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S9E10: How can I find an adviser I can trust?

As you know, I started MeaningfulMoney to give you everything you need to know and everything you need to do to secure your financial future. But long-time listeners will also know that I am an advocate for professional financial advice when necessary. But how can you know that the adviser you’re thinking about working with […]


5MF001: Is my money safe?

Welcome the first ever Five Minute Friday, where I'll deal with a subject or question in (hopefully) less than five minutes. Today I answer David from Wigan's question about whether his money is protected under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Podcast: Subscribe in iTunes | Play in new window | Download


S9E9: Should I tidy my pensions?

Pensions have been a hot topic and a burning question since they were invented, whenever that was. But should you just have one pension and consolidate as you go along, or wait and tidy everything up when you retire, or should you always leave everything where it is when you move employer? And where do we […]


S9E8: When will markets crash?

Welcome to the 250th Session of the MeaningfulMoney podcast! One of the burning questions you lovely people levelled at me in the 2017 survey was about when the good news of stock markets would end. There could be only one man to help me answer that question… Podcast: Subscribe in iTunes | Play in new […]


S9E7: How can I invest ethically?

At my financial planning firm, we are seeing a marked increase in the number of clients wanting to invest in line with their beliefs and outlook on life. The catch-all term for this is ethical investing, and today I chat with an expert to help us understand how it all works. Podcast: Subscribe in iTunes […]


S9E6: How can I make more money? With Chris Ducker

The first of my three steps to financial success is to spend less than you earn. Sounds straightforward enough, though we all know it isn’t always easy. But there are two ways to spend less than you earn – spend less, and earn more. I spend lots of time here on MeaningfulMoney talking about budgeting […]


S9E5: How do I find Balance?

By far the biggest theme that came out of my 2017 Listener Survey was about Balance. How do I balance enjoying life now versus saving for the future? How do I balance pensions versus more accessible investments? How do I balance my buy to lets with my ISAs? All valid questions, and today I have […]


S9E4: Financial Planning for Ex-Pats

About a third of you listening to this live outside the UK, and many of those will be UK citizens who have moved overseas, either temporarily or permanently. I get lots of questions from overseas listeners asking about what they can do to optimise their finances, so I called a good friend of mine in […]


MMP245: Freeing Mortgage Prisoners, with Ishaan Malhi of Trussle

Come on – I caught you by surprise, didn’t I?! It’s not often you get two podcast episodes in a week, but this is the first in an occasional series I’m calling “Stuff I think is cool” where I chat to people with ideas and products that I think you want to hear about. Podcast: […]


S9E3: How can I get advice if I’m not rich?

This week we continue our series answering your burning questions, as submitted by you in my 2017 listener survey. I had 250 responses, and you asked some great questions, including one about the point where it makes sense to seek advice rather than DIY, and how to get that advice without it costing a fortune. […]


S9E2: Open Banking

As of last week (13th January 2018) the new open banking rules came into force. Also called the Second Payment Services Directive or PSD2, this is a sweeping change to the way banks handle their, for which read YOUR, data. But what are the changes and how will they affect you? And is there anything […]


S9E1: Blockchain, Bitcoin and YOU

If I’ve had one email about Bitcoin and Blockchain, I’ve had a hundred. And when my first such email came through from a client the other day, I knew I had to address this very important subject on the podcast. Podcast: Subscribe in iTunes | Play in new window | Download Blockchain, Bitcoin and YOU […]


MMP241: Artificial Intelligence and Your Money

My guest today is Viktor Trokoudes from Plum, and he makes a bold statement. He says that in three to five years’ time, personal finance will be transformed. After learning about what he and his team are up to, I’m inclined to agree. Podcast: Subscribe in iTunes | Play in new window | Download Artificial […]


MMP240: Investing – The Evidence

Before we dive into a new season I have a couple of Inbetweenisodes for you, and today’s conversation is the first of those. Today I welcome repeat guest Robin Powell of Ember Regis Group, an award-winning finance journalist and content creator to talk about his latest documentary, produced in conjunction with Rock Wealth, entitled Investing: […]


S8E7: Greatest Hits – How to keep going

Financial success is about repeating some simple steps over and over for a long time. Contrary to popular opinion right now, it isn’t about buying Bitcoin. But over that long time, you’ll get in your own way, and in this show, I show you how to recognise this and what to do about it. Podcast: […]


S8E6: Greatest Hits – When to seek advice

MeaningfulMoney was created to help you manage your own finances. And yet, I often get asked about when it makes sense to seek advice from a professional. In this Greatest Hits episode, I read an email from a listener which prompts me to share when you SHOULDN’T and when you SHOULD seek advice. Podcast: Subscribe […]


S8E5: How to review an investment portfolio

Investing is a long-term game. And over a long time, things can happen, which means you need to keep an eye on your investments as the years go by. This week, I show you how… Podcast: Subscribe in iTunes | Play in new window | Download How to review an investment portfolio If you have […]


S8E4: Greatest Hits – Put your finances on autopilot

Financial success generally takes a while. And because that’s the case, we have to make decisions, often the same decision over and over again. And all the while we’re being bombarded with reasons to make the wrong decisions, or deferring decisions when they need to be made. What if you could automate many of those […]


S8E3: Greatest Hits – Keeping your head in a financial storm

With markets still riding high, there is lots of talk about an impending correction. There’s no doubt, it’ll come at some point, and that’s about the time many people start making bad decisions about their investments. So today’s greatest hits show is a redux of a show from August 2014 about keeping your head in […]


S8E2: Greatest Hits – Shares vs Funds

Continuing my delve into the deepest depths of the MeaningfulMoney archives. This week I’m pulling out an episode from July 2014 which was responding to an iTunes reviewer gently accusing me of not fully justifying my general advice that for most people, it is better to invest in funds rather than directly into shares. It’s […]


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