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Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Part 2)

Hey everyone; welcome to the podcast. If you haven’t listened to last week’s episode, I encourage you to do so—we cover the rise of the government’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy in the U.S. military. In this week’s episode, we’ll be covering the intense judicial, social and legislative debate over the policy. It’s the 2nd episode in a 3 episode arc. Following the July 1999 murder of Army Pfc. Barry Winchell, apparently motivated by anti-gay bias, President Clinton issued an executive order...

Duration: 00:17:17

Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Part 1)

Just a brief note to let you know that this week we’re going to be covering Don’t Ask, Don’t tell, the first of a three-part episode arc. In this episode, we’ll be delving into what it was all about, the origin and history of the policy, and the legal challenges that it faced as it evolved. The second episode will be about the intense social and legislative debate that existed in the politically charged social-issues climate surrounding the era, with the third episode diving into details...

Duration: 00:23:37

Matthew Shepard

This week, 19 years ago, the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard shocked the world. We decided to cover his story this week, as he eventually died while in the hospital on Oct. 12th, 1998. It’s important to remember his story. I remember hearing the news about his death, and it hit me very hard at the time—Matt and I were born around the same time, so I paid particular attention to his awful death—I cannot believe it’s almost been 20 years. Matthew Shepard Matthew Wayne Shepard, born...

Duration: 00:36:53

Paris is Burning

This week, we’ll be investigating a documentary released in 1990 called Paris Is Burning, directed by Jennie Livingston. Filmed in the mid-to-late 1980s, it chronicles the ball culture of New York City and the African-American, Latino, gay, and transgender communities involved in it. Some critics consider the film to be an invaluable documentary of the end of the "Golden Age" of New York City drag balls, and a thoughtful exploration of race, class, gender, and sexuality in America.

Duration: 00:12:21