and Disney sittin’ in a tree - Oceans 8

Hello Everyone!! This week we chat about our skeak peek of JUMANJI! We review The Disaster Artist. The possible/inevitable/maybe Fox and Disney merger and the potential awesomeness of Oceans 8! Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #50 - Mark Hamill and fanboying - Box Office Results - Coco - Casting - Avengers 3 & 4 - The Room

Hello Everyone!! This week we chat about Mark Hamill and fanboying.The Box Office Results - Coco and the LONGEST FROZEN SHORT EVER! Casting. Avengers 3 & 4. The Room. James Franco’s Xmen connection and Avatar 4 & 5? Oof… Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #49 - Kristen Bell’s ‘Encore’ - ‘Damnation’ on USA - ‘Jim & Andy’ - ‘Get Out’ - Fixing DC - New Fantastic Beasts - Dranksgiving!

Kristen Bell reuniting high school musical cast members in TV special ‘Encore!’ Dave loves ‘Damnation’ on USA. The Jim Carey and Andy Kaufman documentary on Netflix. ‘Get Out’ being nominated as a comedy. What does DC need to do to fix itself? Our thoughts on the Fantastic Beasts teaser. What are we doing for Dranksgiving? Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #48 - Hollywood Shitbags! Justice League! Star Wars! Disney to buy Fox! Jason David Frank vs Jean Claude Van Damme

Episode #48 - Hollywood Shitbags in AMERICA! Early Justice League thoughts from the internet. Star Wars and Rian Johnson’s new Trilogy. Disney was in talks to buy Fox Entertainment? Replacing Kevin Spacey with Christopher Plummer and Jason David Frank vs Jean Claude Van Damme! Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #46 We Interview Joe Davison from STRANGER THINGS! (Mild Spoilers)

This week: We sit down and interview Joe Davison from STRANGER THINGS!! His audition - How he got the part - Working with Paul Reiser - Picking the balls - Hugging The Duffer Brothers - the RUNNING! - Capitalizing on this success and what defines it and all the other projects that are fit to plug (New movies! Children’s book! Board Games!) Remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #45 (A-holes ASSEMBLE!) - Wynkoop story, Hurricane Harvey Moratorium, Jim Carey’s documentary, Tony Clifton, Patton Oswalt, Pauly Shore, Broadway on TV? Single Player Gaming?

This week: Dave tells his Iowa Wynkoop story. Our Hurricane Harvey Moratorium. Jim Carey’s Andy Kaufman documentary and how much Dave LOVES Tony Clifton. Patton Oswalt’s new Netflix special. Serious actors doing Pauly Shore lines. Broadway HD getting into streaming? How long does a single player game have to last to be worth it? Hedging your bets on DC vs Marvel content. More Star Wars Expanded Universe characters getting cannoized. Dave loves the Comics Explained guy and remember, as...


Episode #41 - IT - Scary Ish - Practical Effects - Force Friday - Mace Windu - Clone Wars - VO

This week: IT comes out on Friday! What scares us and why. Scary video games. The awesomeness of practical effects. The tragedy of Force Friday. Mace Windu is the worst and the haughty good archetype. We spoil some of the Clone Wars cartoon. Dave will watch pretty much anything with Michael Ironside in it. VO peeps are amazing when they let loose. And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!


Episode #40 - Dave is Forty! New Kermit. Daffy is Jim. Bill Paxton/Pullman. #GOT. Logan Lucky.

Oh Lordy Lordy Dave is Forty! Matt Vogel debuts as the new Kermit. Daffy Duck originated the “Jim take to Camera” Bill Paxton is NOT Bill Pullman The new Joker movie(s). Dave cries like peak 80s Bobcat Goldthwait. Dave’s feels about #GOT and High Fantasy. Logan Lucky and is fan service supplanting the story? And remember, as always LIKE - SHARE - SUBSCRIBE!


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