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The Meister Piece with Susie Meister

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Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.

Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.
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Former cast member of MTV’s Road Rules host Susie Meister covers the latest in pop culture, current events and literature with her characteristic wit and irreverence.




EP188: Sarah's Psychic Test, Workplace Drama, & Dwayne The Rock Johnson

Today we test Sarah's psychic ability with a listener who called in for a reading. We discuss whether Sarah inherited her mother's gift or whether it's all baloney. Plus, we talk about why men tend to hug their female colleagues, but shake their male counterparts' hands. We learn about the sleeping patterns of animals, and we're shocked to find out which animals are not getting any shuteye. Today's show is brought to you by BioClarity. For your first month for only $9.95, go to...

Duration: 00:50:43

EP187: Dangerous Dad, Penis Whitening, & Best Buns

Today we talk about a new trend in Thailand where men are whitening their penises. We discuss why they're doing it, and whether we think this will catch on. We also discuss how body hair has an important history with regard to race that informs why women might choose to remove it. We learn about a dad who photoshops his toddler into dangerous situations, but the reason he does it will give you all the feels. Plus, Sarah tells a crazy story about a truck that spilled eels all over the...

Duration: 00:45:17

EP186: Food Swamps, Yogurtland Boycott, & The Jewish Woman Who Tried Bacon

Susie talks about a 90-year-old Jewish lady who tried bacon for the first time, and how her experience revealed the way the Internet can affect people's religious faith. Find out why Sarah is boycotting Yogurtland. We learn what a "food swamp" is, and why they're affecting low income people. We discuss a man in South America who is the last person who speaks his language, and what it means for linguistics. Plus, we interview Phil Rosenthal whose show, Somebody Feed Phil, is on Netflix. He...

Duration: 01:06:54

EP185: Villains, Subway & The Science of Gratitude

We start the show with a discussion on the Golden Globes, and Sarah reveals the "petty" moment that she thought was hilarious. They discuss the "blackout" with all the women wearing black, Oprah's speech, and This Is Us disappointing loss. They learn why children's show/movie villains tend to have foreign accents, and the most common accents might surprise you! Find out whether keeping a gratitude journal helps fight depression or whether this is just an old myth. They learn two surprising...

Duration: 00:49:59

EP184: Prison Food, Burping Astronauts, & InstaPot Madness

We kick things off with terrible info on women CEOs and women in comedy. We learn about the food in space and why it's not just the freeze-dried ice cream anymore. Sarah claims there are tapeworms in Top Ramen and Susie talks about the InstaPot crazy that is sweeping the nation. We find out why prison food is even worse than you'd imagine, and some states are outlawing "Nutraloaf." Sarah freaks us out about feet washing up on shore in Canada, but she claims it's not a problem. Today's show...

Duration: 00:47:47

EP183: Susie's Accident, Death of a Thrill-Seeker, & Deadly Animals

Susie had a car crash recently, so she talks about how it happened, and why her reaction to it was a little weird. They talk about Sarah's trip to New York, how she showed off her art knowledge, and why some Jewish people were trying to convert her. Susie discusses the crazy people who stand on building ledges, and how one man recently fell to his death. We find out the world's deadliest animals, why Sarah was nerding out recently, and why internet regulators have tough lives. Today's show...

Duration: 00:57:27

EP182: Sarah's Ghost, Our Biggest Fears, & Invisible Nannies

Today we discuss why nannies are invisible on Instagram, and whether we should share more or less on social media. Sarah reveals why she thinks her grandmother is haunting her. We learn about a service that allows you to record messages for your loved ones to watch after you've died (and we decide whether this is creepy or awesome). Plus we find out the science of why left cheek selfies are better than right. We reveal our biggest fears, and Susie talks about a study that shows we feel...

Duration: 01:03:03

EP181: The Magic of Guacamole, Science of Gift Giving, & a Fast Food Funeral

Sarah begins the show with a discussion about her passion for Christmas decorations (and Susie had to break the news that Sarah's tree is probably dead). They discuss tricks on how to buy better Christmas presents according to science. Sarah says she almost bought Susie's kid a freaking hamster (and why Susie explains why that would ruin their friendship). Sarah describes a hilarious informercial for the Vino Pop that is suspiciously sexual. They discuss a man who made up a fake restaurant...

Duration: 00:50:37

EP180: Lifestyles of the Weird & Wacky--Murder, Marriage, & Death

Today we revitalize our Weird & Wacky series, and we discuss Hunt-A-Killer mystery boxes, a woman marrying her chandelier, and a Coffin Club. Hear about people who have "spite houses" just to get revenge on someone and the reason Sarah is super into this new reality show called Stripped. Today's show is brought to you by BioClarity--for your first month of this amazing face wash system, go to and use code BRAINCANDY. For $20 off your Brooklinen sheets, go to

Duration: 00:47:29

EP179: Stop Being Polite, Tonya Harding, & Penis Transplants

Sarah got a new dog and Susie thinks it's like the Duggars having another kid. Hear about the craziness that is penis transplants, the man with the Do Not Resuscitate tattoo, and the man with socks so stinky he got arrested. Plus, we talk about the redemption of Tonya Harding, and why we hate the idea of "America's sweetheart." We talk about modern day dating, and how men want women to pay for their half. Plus, random bird trivia, a new documentary about abuse, and lots more! Today's show...

Duration: 00:57:35

EP178: The Butterfly Effect, Shoes in the House, & Irish Accents

Susie is sick today, so she sounds extra sultry. We debate whether people should wear shoes in the house, why people in Canada don't do it, and Susie's theory about how relates to wealth. Sarah reveals why millennials hate napkins. They talk about products they love, but no longer exist. The history of yogurt, wall-to-wall carpet, and why Sarah is angry with customer service reps. Today's show is brought to you by Birchbox--for 20% gift subscriptions go to and use...

Duration: 00:46:50

EP177: The Combover Mystery, Cheesecake "Factor", & Sarah's Real World Audition

We begin with an earnest discussion about whether men with combovers are mentally ill, and why bald is beautiful. We debate the value of Roman numerals. We talk about the hilarity of Sarah's Real World audition video, why babies seek meaning through words, and analyze the weirdness that is The Cheesecake Factory. Plus, the differences in the way men and women write fiction and our Badass Bitch of the week. Today's show is brought to you by MVMT watches, for 15% off got to For...

Duration: 00:57:43

EP176: Royal Engagement, The Business of Sex, & The Headless Chicken

We start the show with a conversation on the royal engagement of Harry and Meghan Markle. Susie discusses an article she read about a family who makes sex toys, and how the industry has changed over the years. Sarah can't believe the tale of Miracle Mike, a chicken whose head was chopped off, and somehow he survived--for 18 months! We talk about a couple who named their child after their favorite restaurant, and why we are not impressed. Finally, we talk about the amazing documentary Jim &...

Duration: 00:55:52

EP175: Welcome to the Real World (& The Challenge)

Every once in a while we like to satisfy your craving for some behind-the-scenes insight into your favorite guilty pleasure. In this episode, we answer questions you submitted via Facebook and email. Find out who failed the show's psych test (and why we think the psychologist is questionable). Does production have "favorites" amongst the cast? How much luggage can we bring? Do we ever fight with crew members and more... Today's show is brought to you by Barkbox, for a free month when you...

Duration: 01:02:43

EP174: Child Prodigies, Modest Fashion, & Mobile Homes

Tiffany's came out with a line of "everyday objects" including a tin can that they're charging thousands of dollars for, and we can't get over it. We discuss how modesty is in fashion, and why women are seeing it as a way to feel liberated. We hear about one man's mission to get rid of the airline cocktail napkin. Plus we discuss the way mobile homes can be financial traps. We also talk about a child prodigy whose life didn't turn out how you'd expect. Today's episode is brought to you by...

Duration: 00:49:30

EP173: Silent Twins, Stylish Old People, & Sarah's Injury

Ever wonder why older folks refuse to wear hearing aids? We take a fascinating look into the lives of the elderly, and find out why businesses don't know how to deal with their needs/wants. We learn the crazy reasons why Japan has so many vending machines. We recount a bizarre story of twins who only talked to each other, and ultimately one died so the other could live. It's bonkers. We ask what we would change about our bodies, and find out why kids have the right idea. Today's episode is...

Duration: 01:18:05

EP172: Haunted Dolls, Jeopardy, & Predicting the Future

Halloween might be over, but we're still getting spooky talking about haunted dolls for sale on eBay, and why humans kind of like to be scared. We find out about a fascinating study done that shows why people are terrible at predicting the future. Hear our favorite oxymorons, and find out why Sarah always goes #2 in record stores (we regret having this discussion). Today's show is brought to you by BioClarity--get clear skin for only $9.95 plus free shipping with code BRAINCANDY. Get $25...

Duration: 00:49:50

EP171: Death in the Air, Diamond Deals, & Doping Dogs

Today we discuss aging and whether we see the truth when we look in the mirror. Susie reveals the truth about diamond shopping, and why when you shop at the fancy places you're paying tons more money just to get the box. Southwest is now letting bands play music on airplanes, and we can't think of anything worse than having to listen to this nonsense. We discuss Iditarod dogs who were caught doping. We also talk to Kate Winkler Dawson about her new book, Death in the Air, and we get the...

Duration: 01:06:11

EP 170: The Tragedy of Winnie the Pooh, Millennial Spirituality, & Burger King Bullying

Today we find out about the dark story behind Winnie the Pooh, and how something that brought joy to so many tore apart the author's family. We discuss Burger King's attempt to stamp out bullying with a hidden camera ad. We are outraged over a ridiculous Food Network "life hack" that complicates the production of PB&J sandwiches. Sarah reveals why one scientist started using vibrators on turtles. And Susie reveals why millennials prefer tarot cards to church services. Today's show is...

Duration: 00:48:42

EP169: The Importance of Emojis, Shakespeare, & Sarah's Theory

Today's episode is filled with awesomeness. Susie shares how emojis came to be, how new ones gets added, and why one woman is fighting for a blue ballet flat emoji. They then discuss Shakespeare, and the curiosities of his life and times. Sarah reveals what the T-Rex is kind of a loser, and they speculate that he has a good publicist. Sarah describes a recent incident with a customer service rep where she got scolded, and how she found out it was a "cat lady" on the other end of the phone....

Duration: 00:49:11

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