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Re-launching new show with interviews already recorded with Larry King, Gov Jesse Ventura, comic Jim Jefferies, Nobel economist Joseph Stiglitz, CEO of Coursera Rick Levin and others.








[9] My Beautiful Monstrosity with Jim Jefferies - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

This week is a treat. I welcome comedian Jim Jefferies as my guest. Yes, the same Jim Jefferies who told Piers Morgan to "F*** off!" on Real Time with Bill Maher last Friday. This episode is a about a dark, ugly, beautiful revelation I had, inspired by a brilliant bit on Jim's Netflix special, Freedumb. As a bonus, at the end of the episode, I talk to Jim about why a guy with an Aussie accent tussles over American politics. The answer will surprise you. Anyway enjoy, share, and if you like...

Duration: 00:24:56

[BONUS] 10 Ways YOU WILL AGREE Trump Is Making Us Great Again - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

After hearing this, every liberal, conservative and independent will WILL FALL MADLY, PASSIONATELY IN LOVE with El Orangente Donald J. Trump. Be warned: no one is ever ready for a love so great...again. If you enjoyed this, subscribe at ideafaktory, share with friends, and rate the show 5-stars on iTunes. Show Notes: Here's the post I mentioned in this episode: Why I Endorse Donald J. Trump for President And the Bill Maher monologue I referenced:

Duration: 00:16:07

[8] 5 Reasons Why Bullshit Won - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

Ever wonder why suddenly there's all kinds of "fake news" and everyone, including El Presidente, can lie? A lot. Steve Faktor explains the five evolutionary reasons why bullshit is winning. Enjoy the latest episode of The McFuture! If you like it, don't forget to share it with others and rate it 5 stars on iTunes! You can also read the related article on Linkedin Pulse called "5 Ways Evolution Killed Truth"

Duration: 00:14:38

[7] DEBUNKING INEQUALITY - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

This is the big one. On this episode of The McFuture podcast, we dig deep into why everything we heard about income inequality is wrong. Here are the real root causes. Enjoy. (Though slightly less thrilling, you can also read it below...) In case you weren't among the millions who slept outside Amazon's warehouse to get my first book, I anticipated the 99% movement and made a lavish case for why businesses should fix a hollowed-out middle class. Here's a caveman summary: money go,...

Duration: 00:16:52

BONUS: How Larry Became King [Free LogIn] - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

If you heard the original episode of The McFuture podcast with special guest Larry King, then this will be a treat. Log in to listen to Larry tell his own story. A mini-autobiography his life and career, fresh from our conversation. If you enjoy it, share it! And tell some friends!

Duration: 00:07:56

[4] Killing Trump with Governor Jesse Ventura - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

My guest on the latest episode of The McFuture podcast is former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura. Jesse is a former Navy Seal, pro-wrestler, TV host, and now author of The Marijuana Manifesto. Speaking with Jesse is refreshing and jarring, like diving into a burning lake on a balmy day. He’s unfiltered, unapologetic, and forceful. There’s no agenda besides seeking truth - and maybe selling a few books. Jesse leaves no doubt he’s done his homework - even if you question some of his sources...

Duration: 00:27:05

[3] Taking Down Uber with Jeremy Rifkin - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

In the latest episode of The McFuture podcast, I spoke with the remarkable Jeremy Rifkin. He’s the best-selling author of The Zero Marginal Cost Society, advisor to Angela Merkel and the EU, and a Wharton lecturer. That many credentials is punishable by hard labor in any self-respecting banana republic... Like me, Rifkin has been thinking a lot about saving our future. He just does it with fewer Kanye references. He believes something I’ve pretty much ignored is going to destroy us - if we...

Duration: 00:19:30

[2] You Say You Want A Revolution…? - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

A deep (and funny) look at the new American Revolution. How technology, monopolies, and culture are giving the American dream an extreme makeover. The podcast goes much deeper into who owns the tools of the revolution than the video. Here are the two articles I wrote on this: Who Owns The Tools of Disruption? (on Forbes) & The New American Dream (LinkedIn Pulse).

Duration: 00:26:52

[0] A Titillating Tease of The McFuture - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

So the journey begins. In this episode, I give a sneak peak into some of the themes and guests coming up on the show. I also confess my motivation for torturing myself to create content I'm actually excited - and scared by. More coming next week. And the week after that... Until this kills me.

Duration: 00:06:49

Welcome to The McFuture: A Manifesto - The McFuture with Steve Faktor

We need to talk. About The McFuture. It's now years after the recession. Unemployment is at record lows, stocks are at record highs, and many of us are at record widths. We float in this infinity pool of Nutella, Netflix, and nip slips. Things that would make Caesar blush. We can learn any skill, order any product, and communicate with - or pleasure ourselves to - anyone else on earth. We can freaking fly! To Florida! For $300!! Everyone with Ponce de Leon died getting to Florida. Even...

Duration: 00:09:47

Steve on TWiT.TV: Is Disruptive Innovation A Farce?

In case you haven't been following the drama, Jill Lepore, a Harvard professor, launched a massive attack in the New Yorker on Clayton Christensen's theory of disruptive innovation that he introduced in his influential book Innovator's Dilemma. Since the book's release, this gospel has been co-opted by Silicon Valley, where everything from a SpaceX to every dumb photo app is constantly "disrupting" everything. Needless to say, Mr. Christensen did not take it well watching his cash cow get...