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The Mead House Episode 72

Back in the saddle again, the boys are back with guest All Boyce, co-founder of the famed Minnesota Mash-Out homebrew competition, BJCP Finance Director and judge. The holiday roundup - new & old projects catch-up, and a few upcoming competitions. Thanks for listening, don't forget to rate us 5 stars on your favorite listening venue, iTunes and Stitcher Radio!

Duration: 01:30:09

The Mead House Episode 71

Laura Angiotti, an historical mead researcher joins us for a chat on historical meads, check out her website, Mystery of Mead where she goes into detail about re-creating historical meads. What's on your Christmas wish list? The crew discusses theirs, plus a big thank you to all the guests who have appeared on The Mead House Podcast! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, we'll see you when we return on January 9th, 2018! Be sure and contact us if you have a topic you'd like us to talk about,...

Duration: 01:23:45

The Mead House Episode 70

Ryan is back from his wandering across the country, he spent some time with Carvin Wilson while in Arizona, he'll give us the rundown on his visit, Mike Simmons from Meridian Hive Meadery in Austin Texas joins us at the table, and we get caught up on a few projects.

Duration: 01:18:04

The Mead House Episode 66

From a previous interview we did with Steve Piatz, author of The Complete Guide to Making Mead, talks about the flavor compounds in honey vs. grapes that sometimes will leave a dry traditional seem a little flat. He also discusses temperature control plus some pointers on balance. The guys review a few samples sent around by the crew and finally, Ryan puts on a demonstration for a braggot for the Minnesota Home Brew Association. Here's the ingredients for Ryan's demo. We're not responsible...

Duration: 01:35:58

The Mead House Episode 67

Steve Fletty, a 2-time American Homebrewers Association Mead Maker of The Year winner joins the show tonight, a listener contacts the show with some new information about how online nutrient calculators may be missing a key part, and a discussion about mead flavors, not just any flavor, sweet & savory flavors! Enjoy, and don't forget to rate us 5 stars on your favorite listening venue! Follow us on Twitter too!

Duration: 01:28:44

The Mead House Episode 68

Ash Fishbein from Sap House Meadery returns, Mirepoix Mead for the kitchen, Smoked Pete, good enough to occupy a spot on JD's top shelf bourbon collection, Ash gives the home meadmaker some inspiration to think about. Ryan, Jeff & JD participated in the Texas Meadfest and Hoppy Halloween competitions, and part 1 of modern meadmaking. Be sure and tune in with y our favorite podcast player, subscribe on iTunes & Sticher Radio, as well as right here at The Mead House. Rate us 5 stars while...

Duration: 01:38:39

The Mead House Episode 69

A short chat with Jason Phelps from Ancient Fire Meadery about his coffee mead, a DIY fermentation chiller project JD put together and part 2 of basic mead making.

Duration: 01:44:48